Ultimate Summit 2 Finals Set


After all the fun and games of Ultimate Summit 2 conclude, there’s still a champion to be crowned. Catch the top eight action on Sunday at 1pm EST/10AM PST on their Twitch.

Beyond The Summit hosts small invitationals that feature a more personalized experience with players. Starting as a DOTA 2 project, they have now expanded Summit to CSGO, Super Smash, Mortal Kombat, and more!

Photo Credit: BTSsmash

What makes a Summit event different from your typical tournament is their content creation with players. Unlike most events, Summit is hosted in a “behind the scenes” setting at the Summit House. Where players are often hanging out in the background and joining commentators on the couch. The format is a four day event featuring crowd funded activities. The activities are chosen by the supporters, skits, and top tier gameplay.

How Do Players Get to Summit?

Summit events are invitationals. For the Ultimate Summit 2, there were sixteen spots: two invited players, nine qualified players, and five spots for players to be voted in by fans.

  • Invited players: Tweek and MkLeo (top ranked PGR players)
  • Qualified players: Nairo, Marss, Light, VoiD, Dabuz, MuteAce, Tea, Maister, Zackray
  • Voted In players: ESAM, Leffen, Armada, RFang, Samsora

Events at Ultimate Summit 2

Photo Credit: BTSsmash

At this summit, top players competed in squad strike. Then a crew battle of USA players (Tweek, Light, Samsora, Nairo, ESAM, Light) vs The World consisting of players from Mexico, Japan, and Sweden (MkLeo, Maister, Tea, Zackray, Leffen, and Armada). A talent show, an engineering program where we saw masters of Super Smash Bros fail at building challenges like making paper airplanes.

A fan favorite is Mafia, a party game (similar to Town of Salem) where players are secretly selected as mafia members with a goal to eliminate all the town players. Town players have to work together to figure out who the mafia members are and vote them out before the mafia wins.

Playing Mafia | Photo Credit: BTSsmash

Summit events known for their creative skits and content pieces. Lie detector test is one of the most popular where they ask players personal questions and then reveal their results live.

Sunday Format

Finally, the conclusion to Ultimate Smash 2 will take place on Sunday Oct 26th at 1PM ET (10AM PT). Top eight will take place, competing in best of five matches until the grand finals. You can check out the live bracket here. Remember to tune in to their Twitch to see the action!

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