Browns Fumble Away any chance at Victory

The Browns had a great gameplan and controlled the line of scrimmage. Baker was throwing the ball well and Chubb had nearly 100 yards by halftime. But in the end, the Browns fumbled away any chance at victory early. let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly this week.

The Good

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We start with the good things we saw from the Browns yesterday. Baker Mayfield made a lot of great throws hitting guys in stride with minimal mistakes. Nick Chubb continues to run over any defensive front in front of him. Freddie had a gameplan in place that drove up and down the field. The offensive line and defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage most of the game. All of this is true and means absolutely nothing if you shoot yourself in the foot and don’t win the game. That will be all you get for the good part.

The Bad


The Browns discipline waned once again. I have no idea what is left for Freddie to do except start benching people until they listen. Even when this team isn’t penalizing themselves or turning the ball over they continue to have lapses disciplined football teams don’t have. This comes down to coaching. Greedy William giving a gigantic cushion on third and six should never happen. I understand he is a rookie but that should be basics 101 in the NFL. Tackling continues being an issue and that again is coaching. Tony Romo made it clear during the broadcast the little things are killing this team. Those ‘little’ come down to execution and discipline. I am not sure what more Freddie can do but he better figure it out before this team goes completely off the rails.

The Ugly

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If you are a Browns fan, you know where this one is going. Let’s call it the first quarter. The usually incredible Nick Chubb fumbles on back to back drives. The first was jarred free by his linemen being cut down and kicking the ball out of his hands. I know Browns fans I know. After that fumble was returned for a touchdown, the Browns would end up with excellent field position after an awful Mike Nugent kickoff. They went right back to their young tailback, and he broke off a huge run only to have the ball punched out at the end. Finally, we have the interception on a shovel pass that I am not even sure Lawrence Guy knew was happening. Guy blasted through the lineman so fast that it was right place right time. Another Patriots touchdown ensued, and boom, 17-0.

 If all of that wasn’t enough to get arguably the best team in the NFL in position to win the game, the Browns, after two weeks of preparation, had 13 penalties in the game. The majority of those came in the same first quarter. As Romo said, almost laughing, seven penalties and three turnovers in the first quarter cannot happen. Freddie is obviously not coaching penalties, but this team is not playing smart, disciplined football, and that will get you fired faster than you should be. He needs to get his team to start playing the game as mistake-free. While the records might say, the rest of the Browns schedule is easy. These are still NFL teams. If the Browns continue the way they are, nothing will come easy. 

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