Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II.

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After a surprising competitive first fight between the Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz, the two will do it a second time on November 23rd on PPV. Wilder comes in as a huge favorite, but Ortiz showed the last fight that he will not back down to the champion. The first fight ended in round 10 when the referee stopped the fight after Ortiz was knocked down for the third time.

Wilder/Ortiz I

When the two heavyweights face off this Saturday, it will be Wilders’s 10th defense of his WBC title. Wilder comes in 41-0-1 and has held the title since 2015. Ortiz comes in 26-1, and of course, that only loss was to Wilder. In the first fight, Ortiz came out strong, winning four of the first nine rounds. He consistently outboxed Wilder, who, as usual, was looking for the one-punch knockout. Ortiz actually rocked Wilder in the seventh after getting knocked down himself in the fifth round. Wilder eventually composed himself for the 10th round knockout.

Wilder landed 39% of his power shots, well below the 56.6% he logged in his seven previous title fights while taking 43%. The scoring through nine: 85-84 Wilder by all judges.

Ortiz landed 43.4% of his power punches in the fight, the highest percentage by a Wilder opponent in 20 of his fights tracked by CompuBox.

Wilder/Ortiz II

Coming into the second Wilder-Ortiz fight, Wilder, of course, is a huge favorite, but Ortiz can continue some trends from the last fight. Ortiz landed 33 body punches previous match, something he will need to continue this fight. The best way to take away superior power is with body punches. They may not give you the big knock out that a right hook may give you, but it will slow down Wilder, who has legendary power. Wilder and to a lesser extent, Ortiz has one-punch power, but Ortiz does not want to get in a bombs away fight with Wilder. Oritz had success when he cut off the ring and used his superior boxing skills to keep Wilder off guard.

Ortiz actually has a more extended reach than Wilder at 84 inches. He is mobile, and by keeping Wilder cornered can limit some of his power.

Wilder is the ultimate one-punch artist. He threw a combined five body punches in there last matchup. Wilder landed a whopping 24 power punches in the last two rounds vs. Ortiz. Wilder will look to come out and end this fight early as Ortiz does have knockout power as well, which he demonstrated the last match. Deontay Wilder out jabbed Ortiz 38-24 in there last fight something Wilder has wanted to do more in his fights.


Wilder came out sluggish in the last fight with Ortiz, but he knows that the longer the fight goes on, the more confidence Ortiz will have. Ortiz gave Wilder one of the toughest fights of his career, and Wilder looks to put Ortiz away early. I predict Wilder wins in a second-round knockout to retain his WBC title.

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