Nate Diaz is Clear to Fight at UFC 244

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With a lot of drama surrounding Nate Diaz after he released a statement stating he would not be fighting at UFC 244 we finally know the BMF title is going ahead.
Here is the statement released by Nate Diaz.

With UFC officials caught off guard and media in shambles trying to get a clear statement it did not take long for an answer.
With the main event of UFC 244 on the line nobody should be surprised with the outcome.

Moments ago the announcement came that Nate Diaz is cleared to fight for the BMF title.
The elevated levels for a SARM were traced to a contaminated multivitamin.

Nate Diaz post UFC 196
Nate Diaz post UFC 196
Credit: UFC.com

Whether or not you are a fan of USADA you must have been caught off guard when Diaz of all people announced he was flagged.
Never afraid of a fight his opponent, Jorge Masvidal, was quick to chime in and say he is willing to fight no matter what.

Luckily with Diaz being cleared by USADA in what is a suspiciously quick investigation we don’t have to worry.
The people’s main event is safe.

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