Donald Trump Draws Protests at UFC 244

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UFC 244 saw many big names but none as big as President Donald Trump. And like a true casual he did not turn up until the main card. As you might expect there was quite a reaction from the crowd but not one that was what you would call positive.

Donald Trump arriving at UFC 244 to overwhelming boos.

We often hear we should keep politics out of sport but that can be hard when politics comes to your sport. Dana White, the president of the UFC, is a donor to the Donald Trump Campaign.

Also it is interesting that a sport that attracts a remarkably similar demographic to Trump’s key supporters but the crowd was booing resoundingly.
This was not the only negativity surrounding embattled President Trump as outside the event there was more drama.

Roughly 150 people were gathered around Madison Square Garden from two separate activist groups. As the protesters from Refuse Fascism and Rise and Resist made their presence known a third group of Trump supporters gathered.
Police kept the groups separated so no trouble happened but it does add a cloud to an otherwise brilliant event.

With the press conference for UFC 245 happening recently I am sure more of this will be discussed. Colby Covington makes sure to wear his MAGA hat regularly and knows how to incite the fans on these hot topics.
We best get ready for an ugly build up, unfortunately.

If only it was a simple as saying keep politics out of sports.

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