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Here is your game recap for the Florida Gators vs Missouri Tigers game played in Missouri. This was the last chance for the Gators to give themselves an outside chance for the SEC East title. They were going to need a lot of help from Georgia, who was playing Auburn on the road at 3:30 PM.

1st Quarter

The Gators received the opening kickoff of this game and started fast. Kyle Trask was able to hit Van Jefferson three times for 50 yards on the opening drive. After a minimal gain on first down, the offensive lines Achilles heel came forward. The first of four sacks by the Missouri defense happened on a solid four-man rush. This put the Gators in third and long. After a 12-yard completion got to the 30 of Missouri, the Gators attempted a field goal. The 47 yard FG was good and the Gators lead 3-0.

Jonathan Greenard

The defense of the Gators was playing very fast against Missouri. Missouri was having a problem moving the ball. This was the first game back for Kelly Bryant who was coming off a hamstring injury. The defensive line, led by Greenard, was dominating the line of scrimmage. He would be a game wrecker all game long. The first quarter was not good for Mizzou. The had three series and they all finished in punts. This would continue much of the game for Missouri’s offense

The Woes Continue

This game in the first half was a struggle for the offenses. The Gators were able to move the ball better overall, but that was only through the air. One of the biggest issues Florida has had on offense has centered around the offensive line. The struggles that they have had in the run game are constant. The pass blocking from them has been improving, but still struggling with stunts. This Gators team is a pass-first offense. What helps with that is the talent of the WR core. This is where all their playmakers are.

Missouri’s only scoring drive came at the start of the second quarter. This drive was highlighted by Kelly Bryant hitting wide receiver Jalen Knox for a 44 yard gain to the Gators 22 yard line. The Gator’s defense stiffened up and was able to stall the drive for Missouri and force the field goal. Tucker McCann hit a 37 yard FG and it was 3-3.

The Gators answered back on the ensuing drive. Kyle Trask hit Trevor Grimes on two consecutive plays that got the Gators down to the Missouri 17 yard line. Just like the first drive hitting Van Jefferson for 50 yards, Grimes gets 58 yards on those two plays. The offense gave up another sack on the second down play and Missouri forced the field goal attempt. McPherson hit a 39-yard field goal to make the score 6-3. Both offenses sputtered after this exchange and that is how the game went to halftime.

Missouri wore special helmet decals honoring the military

Offense Shows Up for Gators in 3rd Quarter

The telecast of the game on CBS spoke about the special helmets being worn by Missouri. They were honoring the Navy, but specifically the Top Gun training school. They had a special Top Gun sticker on the back of their helmets and a special touch to the meaning of the three-digit numbers. Missouri used this as an indicator of where the athlete came from. It was the area code of where the player is from. That was pretty cool. I liked them.

Josh Hammond 34 yard TD grab

Back to the game. The Gators forced a quick three and out for Missouri and got the ball back. This series was a quick strike. The Gators offense went 60 yards on three plays, which really was mostly two. They threw a screen pass to LaMical Perine that was lucky to only lose two yards. Trask than hits Jefferson for a 13-yard play. Missouri gets a 15-yard personal foul call after the play and gets the ball down to the Missouri 34. Kyle Trask throws a dime in the direction of Josh Hammond and it sticks. 34-yard touchdown pass and the extra point gets tacked on. Gators now lead 13-3.

The Gators Put the Game Away

Missouri was able to get a field goal on their third drive in the third quarter and that did it for their scoring for the game. Tucker McCann hit a 28-yard chip shot and that made it 13-6 Gators. This next drive put the game out of reach. The Gators put together another impressive drive of 75 yards on eight plays. Trask was distributing the ball to his playmaking wide receiver and tight end. Kyle Pitts had a big reception of 25 yards. This play was reviewed and upheld. Just after Pitts hit the ground, the Missouri defender was able to rip the ball out simultaneously. If the play would’ve been ruled an interception on the field, the same result would have come from review.

The next two plays highlighted LaMical Perine and the running game flashed while Trask was at quarterback. Perine ran off the left side for nine yards to the Missouri 15 yard line. On first and ten, Kyle Trask is able to drop a throw in the bucket to the left corner of the end zone. Perine was able to catch the ball in double coverage, but because the ball was in a perfect spot, the defensive backs had no chance. This play was originally called incomplete. The booth called down for a review and changed the call to a catch with a foot inbounds. Touchdown Gators. The extra point was good and the score was now 23-6.

Gators defense was all over Kelly Bryant all-day

Final thoughts for the Game

This was a Gators defense that played very fast and aggressive. Coach Todd Grantham had a very good game plan set up for this Missouri team who had been 5-0 at home this year. They were scoring 40 points per game at home. Can the offensive line get it together for the last two games? This is the big question as they go into the bye week and get ready for in-state rival Florida State on November 30th.

This offense is very reliant on their passing game. Imagine if this line could run block even a little bit better. For a team that is so one dimensional right now, it is amazing what they are doing and how they are winning. Trask has had good and bad moments, but that is what happens with a quarterback with limited playing time. He has grown this year and the Gators are winning even with the mistakes. Time to get ready for the Florida State game. It is at home this year and the Seminoles already fired their coach this year. Stay tuned for the preview of that game coming up before Thanksgiving.

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