NFL Mock Draft 2020 (1.0)


We are halfway through the NFL regular season, and with that, we are even closer to the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas. As the season standings begin to solidify slowly, three Overtime Heroics writers break down the predictions for the first round of the upcoming draft. Sports Writers Christian S. Rauh, Austin Morris, and Nick Luba take you through 1-32 in our NFL Mock Draft 1.0.

Mock Draft based off standings post Week 9:

1.) Cincinnati Bengals (Current Record 0-8, Win % 0.00)

Christian S. Rauh- Tua Tagavaiola, QB, Alabama
Tua seems to be the clear choice for Number 1 overall; some fans even have t-shirts to prove it. Personally, there are some doubts about Tugavaiola regarding if he can perform at the professional level, and the recent injury is not helping his case. If the Bengals remain with the first selection, assume Quarterback is the priority. Cincinnati’s second half of the season will be one stressful audition for rookie Ryan Finley.

Austin Morris- Tua Tagavaiola, QB, Alabama
The Bengals have made it quite apparent that they are moving on from Andy Dalton. They are in serious demolish then rebuild mode. They need a fresh start to the franchise, and Tua is, without a doubt, the best talent on the board.

Nick Luba- Tua Tagavaiola, QB, Alabama
Tua has been coveted for two years now and is a no brainer for the Bengals. They call pass plays 63% of the time and love to go downfield. This offensive scheme is perfect for Tua and is unanimously the favorite in this NFL Mock Draft.

2 Washington Redskins (Current Record 1-8, Win % .111)

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(Jay LaPrete/AP Photo)

Christian S. Rauh-DE, Chase Young, Ohio State
Washington has issues in multiple positions on both sides of the football. Being said, the best available should be the priority of the Redskins as they look to improve and solidify a young core for the future. Young is arguably the most talented athlete in the draft and will be a day one impact for D.C.

Austin Morris-OT, Andrew Thomas, Georgia
The Redskins drafted a QB last year. They aren’t going for another one this year. The smart pick is a tackle to replace Trent Williams. The Redskins go for OT Andrew Thomas. Not a glamorous pick but a smart one.

Nick Luba-DE, Chase Young, Ohio State
Chase Young is an Instant Difference maker, and it can be argued that he is the best player in this draft. No doubt, he can be a 13-14 sack producer in his first season. The Redskins need someone they can build there Defense around

3 New York Jets (Current Record 1-7, Win % .125)

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Christian S. Rauh-WR, Jerry Jeudy, Alabama
Sam Darnold had a successful end to the 2018 season. That has not been the case in 2019, as he has missed games, and once back has not performed to standards. However, Darnold can play football, and a possible coaching change in the offseason might help that. So would adding an X-Factor receiver, and that’s precisely what Jerry Jeudy is. Jeudy would give Darnold a long-ball threat on every play, potentially changing that offense from the circus it currently is overnight.

Austin Morris-WR, Jerry Jeudy, Alabama
The Jets need weapons and pass protection for Darnold. The Jets believe in him. Why? I don’t know, but he needs a target to throw to. Jeudy is the best receiver in the draft hands down, so I feel like it is a smart decision to pick him up early.

Nick Luba-OT, Andrew Thomas, Georgia
Thomas is strong, who is quick off the snap and gets under his opponents and stand them up quickly. Darnold needs all the protection he can get. And Thomas is a great start.

4 Miami Dolphins (Current Record 1-7, Win % .125)

Christian S. Rauh-QB Joe Burrow, LSU
The Dolphins will be on the hunt for a franchise quarterback in the 2020 Draft. Miami holds 3 First Round picks, and the first one should be on a quarterback. With Tua off the board, Burrow is the next best in the draft. Burrow is pro-ready, and could successfully be built around as Miami continues to rebuild.

Austin Morris-QB, Justin Herbert, Oregon
Well, the Dolphins need a QB. Fitzpatrick has run out of NFL teams play for and aging. Although Herbert isn’t my favorite QB in the draft, talent-wise, I think he has it. He might need some time to learn and understand a system different than Oregon’s quick-hitting offense, but still, he will go early.

Nick Luba-QB, Joe Burrow, LSU
Joe Burrow went from being a later first, early second-round pick to now being top 5 after his excellent current season. The Dolphins need consistency and someone that can lease that team. Burrows can give them that, and he is NFL ready so that he can start right away.

5 Atlanta Falcons (Current Record 1-7, Win % .125)

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(Steve Nurenberg/Getty Images)

Christian S. Rauh-CB, Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State
The Falcons have been a nightmare this season, and quite honestly arguably the most disappointing team this season. With a new coach likely on the horizon for Atlanta, building up the defense will be essential. With dominant receivers in the NFC South, Atlanta could improve immensely with Okudah.

Austin Morris-DE, Chase Young, Ohio State
The Falcons need help, especially on Defense. Their pass rush is atrocious, so it makes sense to me to grab Nick Bosa’s successor, Chase Young, here.

Nick Luba-CB, Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State
Atlanta’s season has been a disappointment, but offensively they still have the pieces, so they will use this pick to try and improve there horrible Defense. Okudah has amazing on ball skills and can disrupt any top receiver.

6 New York Giants (Current Record 2-7, Win % .222)

Christian S. Rauh-S/ILB, Isaiah Simmons, Clemson
Simmons is the most athletic player in the upcoming draft. The versatility of Simmons will help the Giants as they continue to bolster their defense with young studs. Simmons could be a generational pick for the G-Men.

Austin Morris-S, Grant Delpit, LSU
The Giant’s defense is atrocious. They need help, especially in the secondary area. Grant Delpit is tremendous talent out of LSU. To me, it makes sense because he is a player you can plug and play.

Nick Luba-WR, Jerry Jeudy, Alabama
Jeudy is a perfect piece for your quarterback Daniel Jones. He has quick feet and one of the best route runners among wideouts that entered the draft past several seasons. Jeudy fits well with a very accurate passer in Jones.

7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Current Record 2-6, Win % .250)

Christian S. Rauh-S, Grant Delpit, LSU
The Buccaneers have allowed to many passing yards, touchdowns, and big air plays this season. By adding a shutdown defensive back like Delpit, the Tampa secondary could see an instant improvement.

Austin Morris-CB, Jeff Okudah, Ohio State
Tampa needs a lot of help in their secondary, and Jeff Okudah could provide some much-needed support. He is a ballhawk for the Buckeyes, and he is considered one of if not the best CBs in the draft.

Nick Luba-QB, Justin Herbert, Oregon
Herbert is one of my favorite quarterbacks in this draft. He is a very consistent quarterback and can stretch the field and thread the needle in tight spots. Herbert is a solid fit for the Bucs.

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(Tony Avelar/AP)

8 Cleveland Browns (Current Record 2-6, Win % .250)

Christian S. Rauh-OT, Andrew Thomas, Georgia
The need for an offensive lineman is well known at this point in the season for Cleveland. The “Dream Team” Browns have found no success due to the inability to protect Baker Mayfield. If Thomas falls to eight, the Browns could easily find there next Joe Thomas.

Austin Morris-OT, Tristan Wirfs, Iowa
The Browns need some O-Line help for the sake of Mayfield and Chubb. Wirfs is an excellent all-around tackle that can help out on the offensive line front.

Nick Luba-OT, Tristan Wirfs, Iowa
Browns need to give baker time, and Tristan is a great start. He is a phenomenal talent with quick feet and incredible strength. His skill set makes him a strong run blocker and in pass blocking.

9 Denver Broncos (Current Record 3-6, Win % .333)

Christian S. Rauh-DE/EDGE, A.J. Epenesa, Iowa
The Broncos team has been a laughing stock so far this year. As they have questions at many postions, including Quarterback, Denver needs to address the pass rush. Denver did not see a sack until a month into the season. Epenesa would help add pressure to opposing offensives from day one.

Austin Morris-S/ILB, Isaiah Simmons, Clemson
Isaiah Simmons is a talented young man. And the Denver defense could use some help here. Simmons is a beast who could be a lot like Shaq Thompson. He can play safety, and he can also spend time at Linebacker if he has to. Isaiah can cover one side of the field to the other. Solid pick.

Nick Luba-DT Derrick Brown, Auburn
Derrick has some fantastic hand strikes that quickly knock defenders back. His leg strength and drive close the pocket soon. Brown is needed on a Broncos line as they have been giving quarterbacks way to much time to throw.

10 Oakland Raiders (From Chicago Bears) (Bears Current Record 3-5, Win % .375)

Christian S. Rauh-WR, CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma
The Raiders are starting to pick up momentum over the last few weeks. Lucky for them, the Chicago Bears have not, and they sit with a top ten pick. Adding a top-notch receiver like Lamb for Derek Carr would only make the Mike Mayock experience even more impressive. Adding Higgins to an already young receiving core could make the Raider one of the most dangerous offenses in 2020.

Austin Morris-WR, CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma
Well, AB84 didn’t work out. The Raiders need a #1 receiver. Lamb is the #2 receiver in the draft, in my opinion, and I feel like he and Carr would be a great duo together.

Nick Luba-CB Trevon Diggs, Alabama
This kid is a freak athlete like his brother Stefon in Minnesota. Diggs didn’t find a home at CB until 2018, but he quickly showed he’s a natural in the secondary. Diggs is a perfect fit for a Gruden defense.

11 Arizona Cardinals (Current Record 3-5-1, Win % .389)

Christian S. Rauh-DT Derrick Brown, Auburn
The Cardinals have allowed the most passing touchdowns so far this season in the entire league. As most would expect them to chase a defensive back, they need to start with there trench play. Arizona needs to address the pass rush, and Brown fits the bill. Brown has the potential to become an All-Pro for whatever team he drafts him. Very high ceiling.

Austin Morris-OT, Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon
Throckmorton may be a bit of a reach, but the Cardinals need to surround Kyler Murray with success. Throckmorton is used to being in an offense with a mobile quarterback. He would be a good fit for this Arizona offense.

Nick Luba-WR Ceedee Lamb, Oklahoma
Lamb has Exceptional ball skills. Elite ability to track the football in the air and adjust. He also does a great job of position his body when the ball is coming to beat out the corner consistently. Lamb is the perfect WR to pair up with Kyler Murray.

12 Detroit Lions (Current Record 3-4-1, Win % .438)

Christian S. Rauh-LB, Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma
Murray is quick and has an impressive IQ at the college stage. Adding him to a Matt Patrica Lions squad would be entertaining for all Lions fans. Murray is a stellar pick if he is still available after the top ten.

Austin Morris-DE/EDGE, A.J. Epenesa, Iowa
You can never have too much defensive talent, and here, Epenesa is one of the best players on the board. He is a crazy talented pass rusher that the Lions defense would be lucky to have.

Nick Luba-DE/EDGE, A.J Epenesa, Iowa
Lions need some strong and fast of the edge that can be a difference-maker. AJ is that guy. He has great size and plays with power from both a 3 and 4 point stance. He will be an instant impact player.

13 Tennesee Titans (Current Record 4-5, Win % .444)

Christian S. Rauh-QB, Justin Herbert, Oregon
Herbert is the last QB I have going in the first round, and he heads to Nashville. He had the potential to be the number one overall pick in 2019 drops to the middle of the first round. Justin is pro-ready however and could be a day one starter on the right team.

Austin Morris-RB, DeAndre Swift, Georgia
The Titans have Derrick Henry, but he doesn’t have the explosive ability needed. Swift has that. He is quick, fast, smart, and just a dominant running back overall. This would be a sharp pickup for them.

Nick Luba-QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma
Titans need a franchise QB, and after swinging and missing on Mariota they need to get it right. Jalen Hurts is a perfect QB for them. His fundamentals and mechanics are some of the best in this draft. Hurts can go downfield and extend plays in space with his legs.

14 Los Angeles Chargers (Current Record 4-5, Win % .444)

Christian S. Rauh-CB, Paulson Adebo, Stanford
The Chargers have become a disappointing team so far this season. With all the hype from last year’s 12-4 record, the Chargers did not carry that into the first half of this year. Defensively, L.A. has had issues against the pass and will address the secondary early in the draft. Adebo is the best available at Cornerback at this point in the first round.

Austin Morris-LB, Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma
The Chargers would be crazy to pass up on this guy. Murray is an absolute monster of a linebacker. He is fast, reliable, and hard-hitting. Kenneth would be a great addition to a defense because he could be a gamechanger with his speed and strength.

Nick Luba-DT, Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
Javon was smart to return to SC this season because he has now refined his game and is not a force to be reckoned with. Kinlaw is a good fit for the chargers who struggle on the defensive line.

15 Jacksonville Jaguars (Current Record 4-5, Win % .444)

Christian S. Rauh-OT, Tristan Wirfs, Iowa
Jacksonville has dealt with injuries constantly this year, including free-agent pickup, Quarterback Nick Foles. Jacksonville should use one of there first-rounders on a lineman for extra protection. Wirfs is a stud at Tackle, and could be a considerable improvement for the Jaguars.

Austin Morris-DL, Derrick Brown, Auburn
Brown is a big, strong, athletic D-Lineman that could be a great addition to plug up and help take the pressure off of other defensive linemen. Plus, Calais Campbell is getting older, and he will need a replacement eventually.

Nick Luba-S, Grant Delpit, LSU
Grant Is animal playing forward. Confidently drives on the football in click and close situations, and he has a quick trigger when attacking downhill against the run, especially when lined up in the box. Jaguars secondary took a hit with Ramsey getting traded, so this is a perfect pick.

16 Miami Dolphins From Pittsburgh (Steelers Current Record 4-4, Win % .500)

Christian S. Rauh-WR, Laviska Shenault, Colorado
With speculation of Devante Parker in trade talks, its clear he is not in there long term plan. With that being said, Miami will look to add a Receiver to grow with there new Rookie Quarterback. Shenault has jets and can cause disruptions to AFC East secondaries who are built with solid cornerbacks.

Austin Morris-WR, Laviska Shenault, Colorado
You get a QB, get a receiver to follow. Laviska Shenault is a receiver with explosive capabilities. He can get downfield and also be a guy that can win one on one matchups.

Nick Luba-WR, Henry Ruggs, Alabama
Ruggs is another excellent pick for the Dolphins. If they get Joe Burrow early in this draft, this is the perfect WR for him. Henry is a blur on the field and can blow by any corner with his insane 4.2 speed.

17 Oakland Raiders (Current Record 4-4, Win % .500)

Christian S. Rauh-Edge, Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn State
Oakland has a growing need at pass-rushing this season. Although drafting Farrell last season from Clemson, another pass rusher is not out of the question here. Gross-Matos is a monster and an issue for opposing Tackles. Adding Yetur would be an excellent asset for the Raiders.

Austin Morris-OT, Walker Little, Stanford
Some people have Little gone early, but I say due to injury concerns, he falls a bit in the draft. Little would be a reliable pass protection option for the Raiders here.

Nick Luba-S/ILB, Isaiah Simmons, Clemson
Watching Simmons play on the hashes is a treat; there is not much this kid can’t do. His size length and explosiveness come in handy, going against the ground or air. The Raiders look to bolster their Defense with the 2 first-round picks.

18 Philadelphia Eagles (Current Record 5-4, Win % .556)

Christian S. Rauh-WR, Henry Ruggs, Alabama
Eagles have dealt with receiver issues throughout the first half of the season. If Ruggs is still on the board, look to see him become an Eagle.

Austin Morris-CB, Trevon Diggs, Alabama
The Eagles need CB help badly. Diggs is one of the top three corners in the Draft. So picking this guy up would be a substantial addition to their defense.

Nick Luba-CB, Kristian Fulton, LSU
Fulton is a cover corner with elite traits. He has great lower body mechanics and uses the step kick technique with inside leverage. Fulton would be a great addition to an Eagles struggling secondary.

19 Jacksonville Jaguars from LA (Rams Current Record 5-3, Win % .625)

Christian S. Rauh-CB, Trevon Diggs, Alabama
With Ramsey no longer on the Jaguars, look for Jacksonville to use one of there draft picks on a defensive back as a replacement. Diggs is a shutdown corner and would be a massive improvement to a struggling Jaguars team.

Austin Morris-CB, CJ Henderson, Florida
The Jaguars lost Jalen Ramsey, and they need to start finding a replacement for him. Henderson is a bit of a raw recruit, but he should have the talent and the speed to keep up with faster receivers.

Nick Luba-CB, CJ Henderson, Florida
CJ has been starting since his freshman season. He quickly shot up the draft boards, but now he is slowly moving down because of his tackling. He struggles with tackling on the run. But he is still a fantastic coverage corner, and he is so smooth in coverage. Henderson would boost up the Jags secondary with two picks in the first round. He can quickly make them a team to beat.

20 Carolina Panthers (Current Record 5-3, Win % .625)

Christian S. Rauh-CB, CJ Henderson, Florida
Back to Back Cornerbacks taken off the board as we get to pick 20. Both these players are very close in athletic ability, and the pick could easily be flipped. Henderson is a fierce defender and could solidify that Panthers’ defense.

Austin Morris-WR, Antonio Gandy-Golden, Liberty
I love this kid. He is an aggressive, fast, smart, and quick receiver. He has the speed to get downfield and the toughness to fight through weak tackle attempts for extra yards. The Panthers need better receiver threats, especially to compliment D.J. Moore. Golden would be a great addition to this offense.

Nick Luba-Edge Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn State
Long arms, and he knows how to use them. Somewhat effective at winning with the first contact, using his length and playing with extension. For a taller, longer defender, he’s generally committed to keeping his pad level down. His motor his what you want off the edge. Gross-Matos would bolster an already great panthers Defense.

21 Indianapolis Colts (Current Record 5-3, Win % .625)

Christian S. Rauh-DT, Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
Indianapolis was in talks for potentially trading for Bengals Geno Atkins at the trade deadline. The trade never happened, but it shows that interior defensive front is on the mind of the front office in Indy. Kinlaw has had a great season so far in South Carolina and would fit the Colts scheme significantly.

Austin Morris-WR, Jalen Reagor, TCU
The Colts need a receiver, especially one that can be a severe threat. Reagor is a burner receiver who can leave corners in the dust in a heartbeat. Draft with caution, though, because he needs development on route running.

Nick Luba-ILB, Dylan Moses, Alabama
Moses is an excellent spot for a player out all season due to an ACL injury. He probably would have been top 10 prior. Dylan’s athletic style and high IQ makes him still a coveted player in this draft. He may drop to 2nd or 3rd round, but I see him sneaking into the first-round being picked up by the Colts whos in need of an inside Linebacker.

22 Minnesota Vikings (Current Record 6-3, Win % .667)

Christian S. Rauh-LB Terrell Lewis, Alabama
The Vikings could use some help with the middle of the defense. Adding a linebacker would help fix the Vikings D. Lewis is a solid grab at 22.

Austin Morris-LB, Troy Dye, Oregon
The Vikings could use some help on the defensive side of the ball. They could use a replacement for Sheldon Richardson, but a Linebacker who can cover space would be excellent. Dye can be a LB who can cover open space, especially in pass coverage.

Nick Luba-OT, Alex Leatherwood, Alabama
Leatherwood is 6’6 and 310, but he is unbelievably quick and moves well within space. He is a grinder and isn’t afraid to take the hard zone reads. Alex is a big man that can anchor a Vikings line that gets pushed around by more prominent Defensive lines.

23 Buffalo Bills (Current Record 6-2, Win % .750)

Christian S. Rauh-WR, Tee Higgins, Clemson
The Buffalo Bills offense is the worst part of the 6-2 squad by a mile. Although they added weapons such as John Brown and Cole Beasley, a true number 1 could be in the picture come draft day. Higgins is a picture-perfect fit for Josh Allen and the young Bills Offense.

Austin Morris-RB, Scottie Phillips, Ole Miss
The Bills would be wise to invest money in a first-round running back. Scottie Phillips is one of my favorite backs in the draft. He has the explosiveness and ability to be a top runner in the Draft.

Nick Luba- WR, Laviska Shenault, Colorado
Laviska is a go up and get it type of receiver. We have seen him make unbelievable one-handed catches. This a highlight real type of wideout. Laviska would be an excellent fit for Bills QB Josh Allen. Buffalo needs that deep-receiver threat.

24 Seattle Seahawks (Current Record 7-2, Win % .778)

Christian S. Rauh-DE, Jon Greenard, Florida
Seattle added Jadevon Clowney this season but has not seen the success they were hoping for. Adding a young Edge rusher like Greenard would be ideal for Pete Carrol and company.

Austin Morris-DT/DE, Raekwon Davis, Alabama
This dude is talented and flexible. He can be plugged into any place really on the D-Line. It would be a smart move to get a rookie because they can’t pay everyone on their D-Line.

Nick Luba-S, Xavier McKinney, Alabama
Xavier is very diverse and can be asked to fit in many different schemes. He is very similar to Minkah Fitzpatrick. In time he will become a durable replacement for McDougald.

25 Dallas Cowboys (Current Record 5-3, Win % .625)

Christian S. Rauh-TE, Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri
The Cowboys have an ageing need at tight end. With Jason Witten returning after retirement this season, it’s obvious his play is limited. Okwuegbunam is the perfect passing of the torch for Dallas, even this far down into the first round.

Austin Morris-TE, Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri
Witten isn’t going to play for the Boys forever, and a replacement needs to be prepared for the TE position. Okwuegbunam is the best TE in the Draft, and he will be the first one off the board.

Nick Luba-DT/DE Raekwon Davis, Alabama
Raekwon has All the power and length you can want in a defensive lineman. His Frame is engineered for trench play in the NFL. Davis would be a good fit for Dallas because they can plug him in either DT or DE as needed.

26 Kansas City Chiefs (Current Record 6-3, Win % .667)

Christian S. Rauh-OL Austin Jackson, USC
Kansas City will look to bolster there offensive line to ensure the health and longevity of Patrick Mahomes. Adding Austin Jackson would be a vast improvement at Offensive Line. Jackson has played great for the Trojans in his USC career, and will succeed in the pros.

Austin Morris-CB, Paulson Adebo, Stanford
Adebo is a significant and physical corner, but there are questions about whether or not he can handle the speed of faster receivers. The Chiefs need to work on their secondary, and this would be a reliable pickup for the team.

Nick Luba-C, Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin
Tyler anchors one of the best offenses in the country. This kid has so much pride in his game and leaves it all out there. He is a fighter. From snap to whistle, he fights. Biadasz is a play Andy Reid likes to have on his roster.

27 Miami Dolphins from Houston (Texans Current Record 6-3, Win % .667)

Christian S. Rauh- OL Walker Little, Stanford
Miami continues to strengthen there offense in the 2020 draft, as they begin to rebuild their offensive line. With the trade of Tunsil to Houston, look to the Dolphins, adding a reliable blind side protector like Little.

Austin Morris-WR, Henry Ruggs III, Alabama
Surround Tua with a familiar target? Not a bad idea. Bama has a crazy receiver class this year, and Ruggs is another super talented receiver. It would be smart to give your rookie a target he is familiar with.

Nick Luba-CB, Paulson Adebo, Stanford
Paulson’s strength is timing. He knows what and when the receiver will act, and then he mirrors that movement. This is a good pick for the Dolphins who kid chewed up by athletic receivers.

28 Green Bay Packers (Current Record 7-2, Win % .778)

Christian S. Rauh-OL, Trey Adams, Washington
The Green Bay Packers have gone through quite an offensive makeover this past year. To continue the transition, look for the Packers to add Adams. Adams possesses All-Pro potential and would fit well with Rodgers and company.

Austin Morris-WR, Justin Jefferson, LSU
Another receiver off the board! The Packers need receivers for their franchise QB to throw to. They regretted not adding young talent this year. So, Justin Jefferson would be a solid grab for the team.

Nick Luba-LB, Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma
Kenneth is a finesse style of a linebacker. He takes his time, and that makes him one of the most productive back in the country.

29 Baltimore Ravens (Current Record 6-2, Win % .750)

Christian S. Rauh-OL, Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin
The longevity of Lamar Jackson needs to be the main concern for the Ravens this offseason. Whether they decide to sign a big-name free agent lineman or get one in the draft, it will be paramount to keep there X-Factor healthy. Biadasz is one of the best interior linemen in the draft and would excel in Harbaugh’s system.

Austin Morris-OG, Solomon Kindley, Georgia
The Ravens need to focus on continuing to focus on protecting their investment with Lamar Jackson. Kindley would be a great addition to the Georgia OL.

Nick Luba-WR, Tee Higgins, Clemson
Tee is a bigger wide receiver and has a proactive approach to his game. He doesn’t wait for the ball. Lamar Jackson would take advantage of Higgins’s style. Tee is an excellent fit for Baltimore.

30 New Orleans Saints (Current Record 8-1, Win % .875)

Christian S. Rauh-WR Jalen Reagor, TCU
The Saints are the most well-rounded team in the NFL. This is the best problem to have come draft day, as the best available on your draft board. Look for the Saints to add another receiving threat to work with All-Pro Micheal Thomas.

Austin Morris-OL, Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin
One of the better offensive linemen on the board. I don’t see how you can pass him up. I could see the Saints going for a receiver, but the draft is deep enough with receivers to wait and not reach.

Nick Luba-WR Jalen Reagor, TCU
Jalen is one of the most explosive athletes in this draft class. He has a smooth style that can turn it on in an instant. He is a natural route runner who is gaining the ability to sell the route and make defender bite. Jalen is the type of WR that can find a home on a Sean Payton offense. He would thrive whether Drew Brees or Teddy Bridgewater is the Quarterback.

31 New England Patriots (Current Record 8-1, Win % .889)

Christian S. Rauh-DT/DE Raekwon Davis, Alabama
The Patriots defense is immaculate, but could still improve. Adding Davis would be that improvement. The Defensive lineman from Bama is active in the trenches and would be a day one impact under Bill Belichick.

Austin Morris-DT, Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina
The Patriots haven’t had a big guy in the middle that could wreak havoc since Vince Wilfork. Kinlaw would be a great selection here.

Nick Luba-OT, Trey Adams, Washington
Tre is a monster and so ferocious in the trenches. He has excellent upper body strength and gets a large vertical push. Adams is the type of linemen Belichick could turn into a Pro-Bowler. Trey’s big body fits the versatile offense they run.

32 San Francisco 49ers (Current Record 8-0, Win % 1.000)

Christian S. Rauh-CB, Jaylon Johnson, Utah
The 49ers also posses a shutdown defense, but mainly from there front seven. With Richard Sherman ageing, adding a cornerback in a defensive back deep draft would be ideal for San Fransico. Johnson has been shut down all season at Utah. He is the best available at the end of the first round.

Austin Morris-S, Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
The 49ers don’t need help in many places, but McKinney would be a solid pick here for them to end the first round.

Nick Luba-CB, Bryce Hall, Virginia
Bryce Hall was headed to be taken off the board early, but his recent ankle injury and surgery changed that. Hall is a natural back who can handle any receiver one on one in the nation. Once he recovers, he will be a valued Corner Back. Hall could be a steal for the Niners.

Christian S. Rauh, Austin Morris, and Nick Luba are Sports Writers for Overtime Heroics. NFL Mock Draft 2.0 will be available at the beginning of December 2019.

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