NXT UK Review: 11/14/19


We are live on NXT UK and Xia Brookside will challenge Kay Lee Ray in a singles match.

NXT UK Champion Kay Lee Ray vs Xia Brookside

Bell rings and the NXT UK Universe is fully supporting Xia Brookside, but Kay Lee Ray locks in a submission head lock move to start the match. However, Brookside does a very cool handstand to get out and we have a stalemate.

Xia comes in with a crucifix roll up that gets her a two count. She goes for it again, but with pure strength Lee Ray is able to pick her up.

That gets countered into another roll up by Xia for another two count.

Brookside goes to the top rope to try a cross-body but gets caught and slammed down!

Face front suplex by the NXT UK Champion that gets a two count. Gory Bomb attempt by the champ, but counter by Xia off the ropes with a bulldog! 1,2, noo! Back on their feet, Brookside lands several punches and a head scissor. She goes to the top rope and connects with a Hurricarana for a two count.

Out of nowhere super kick by Kay Lee, Gory Bomb and this one is over!

Post-Match & Comments

I am a big fan of Kay Lee Ray, but this match looked very slow.

To tell the truth Xia looked much better, not sure if the match was planned that way. It might have been a way to try and elevate Xia to the main event scene, but overall it wasn’t a good match.

Who could be the next No. 1 contender? Piper Nevin? Tegan and Rhea are on NXT, so I guess she is the only one left unless we get a retuning Toni Storm.

Ligero vs Travis Banks

As a reminder, their last match was declared a draw with a double pin fall.

Match starts exactly as last time with multiple back and forth attacks, counters and reversals even with a double kick that knocks each competitor down! Seems like every move the other wrestler knows how to counter it!

However, Ligero locks in a submission move and it looks like we finally have somebody in control of the match. Ligero is now chopping and kicking Banks down.

He is acting very hellish! However, they both lock up and do a double fall like in their last match, but it only goes for a two count. Banks quickly goes for a drop kick, then heads to the top rope and lands a coast to coast missile drop kick! 1, 2, noo!

Banks goes back to the top rope, but Ligero counters and connects with a sunset bomb for a two count.

On the outside Ligero goes to the third rope and tries a splash, but misses. Here we go, roll-up counter time! As we get multiple attempts things are picking up and

The Kiwi Crusher! 1, 2, nooo kickout!

Banks is now headed to the top rope, but Ligero catches up and takes him down. He’s now climbing to the top rope himself and a superplex! Both competitors are now on the outside, fighting on the ropes, exchanging strikes and chops. Fisherman suplex on the apron by Banks!

Travis goes for a double stomp from the top of the apron, but he misses and Ligero counters with a Tornado DDT on the floor!

Out of nowhere, Joseph Connors shows up and slams Ligero on the post!

Slice of heaven and this match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Joseph Connors comes in the ring attacking both superstars.

He grabs the mic: “This was supposed to be about me, I was going to be the very first NXT UK Champion”

“It didn’t happen, I was there, I was going to be a part of the very first NXT UK Takeover”

“But I wasn’t, and I am Takeover worthy”

“I am sick of the questions and excuses, and as long as I continue to suffer, everyone else will too”


Their first match was better for me, as they knew everything about each other.

This match did have a lot of counters and reversals, but it also allowed a lot of dominance by Ligero.

The ending took away from the match, but this Connors storyline could be interesting.

I hope we can get another Banks vs Ligero match soon.

Regal visits the NXT UK Performance Center

Regal is being asked why he is visiting the NXT UK Performance Center, but Alexander Wolfe cuts him midsentence to ask him for a favor: a match against Ilja Dragunov, ASAP!

It is granted, and it will happen, next week, on NXT UK!

NXT UK is the land of the wrestling genius

What a match we are getting tonight on NXT UK, as Tyler Bate takes on Kassius Ohno.

Big strong boy chants to start the match. Kassius flexes his biceps and thanks the crowd.


Both competitors lock up and we get a lot of back and forth action, counters and reversals, including several submission moves that end in a stalemate! They try a test of strength, but Kassius sends Bate off the ropes and he just hangs upside down on the turnbuckle!

Ohno charges and he gets two dropkicks from Bate, but counters with a huge lariat and throws him to the outside and slams Tyler on the post!

Back in the ring Ohno snaps and stomps madly at Bate in the corner.

Tyler tries to fight back, but Ohno hits him in the face with an elbow and starts to chop away on Bate in the corner.

Once again Tyler tries to counter, but he gets caught in

A modified version of the Kassius Clutch!

Bate tries to counter again, but Ohno just drops him with a power bomb for a two count!

After several attempts, Tyler is able to counter and hit a modified exploder suplex!

Uppercuts, strikes and a knee by Bate, he goes off the top rope with a European uppercut and another exploder!

Standing shooting star! 1, 2, nooo!

Tyler Driver 97 attempt, but Ohno flips him over and he lands hard on the mat!

Kassius is now measuring Bate! Cyclone Kick! 1, 2, nooo

Ohno is kicking Bate, but he counters with several strikes of his own, knocks him down and gets a two count.

Three lariats by Bate, but he cannot knock Ohno down. He goes off the ropes, but a huge kick counter by Ohno and he is going to the top rope for a moonsault!

But Bate moves and German suplex, 1, 2, noooo!!!

NXT UK Chants!

Both competitors are trying to get back on their feet. Bate connects with a rolling kick, a second one, another and Bate tries a fourth one, but a pump kick counter by Ohno, but he goes off the ropes.

Bate counters with a rebound clothesline and Kassius rolls to the outside of the ropes. Bate goes airborne, but Kassius lands a huge right hand!

He sends, Bate back in the ring and connects with the Dream Crusher. 1, 2, nooooo!

The wrestling genius is talking trash to Bate while striking him down in the corner and sets him up on the top rope, but Tyler counters. He slides down, kicks the hamstring and the helicopter!

Tyler Driver 97! This match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Wow, what a match. It was very technical, as all of Ohno’s matches are, so that might have gotten the crowd to not be as pumped up as they should have.

The match went over 25 minutes, so we got to see a lot of action and I enjoyed it very much.

To be honest, I wasn’t enjoying the show that much, but this match put it back on the map.

Great work by both wrestlers! Well worth it.

No Smackdown or Raw or NXT invasions. No Gallus either, but with the Wolfe vs Dragunov match next week, we know something is going to happen.

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