Green With Envy: UND hockey has the best fanbase

On Saturday November 9th I attended a University of North Dakota hockey game. Originally I was not planning on writing on the UND hockey game, but something really struck me while in attendance. No it wasn’t the game itself, it wasn’t the astounding Ralph Engelstad Arena. It was the fan culture. 

Goal Song

Goal song: of course every team has a song for each goal scored but I really thought this one was unique. 

PA Announcer

Goal and assist announcement: after the goal and assists are accounted for the PA announcer says “here is your University of North Dakota. Scoring play!” And when he says “University of North Dakota” everybody in the crowd raises their left fist. And when he says “scoring play” everybody lowers their left fist and raises their right fist. It’s the little fan interactions that I really like about it. 

With one minute left in the period the announcer would say “one minute left in the period” and everyone In unison would say “thank you!” 

Little notes:

All along the main concourse there are little one foot banners with all the players from UND who went pro.

Brock Boeser of the Vancouver Canucks is a proud UND alumnus and did a commercial for the Sioux Store during the second period. Hardcore and general fans alike still refer to the UND Fighting Hawks as the Fighting Sioux. This was noticed during the National Anthem during the line “And the home of the (crowd in unison) SIOUX!” the St Louis Blues are also known for saying Blues in place of brave. 

I have not been to a Hawks (formerly known as the Fighting Sioux) game in five or so years, and it was interesting for me to see the old sioux logo on the building. Supposedly if they wanted to change the logo then the would have to replace the entire roof. The sioux logo is also on the floor of the concourse. (Again I say supposedly because I do not have a credible source) but supposedly they cannot get rid of the logo in fear of somebody else using the logo. 

Wrap up

All in all the UND game was incredibly fun, winning 5-4 against Miami ohio. I truly hope I go to another sometime this season.

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