Overwatch 2 in the Works

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According to a demo guide obtained by ESPN, Blizzard is working on Overwatch 2. The game is farther along than many would expect since there has been very little news about it previously. According to the information from ESPN, a demo for OW2 will be available for play at BlizzCon.

There have also been several leaked pieces of information about Overwatch 2 but none have been confirmed yet. We can expect some of this rumors to be answered during BlizzCon. It is speculated that OW2 may move to the Free to Play model, the original Overwatch game released at a $60 USD price tag when it dropped two years ago.

Speculations for Overwatch 2

Additionally, there may be some revamping to heroes with the inclusion of “hero classes” and in-game items. At this point, we are unsure of what Blizzard means by both these terms. The inclusion of classes may move away from heroes being locked into a specific role, yet again this is just speculation.

One of the biggest rumors, which seems likely to be true, is that there will be PvE in Overwatch 2. Blizzard did add PvE seasonal events, called “Archives” to Overwatch which were co-op story missions against AI. These missions were fairly popular among players so it makes sense that they would want to continue to add PvE content into their next installation in the OW series. It is possible that part of the demo available to attendants of BlizzCon may feature a PvE mission.

Furthermore, adding in PvE to a game that is entirely PvP based could allow it to reach a large audience. There will also be a new game mode coming to Overwatch 2, which makes the first new game mode to be added to Overwatch since it’s beta in 2015. The mode listed as “Push” will likely be available on the BlizzCon demo also.

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What Does a New Game mean for the OWL?

With a new game on the horizon, it makes sense to question the future of Blizzard’s immensely successful esport league. It is likely that a new game would only increase the growth of OWL. Interestingly, Overwatch League’s media contract with Twitch is coming to an end soon. This means that other streaming services can try to get their hands on some of the action.

Also, regular season games of the OWL averaged just below 100k viewers and the grand final matches came in at just under 500k viewers. So it is likely that Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer, may be interested in making an offer to Blizzard after their recent deals with top streamers Ninja and Shroud.

BlizzCon will take place Friday Nov 1st and Saturday Nov 2nd. You will be able to watch the opening ceremony but developer panels will only be viewable to those who purchase a Virtual Ticket.

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