Seattle Mariners Misery No Longer has Company

mariners misery

Then suddenly, there was only one remaining. As the Washington Nationals completed their sweep of the St Louis Cardinals, I realized something. A Mariners fan’s worst fear within postseason baseball, had materialized. The Nationals had made their first world series, and the Seattle Mariners became the lone team in the cellar. The only team to never make a World Series appearance. As if the 18 years without a playoff appearance wasn’t bad enough. Mariners fans now no longer even have any company, as our imagination wanders towards the fall classic, before misery follows. 


However, what’s done is done, so despite not wanting to be alone in the pit of misery, it was time to root for the Nationals. If for no other reason, to gain good karma for when the Mariners finally make it one day. In that moment, not only did my fear become a reality, it transformed into hope. It served as proof that even though we have never been, it can still happen. Besides, even from this side of the country it’s hard not to see how poetic it was for them to have even done it Bryce-less.

Despite being the farthest possible distance from involved, there were still a few elements of the series that felt familiar. It was fun to see the road team win all seven games for the first time in the history of the sport. After watching the Mariners struggle at home the last few seasons, there was almost nothing sweeter than seeing our division rival get swept at home, on the biggest stage. Not to mention, they even took a page out of the Mariners’ book for game seven by leaving 10 runners on base, and making questionable bullpen decisions.

No Pain, No Gain

It’s sad that during a season in which the Mariners had a franchise best start ever, 13-2. However, the only postseason joy came from the rise and fall of others. Despite all of this, I still have great hopes for our rebuild process. We have lots of exciting talent on the way, giving us plenty of reason to hope for greater things ahead for the Seattle Mariners.

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