Why the Devils should fire Coach Hynes

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John Hynes has been the head coach of the New Jersey Devils since the 2015-16 season. Under Hynes the Devils have only made one playoff appearance. He has a record of 145-151-45. He’s causing so many issues for the franchise. Here’s five reasons why he should be fired.


He’s inconsistently coaching. The Devils have always struggled to be consistent since hiring him. Year after year they can never win consistently which creates so many big issues. During the 2017-18 season when the Devils made the playoffs inconsistency was the team’s biggest issue. It caused the devils to be the 8th seed and barely make the playoffs by one point. if they were more consistent they could have easily finished 2nd in the metropolitan division. It seems the only thing they can do consistently is lose. This is just one of many issues he has caused for this franchise.


He needs to take the game more serious. He’s been very lazy as head coach and because he’s been so lazy the Devils lose so many games. And it seems like he never takes it seriously enough. It’s ridiculous that he can’t pay attention to the game and realize how many mistakes he’s making. He does very few things right. He makes so many mistakes, it’s really bad after this many mistakes you’d think he’d be fired. Maybe it’s because Shero gave him so much money.


Coach Hynes just can’t do anything right. Everything he does is awful. He mixes up the lines horribly and scratches so many good players, Because of him scratching so many great players the Devils lose a lot. We’ll get into that more later.


Hynes needs to stop being a control freak. He never let’s the players do their job right and doesn’t give them enough ice time because he’s a dictator. He thinks he knows what’s right for this team when in reality he has no clue what this team needs. He’s blind as a bat. It really is time to just get rid of him. He’s the worst coach this franchise has ever seen. Maybe even the worst the NHL has ever seen. He came in and absolutely destroyed the New Jersey Devils.


He mixes up the lines horribly and scratches the best players on the team. He’s been putting Jack Hughes on the third line most games, How do you expect a young player to develop when he’s getting six minutes a game? That’s not good for a young player who was selected first overall. He’s also been scratching Jesper Boqvist and he hasn’t scratched Kevin Rooney who is an AHL 4th liner. He’s been starting Cory Schneider who has been the devils 2nd biggest problem. It just can’t get more clear to see that he’s an awful head coach and he needs to go. Almost everything he’s done since he was hired has been awful for this team.

It blows my mind that he hasn’t been fired already. But I don’t imagine he’ll be coaching for much longer. It’s time for him to go. Open your eyes Ray shero and fire him. He’s a cancer to this team and he’s only getting worse. You can say I’m overreacting but he’s caused so many issues.

What do you think? Should the Devils fire Hynes?

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