NXT UK Review: 10/31/19


NXT UK is Live, with Jinny & Jazzy Gabbert taking on Rhea Ripley and Piper Nevin

Piper and Jinny will start things off, and off the bat, Gabbert tries to distract Nevin

This allows Jinny to try and attack from behind but she is caught by Piper, who slams her down, and tags in Rhea

Ripley starts taking Jinny out with several clotheslines and sends her to the outside

On the outside, Jinny is surrounded by Rhea and Piper, and is slammed back inside the ring

Rhea is now slamming Jinny off the turnbuckles and connects with a huge dropkick for a near fall

Headlock submission by Rhea, but Jinny sneaks in a kick to Nevin, and the ref has to interfere

This allows Jinny to take Rhea where Gabbert is, and Jazzy lands a huge right hand

This allows Jinny to land a big right hand herself! and she tags in Jazzy

Gabbert immediately goes after Rhea with several strikes and tags Jinny back in

The fashionista locks in a very impressive crucifix type submission hold, but Rhea gets out

However, she receives several slaps and strikes from Jinny, but Ripley counters with a kick out of nowhere

Both women are down!

Nevin and Gabbert are now inside the ring, and Piper lands a huge cross-body

She then slams Jinny on top of Gabbert and connects with a senton!

Jinny is thrown to the outside by Piper, which allows Jazzy to hit a huge spear for a two count

Rhea tries to attack Gabbert, but Jinny is back and connects with a huge kick to take her out.

Headbutt to Jinny and a belly to back suplex on Gabbert, and both of them roll to the outside

Rhea over the top with a huge flip and she lands on Jinny and Gabbert!!

Back in the ring, Michinoku driver and this one is over.

A-Kid Debuts on NXT UK

Oh no! Kassius Ohno is here! Not a good opponent for A-Kid to make a debut against, but we will see

Bell rings and both competitors lock up and Ohno locks in an arm bar

Using his legs, A-Kid turns it into a pin attempt for a two count

Competitors lock up again, and A-Kid locks in a head lock, but it is countered into a leg scissor

Counter! and the A-Kid tosses Ohno across the ring, lands a dropkick and a couple of kicks

Ohno throws his arm sleeve which distracts the ref, that allows Kassius to land a huge right hand

Submission hold by Kasiuss Ohno, but a counter attempt by the A-Kid that turns into a senton

Using his strenght Kassius overpowers A-Kid to the ground, but he counters by jumping to the third rope


Forearms and a dropkick by the A-kid, but he goes for another kick and another counter!

Senton by Kassius!, but A-Kid counters into an arm bar!

With his strength, Ohno picks up A-kid and slams him into the ropes

Both competitors are now exchanging strikes on the outside, the count is at eight

Ohno tries sending A-kid back in the ring, but he counters into a 619 type move that knocks Kassius back

A-Kid quickly gets back in the ring, and beats the ten count for the win.

Post Match & Comments

This obviously infuriates Kassius Ohno, and he attacks the A-kid from the back.

The Kassius clutch is locked in!! and out of nowhere

It’s Tyler Bate!!!

He is here to save the day!

Bate takes out Ohno and we get a stare down between the two.

Wow, Ohno vs Bate, now that, is something to look forward to!

Big Wavy is back on NXT UK

Three years after his debut, Big Wavy is back on NXT UK to take on Joseph Connors.

Match starts with the NXT UK crowd welcoming Big Wavy back, and both competitors lock up

Take down by Wavy, but Connors counters with a big clothesline and slams him in the corner

Lefts, rights and kicks by Connors, and he keeps stomping Big Wavy down

Connors grabs Wavy’s leg and wraps it on the post and starts dropkicking it

Before sending Wavy back in the ring, Connors hits him with several forearms and slams his head down

Off the ropes, and counter by Wavy with a back elbow, a clothesline and a huge back breaker!

The straps are off! Wavy picks up Connors, but a rake of the eyes, and he is slammed on the turnbuckle

Reverse neck snap and the don’t look down slam, and this one is over.

The NXT UK champion is here!

KLR “Your champion is here, Toni Storm is gone, and I have the thing that she loves the most”

“I find it hilarious to hear my name come out of everyone’s favorite blue eye and hair wrestler”

“Xia claims I cheated, but I am smart, a realist and did something nobody can do”

“I stand here, as your NXT UK champion!”

I guess Xia vs Kay Lee Ray is the next feud

Dave Mastiff vs Jordan Devlin

Before the bell rings, Devlin charges at Mastiff and starts delivering several strikes!

Mastiff is fighting back, and the Irish Ace has to leave the ring to regroup.

Back in the ring, Devlin slaps Mastiff and he just flips him over! and Jordan begs for mercy

But gets a right hand instead, a kick and an uppercut by Dave and he is thrown into the turnbuckle

Dave chargers at him, but he is received by a huge kick, Devlin climbs the top rope and slams Mastiff’s arm down

And he is now starting to work on Mastiff’s arm, and a standing moonsault for a two count

Huge knee to the face and Dave is down, and Devlin is back to working on the arm!

Submission hold! and Mastiff is able to roll out, picks up Devlin and slams him down!

NXT UK Chants!

Both competitors start exchanging blows, but Devlin is caught by Mastiff and an overhead belly to belly

Off the ropes, and a takedown by Dave, and a senton for a two count!

Powebomb attempt, but a counter by Devlin and he is going for the D.I., but we get a headbutt exchange!

And Mastiff whips Devlin to the outside! He goes after him, but a soccer style kick attempt, counter

and a rolling senton on the floor!

Dave sends Jordan back in the ring but he counters with an attack on the arm using the ropes and

a twisted cutter! The Irish ace is now headed to the top rope and a moonsault! 1, 2, nooo

Jordan is headed to the top once again, moonsault, but Mastiff counters with a kick to the face

Devlin is in the corner and he gets a cannonball, but before Mastiff can capitalize,

He rolls to the outside!

Back inside the ring, Mastiff has Devlin set up on the third turnbuckle, but Jordan connects with an enziguri


This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Before we go off the air, we are shown Ilja and Wolfe talking backstage

Wolfe says Dragunov has to make a decision, either he joins Imperium or he doesn’t

I hope he does, it would make for an interesting development and make that faction even stronger!

Maybe Ilja joins Gallus and we get that 4 on 4.

That was a great way to finish the match

I enjoyed NXT UK this week, but it seems the show lacked a bit of a spark

The main event was worth it and I really hope Devlin can get in the title picture soon

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