Arizona Diamondbacks: Gold Glove Winners

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona Diamondbacks

On Sunday, November 3rd, the MLB made their official announcements of the Gold Glovers for the 2019 season. In the evening, the Arizona Diamondbacks posted that they had not one, but four Gold Glove finalists: shortstop Nick Ahmed, left fielder David Peralta, pitcher Zack Greinke, and pitcher Mike Leake.

“Slick Nick” In The Running

On the subject of previous-winner Nick Ahmed, he had another phenomenal defensive season. While playing in 158 games this season year, he managed to make 155 starts at the position.  As a side, we cannot forget his improved offensive season, as he owned a .254 batting average with 79 runs, 141 hits, and 19 home-runs. He also became Player of the Month for August!

His defense is on a different level of amazing. Looking back to the game against the Dodgers on June 24th, rookie Will Smith hit a ball hard towards left-center field, which almost lead to a hit. Cheering from Dodger fans were cut short when Nick jumped high into the air, catching Smith’s ball. Needless to say, Nick is filled with plenty of talent and handily received his second Gold Glove this season.

“Freight Train” On The Move

Nick Ahmed was not the only player flashing his glove on the field. David Peralta – nicknamed “Freight Train” – is another finalist this year despite having a challenging season where injuries interfered with his game.  He only played in 99 games and was shut down in late August due to his injured shoulder. Yet looking at his season, he still had a solid .275 batting average with 105 hits, 48 runs, and 12 home runs.

Peralta’s defense in left field was nothing short from spectacular. One example was in yet another Dodgers series back on June 3rd. Alex Verdugo hit the ball into left field with David Freese attempting to advance. However, Peralta made an amazing throw to catcher Carson Kelly at home, preventing a run early in the game. This was but one of many plays that landed David is first Gold Glove Award for the 2019 season.

Greinke Once Again

Pitcher Zack Greinke landed his sixth-consecutive Gold Glove Award. Although he was only with the DBacks for half of the season he spent no time in showing off his skills. A perfect example, however, was on display for the Astros in Game 7 of the World Series. Greinke finished the season leading all pitchers in assists, putouts, and range factor while being involved in a whopping 24 double plays and committing only one error.

Leake Attack

Mike Leake was acquired from the Mariners during the second half of the 2019 season. He managed to record 25 assists with four double plays. His fielding percentage was .978%, as he committed only three errors in 197 innings on the mound. The journeyman has an immense amount of talent as an innings-eater and defensive player – just what the Diamondbacks will need for their rotation in the 2020 season. Although his Gold Glove was for the American League, having a total of four Diamondbacks players earning an award this year is amazing. Does this indicate a possibility that the Dbacks’ defense could help support a playoff push in 2020?  Only time will tell.

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