NXT UK Review: 10/17/19


Ilja Dragunov returns to action on NXT UK

We are live at NXT UK Tonight! Ilja vs Saxson Huxley is next!

Right off the gate, Ilja connects a huge forearm and a senton on Huxley.

Slaps, elbows, a kick to the face and a body drop by the Russian for a two count.

Dragunov heads to the top rope but misses and Huxley throws him across the ring.

Right hand by Saxson that knocks Ilja down and he quickly goes for the pin, but only gets a 2 count.

Headlock by Huxley on Dragunov, but Ilja drops him against the turnbuckle to get out

And now the Russian is striking with everything he’s got, and follows up with a knee strike.

Huxley tries to counter, but Ilja sets him in the top rope and superplex!!

And Alexander Wolfe is out to watch the match!!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Ilja is pumping up, trying to get a grip on Huxley, and connects a huge suplex bridge for a two count.

Dragunov goes off the ropes, but is caught by Huxley and he drops him in the corner, and hits a huge lariat for a two count

Both competitors are up, and Ilja connects with a drop kick that sends Huxley to the outside

Ilja immediately jumps off the top rope onto Huxley! sets him back in the ring

And connects a senton from the top rope!

Dragunov calls for the torpedo moscow, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Alexander Wolfe smiles and claps as Ilja is declared the winner

Ilja is heading towards Wolfe and…

Imperium’s music hits, and here comes Aichner and Barthel.

But they enter the ring without attacking Ilja.

Dragunov is confused and Wolfe asks Ilja to follow him to the back.

And he does!

Wow, could we get a fifth member to join Imperium?

This could actually allow Walter to show up on a constant basis on NXT, while the other 4 run wild on NXT UK.

It was a fun match, and Ilja Dragunov is a heck of a wrestler, we need to see more!

The Hunt Vs Imperium

This teams have unfinished business, and it shows from the start

Aichner and Primate exchange blows immediately!

But Aichner connects a knee and gets the upper hand, he sends him off the ropes and lands a huge elbow.

Off in the corner, and Primate counters, and quickly tags in Wild Boar.

With the ref distracted, Aichner lands a low blow, and tags in Barthel.

Marcel tries to take out Boar but he counters with a chop block on the knee and a huge senton

He tags in Primate who slams Marcel to the mat, and rolls to the outside

Aichner comes in the ring, and he is sent to the outside by a cross body from Primate

Primate tries a suicide dive, but he is caught by Aichner and then thrown into the steel steps.

Imperium is back in control!

Marcel tags in Aichner who goes on a kicking spree to drop Boar to the ground.

Uppercut and a Lariat by Aichner and he gets a two count.

Stereo drop kicks by Imperium and they get a near fall!

The NXT UK crowd starts cheering on Wild Boar, but he is locked into a submission hold.

Boar finally gets out and tags in Primate! He takes both members of Imperium down!

Exploder suplex and he tags in Wild Boar! and both are heading to the top!

But Barthel knocks down Wild Boar, and Primate gets hit with a tandem move for a two count.

Primate is set on the top rope, but he avoids Marcel and connects with a spear on Aichner.

The Hunt back on the top rope! Double Diving Head Butt!! 1,2, and Marcel makes the save!

Aichner throws Wild Boar to the outside, tags in Marcel, and Imperium connects with the European Balm to win the match

Post Match & Comments

We get a promo from Piper thanking Rhea, very weird

Rhea ” I don’t like you, but I really really don’t like them”

“I guess we can co-exist for one week, if you can make that match happen”

Nina Samuels time on NXT UK

Xia Brookside will take on Nina Samuels next

Both competitors lock up and Nina goes for an arm submission and is in control.

Xia rolls out and counters the submission hold, but Nina grabs her hair and is back in control.

Samuels connects a backbreaker and slams Xia head first in the middle turnbuckle for a two count.

Nina locks the Master Lock on Xia, and the NXT UK crowd starts cheering her on.

Back on her feet, Xia tries to counter but receives a reverse suplex for a two count.

Shot to the mid-section by Nina and the Master Lock is locked in again, but Xia counters!

Brookside drops Nina and is able to get a surprise pin for the win.

Jordan Devlin promo

Jordan Devlin is in the ring and he has a mic in his hand:

“I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from the NXT Universe and people from the back that I am too arrogant”

” I can’t be arrogant, because the word means that I THINK I am better than I am”

“But in reality, I KNOW that I am the best wrestler in the UK, Europe and the Planet!!”

Dave Mastiff Music hits!

And he is walking down to the ring and takes the mic away from Devlin.

“Jordan you….. punch by Devlin! and he is trying to go for the Devlin Side, but Mastiff retaliates

Senton by Mastiff and Devlin is down!

Challenge has been made by Dave Mastiff, will The Irish ace accept?

Tag Team NXT UK Championship match

Bell rings and out of the gate double drop kick by the Tag Team champions that sends Gallus to the outside

Double Suicide Dive!! What a start!

Back in the ring, Morgan lands a huge drop kick to Coffey’s face.

Tag to Andrews and a double standing moonsault for a two count

Andrews tries a cross body from the top rope but is caught by Coffey and Gallus is now in control.

Tag by Wolfgang and a semi senton on Mark, and a couple of kicks in the corner for a two count.

Coffey receives the tag, and connects with a huge right hand to knock Andrews down.

Wolfgang back in, and he slams Mark on the turnbuckle and tags Coffey back in

Coffey takes out Webster and applies a submission hold on Andrews

And here comes Joe Coffey for a better view of the match

Mark Andrews flips out with a roll out and tags in Webster

Middle rope moonsault by Webster and he takes out Coffey

Hurricarrana on Wolfgang and he roll out of the ring

Enziguri on Coffey and the tag team champion is fired up! He heads to the top rope, and jumps onto both members of Gallus

Back in the ring, Webster tags in Andrews and flips him for a two count.

However, Wolfgang takes out Webster on the outside, and he is chokeslammed by Coffey!!

Wolfgang back in, he catapults Webster onto a samoan drop, and a moonsault from the middle rope!

But the pin attempt is broken up by Andrews, who tags in and chops and punches Wolfgang

But Webster takes him out with a knee, and Andrews takes out Coffey

Headbutt on Wolfgang, but he takes both men out with a clothesline, what a match!

NXT Chants!

And now everyone is going at it in the ring. Lefts, Rights, uppercuts! Elbows!

But Andrews hits a stunt dog millionaire!

And a knee strike-poison ranna combo, and Webster is headed to the top!

Flying shmorgan, 1,2, noooo!

Andrews suicide dives onto Wolfgang on the outside but is caught and slammed on the post.

Inside the ring, headbutt by Webster, he is climbing the top rope, 420, but he misses!

Tag in by Wolfgang, and he spears Webster!!

Enziguri/slam combo, and we have new NXT Tag team champions!

Post Match & Comments

Great match between both teams! Nothing like their match at Takeover, but it was fun.

So unfortunate that Andrews and Webster lost the belts, but Gallus has been trending up for a while and a switch was going to happen.

Good show overall!

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