Modern Warfare: The Worst Call of Duty Launch Ever?


Ah, Call of Duty day. You wake up, go to school/work, excited to come home and try out the new game. You start up your Xbox, load up Modern Warfare, and bam, unable to connect online.

Console Shutdown?

Two hours of refreshing and restarting the game go by, then you see some friends playing the game already so you try to launch again and finally connect to the online servers. You check out the custom classes, all the guns, the new armory, preview a gun’s animations and then BAM, your Xbox completely turns off. Now you know not to check that screen, so you go ahead and jump into a game. There are multiple spots on maps that do not render in, showing an endless void to the bottom of the map. Halfway through your match, your screen freezes and your Xbox again completely shuts off.

Modern Warfare
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So far, the shut off issue has been relegated to just Xbox One X users, which makes it all the more aggravating as the X is supposed to be the most powerful Xbox system on the market. There are various other graphical glitches in-game and in the menus, but largely do not affect gameplay. So far, Activision has acknowledged the shut-off issue and is working on a fix. Infinity Ward posted today’s (10/25) patch notes here. This patch does not address the shut-off issue, so expect that problem to persist until further notice. Until then, stay tuned with Overtime Heroics eSports and follow me on Twitter.

Further Modern Warfare Content

My next article will be a review of the Modern Warfare maps and multiplayer gameplay. On The [Untitled] Podcast at 9PM EST tonight, we will be playing 2v2 gunfight while talking about the state of Call of Duty and Shroud’s switch to Mixer. Check out Overtime Heroics’ gaming section for more gaming news.

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