Premier League Week 11 Matchup Preview

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This week, many teams have hope they can revive themselves back to life to make a challenge for something. Liverpool is still running away with first and they are trying to get as far from the pack as they can. The minor matchups the giants face this week could be a test for them as they try not to slip up. Every week will define seasons. Here are this week’s matchups:

Bournemouth vs. Manchester United

November 2nd 8:30am ET– To kick off the week, Man United travels to Bournemouth to hopefully build off last week’s win. They currently sit in seventh and have had a tough time to start the season. There is still time for them to nudge their way into contention. On the other side, Bournemouth has not won a game in the Premier League for an extended period of time. They will want this game to show the home crowd that they are worthy to stay in the Premier League top ten.

Arsenal vs. Wolverhampton

November 2nd 11:00am ET– Despite the controversy in the Arsenal camp between their team captain and their manager, Arsenal is currently sitting in fifth and want to climb more. They have stumbled the past two weeks and they really need to get back on track if they want to solidify a place in the top four. Similarly, Wolves are trying to get themselves in the top ten and to stay there. An away trip to Arsenal will be difficult for them, but we shall see.

Aston Villa vs. Liverpool

November 2nd 11:00am ET– A loss to Man City last week will not harm the Villans too much. They have won two out of the last three games and could they pull off a shocker at home? Aston Villa has what it takes to challenge teams and they can certainly challenge Liverpool. On the other hand, Liverpool has not lost a game this season and are looking unstoppable. All it takes is one week to change that and the title contenders would have a chance.

Brighton vs. Norwich

November 2nd 11:00am ET– Coming off a big confidence booster against Everton, Brighton are coming into this match hoping to move farther up the table and away from the relegation zone. Comparatively, Norwich is trying to dig themselves out of the relegation zone. They have been stuck in it for a while now, but they will need to do something to get themselves out.

Sheffield United vs. Burnley

November 2nd 11:00am ET– Sheffield United currently sits in eighth and are in a fantastic position as a promoted team. They are definitely the best promoted team at the moment. As a result, I expect them to win this match. However, Burnley have had two straight losses and will want to desperately prove themselves this match. The Clarets are still a strong team, but they want to get into the top ten no matter what.

West Ham vs. Newcastle

November 2nd 11:00am ET– At the start of the Premier League campaign, West Ham looked like they were prepared for anything. Rather, currently, they are struggling and have not won a game in the past four. Something will need to change as they are looking for a top ten spot. Alternatively, Newcastle is right outside the relegation zone and are going to need as many points as they can get. They are away from home and this match is not easy to get something from.

Manchester City vs. Southampton

November 2nd 11:00am ET– At this point, it may just be catch up to Liverpool for Man City. They are going to be in pure title contention and every loss of points will only set them back. A win is definitely necessary for them. Conversely, Southampton is coming off a 9-0 thrashing by Leicester. They desperately need to prove to their fans that they can still fight in the Premier League.

Watford vs. Chelsea

November 2nd 1:30pm ET– At the bottom of the table, Watford is questioning when or even if they will get their first win. A win would be a huge step in the right direction as they still need help. As for Chelsea, they have been on a winning streak for a long period of time now. This streak has got them into fourth and they will want to stay there or get even higher in the table.

Crystal Palace vs. Leicester

November 3rd 9:00am ET– The Match of the Weekend. Both Leicester and Palace sit in third and sixth of the Premier League. One win by either team would be huge for the individual clubs. For Palace, this would send them possibly into the top five and one step closer to a top four spot. For Leicester, a win could get them into second and they could become title contenders. Both clubs have had wonderful seasons as of now and they will want their success to continue.

Everton vs. Tottenham

November 3rd 11:30am ET– Everton faces Tottenham in a match where both teams are struggling. Everton has a shocking five losses so far this season. Last week’s loss to Brighton will set them back as they are still trying to find confidence. Similarly, Tottenham has not won a game in the Premier League since September 28th and as a “top six” team that is unacceptable. That is why they are in eleventh and need as many wins as they can get.

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