Top 5 NBA Players in Each Division Part I: Pacific Division

The Pacific Division is easily the most star studded Division in the NBA, it has a whopping five of the ten best players in the league. Here is how they rank.

Honorable Mention(s):

Devin Booker, SG/PG, Phoenix Suns

img 4359

Booker, by far the youngest player in this article, is going to end up in the top five with due time. A potential 30 PPG scorer sometime in the future and a 25+ PPG scorer as of right now, he has a ton of potential and a ton of time.

Klay Thompson, SG/SF, Golden State Warriors

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It’s really a testament to how stacked the Pacific Division is that a man who has dropped 60 points in 29 minutes and currently holds the NBA record for three’s made in a game can’t crack top five list. Klay continues to be a 20 PPG player with All-Defensive team caliber defense. He’s out with an ACL injury right now but this list is assuming him and everyone else is healthy.

Draymond Green, PF/C, Golden State Warriors

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Green, the most versatile defender the league has, is in line for a huge season. He’s coming off a playoff run in which he put up 13.3 PTS 10.1 REB 8.5 AST 1.5 STL 1.5 BLK on 52.6% eFG. He was a monster on the defensive end. Due to not being on a team with 3 other All-Stars anymore, he won’t be able to coast in the regular season anymore. That means he’ll be treating us to arguably the best defensive show in the NBA.

#5. Paul George, SF/SG Los Angeles Clippers

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2018-19 stats:

28 PTS 8.2 REB 4.1 AST 2.2 STL on 52.9% eFG(38.6% 3PT) and 83.9% FT

Paul George made a case for the best two-way player in the league last season. He was in contention for both MVP and DPOY while leading the league in steals per game and placing second in points per game. With Kawhi Leonard now on his team, his stats should see a decline, but expect elite two-way production and more role off the ball this season for George.

#4. Anthony Davis, PF/C, Los Angeles Lakers

img 4354

2018-19 stats:

25.9 PTS 12 REB 3.9 AST 1.6 STL 2.4 BLK on 54% eFG(33.1% 3PT) and 79.4% FT

In the 41 games Davis played before the Pelicans started cutting his minutes after his trade request, he put up a monstrous 29.3 PTS 13.3 REB 4.4 AST 1.7 STL 2.6 BLK statline on 53.4% eFG. Nobody in NBA history has ever had such a statline. Not Kareem, not Shaq, just AD. It helps his case that his play only improves in the postseason. That’s all that’s needed to explain the talent he has, all he needs to do is stay healthy and the league might be his soon.

#3. Stephen Curry, PG, Golden State Warriors

img 4355

2018-19 stats:

27.3 PTS 5.3 REB 5.2 AST 1.3 STL on 60.4% eFG(43.7% 3PT) and 91.6% FT

A lot of fans are anticipating a monster season for Steph Curry and they have good reason to. The last time Curry was the first option on his team, he ended up winning the first ever unanimous MVP in league history. He holds the title of the NBA’s best shooter and best guard and he’s arguably the most dominant offensive force we have in the world. He’s one of the five best players in the league, unfortunately for him, two of them also happen to play in the Pacific Division.

#1B. LeBron James, SF/PG, Los Angeles Lakers

img 4356

2018-19 stats:

27.4 PTS 8.5 REB 8.3 AST 1.3 STL on 56% eFG(33.9% 3PT) and 66.5% FT

This doesn’t need too much explaining, it’s Lebron James. A less athletic and less defensively engaged version of a GOAT candidate is what we see in present day LeBron. Due to his age and role expect a slow (VERY slow) decline coming for him. At his worst he’s still the 3rd best player on the planet, which says enough.

#1A. Kawhi Leonard, SF, Los Angeles Clippers

img 4357

2018-19 stats:

26.6 PTS 7.3 REB 3.3 AST 1.8 STL on 54.6% eFG(37.1% 3PT) and 85.4% FT

The reigning Finals MVP holds the title of the best two-way player in the NBA. He’s coming off of one of the best playoff runs we’ve ever seen. He put up 30.5 PTS 9.1 REB 3.9 AST 1.7 STL on 54.5% eFG(37.9% 3PT) and 88.4% FT. You could flip a coin between him and Lebron James for the title of the best player in the Pacific but ultimately, the 28 year old Leonard has the edge over James.

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