Which Teams Could Mookie Betts be the Staple for?

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Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox presents a tricky offseason situation. The right-handed outfielder has one year left on his contract and has reportedly turned down extension offers. Teams would love to add a former MVP who continues rising his stock to their roster. However, will teams be willing to give up the money and prospects to do so?

This NBA offseason, Kawhi Leonard celebrated his championship title with the Raptors. Everything wasn’t as simple as it seemed, however. The Raptors were faced with a perplexing situation and took full advantage of it. Kawhi made a difference even though he only stayed one year in Toronto. Betts proposes a similar scenario and teams should not look at the short stay as a deal-killer. His one-year tenure may be short, but that season could change a franchise around and make a pretender a contender.

The Raptors have paved the way for short term deals, and, if you ask them, they wouldn’t have had it any other way. The systems may be different with each pro sport, but one player can change the team. Now MLB teams face a similar situation, with a title possibly on the line.

Potential Fits:

Atlanta Braves

There are plenty of teams that Mookie Betts would make a great addition. These teams have both had disappointing ends to their playoff lives in the past. While the other feels more than ready to leave its mark. But this past season might just spark them to embark on Betts.

The Atlanta Braves may be the most logical fit for Betts. They have a young core of players and are in win-now mode. The Braves left the postseason early in the NLDS for the second straight year, and their 13-1 Game 5 loss to the Cardinals wasn’t pretty. Their farm system has the assets to send to Boston and should take on the payroll. If the Braves are hoping to bring the World Series to SunTrust Park next year, Mookie could be the fit to make that a reality.

Los Angeles Dodgers

We all know that large market franchises attract players from the league. The Dodgers are certainly one of them and have attracted many names to their team in previous years.

After the brutal loss to the Nationals in the NLDS, the aggressiveness should only increase in the front office. The Dodgers failed to add much depth in the outfield last MLB offseason, as OF A.J. Pollock struggled to stay healthy while the team sent away both Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig to the Reds. However, Cody Bellinger proved he’s MVP worthy by providing some help while Alex Verdugo found success with consistent playing time.

Bellinger and the Dodgers would love to have an addition like Betts. They definitely have the farm system to make the move, but are they willing to go as far as this? In a rising NL West division, the idea can’t be completely out of the picture.

Chicago White Sox

The South Side of Chicago needs to find success. They finished third in their division and can use an all-around star like Mookie Betts to push them to the top. 

The White Sox were one of the many teams that missed out on Bryce Harper last season. They have the cash and could string together assets to make Boston happy with the move. They were looking for outfield depth last season, and with their 72-89 season, it shouldn’t have changed coming into this offseason.

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