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Gophers vs Iowa 2019 Review

The yearly fight for the Floyd of Rosedale is always an exciting one. This year, Minnesota lost its undefeated record to Iowa 23-19. 



PJ Fleck was confident with Tanner Morgan throwing the long ball to his elite receivers in Rashod Bateman and Tyler Johnson 

Tanner Morgan had 368 yards, one touchdown, and zero interceptions.

In the first half, the offense seemed to really let down on first and second down and then flourish on third downs with big passing plays to receivers.


In the first half, Minnesota’s tackling was sub-par, letting Iowa jump out to a 13-0 lead in the first quarter. Then out to a 20-3 lead before Minnesota kicked a 24-yard field goal to end the half, cutting the lead to 14 points. Iowa was able to stop the run throughout the entire game. The broadcasters said it was “one yard at a time” for Minnesota. 

In crunch time, the Gophers looked very poor. A solid defensive stand with five minutes left in the game allowed Minnesota to get the ball at the 20-yard line. After that, the Gophers had a three-yard sack on first down, an eight-yard sack on second down, injuring Gophers quarterback Tanner Morgan. Minnesota then brought in Freshman quarterback Cole Kramer. Who threw an incomplete pass on third down and an interception on fourth down. That interception all but ending the Gophers Rose Bowl hopes.

Games in the coming weeks for Minnesota include Northwestern (2-8) in Indiana and Wisconsin (8-2) in Minnesota. They need to win both games to win the big ten west. Regardless, this has been an outstanding year for the Golden Gophers. Hopefully, NFL scouts can recognize some of the talents on this squad.

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