NFL Power Rankings: 49ers, Patriots and all the rest

If you haven’t noticed yet the 49ers are for real and the Patriots just keep finding a way to beat teams or have teams beat themselves. Not much shakeup again in the top five of this week’s NFL Power Rankings. Oh yeah, Drew Brees is back so that is new.

Power Ten

1. New England Patriots(8-0) – The Browns gift the Patriots with three straight turnovers leading them to 8-0. Or maybe the Patriots are just that good.

2. San Francisco 49ers(7-0) – Anyone who doesn’t believe that the 49ers are legit look at the final score this past Sunday.

3. New Orleans Saints(7-1) – Drew comes back and the thumb looks good.

4. Green Bay Packers(7-1) – So does anyone think Aaron Rodgers likes Matt Lafleur’s system or does Matt like having Aaron freaking Rodgers.

5. Seattle Seahawks(6-2) – Russell Wilson plays good Seahawks win. Russell plays not so well loss. This is the current Seattle playbook.

6. Buffalo Bills (5-2) – Bills fans say it best. You can always count on the Billsmafia.

7. Minnesota Vikings(6-2) – Dalvin Cook, Kirk Cousins, and Stephon Diggs will lead Vikings to the Superbowl, or they give them the fifth-best odds.

8. Indianapolis Colts(5-2) – 400-year-old Matt Vinatieri finds his old magic.

9. Kansas City Chiefs(5-3) – The Mahomless Chiefs lose to the Packers. Can we please stop having to see the Mahomes and auto commercial?

10. Baltimore Ravens(5-2) – They had a bye and everyone lost. Welcome to the top ten Baltimore.

Middle of the Pack

11. Houston Texans(5-3) –  The only thing you need to know from this game other than the score is this.

12. Los Angeles Rams(5-3) – Do the Rams need anyone but Cooper Kupp?

13. Carolina Panthers(4-3) – Will the shellacking they took make it easier to go back to Cam?

14. Detroit Lions(3-3-1) – Do the Lions need to make every game difficult?

15. Philadelphia Eagles(4-4) – The Eagles jump six spots with the biggest win of the week.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars(4-4) – Will Minshew remain at quarterback? Nick Foles once again mired in a quarterback controversy.

17. Dallas Cowboys(4-3) – Jerry PLEASE!!!! Fire Jason Garrett before Dak and the rest of this team are in complete ruin. This will be on here until they fire Garrett or he wins a Super…sorry started laughing too hard.

18. Tennessee Titans(4-4) – Thank goodness they have a great defense. Oh and I guess Ryan Tannehill, for now.

19. Arizona Cardinals(3-4-1) – Drew Brees was back and the Cardinals couldn’t keep up.

20. Chicago Bears(3-4) – Didn’t some blogger for the Bears say Trubisky was the best quarterback in the NFC North at the start of the season?

21. Oakland Raiders(3-4) – The Raiders were undone by the play of the year in Houston.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers(3-4) – The Steelers beat the Dolphins. Who hasn’t?

23. Los Angeles Chargers(3-5) – It was an ugly win but it was a win.

Fading Fast

24. Cleveland Browns(2-5) – This team still can’t get out of its own way. We played great, except for those three consecutive turnovers.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(2-5) – Does anyone still believe Jameis Winston is the answer anymore? Even Bruce Arians can’t fix this.

Race for #1

26. Denver Broncos(2-6) – Down to a quarterback with no starts. At least we are facing the Browns next week.

27. NY Giants(2-6) – Daniel Jones continues up and downplay. The Giants keep losing. Let’s go trade for a defensive tackle in has last year. Dave Gettleman people.

28. New York Jets(1-6) – The Jets offered everyone at the deadline. Remember what Mark Sanchez said at the start of the year?

29. Atlanta Falcons(1-6) – The Falcons had a new quarterback at the helm and ended with the same results. It is time to move on.

30. Washington Redskins(1-6) – The Redskins are awful at everything, even when they try to do something.

31. Cincinnati Bengals(0-8) – The Bengals will finally turn over a new leaf at quarterback.

32. Miami Dolphins(0-7) – They continue to want that number one pick. They are also ok with taking your bad contracts for more picks. Channeling their inner Sashi Brown.

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