College Football Playoff Preview


Welcome to the College Football Playoff Preview! It’s the best time of the year as we head down the home stretch and teams eliminate themselves from contention. Last week we had a Big 12 classic as Oklahoma came back to take down the Baylor Bears playoff hopes in Waco. The biggest news of the week is the injury to star QB Tua Tagovailoa, how will the committee react to that? Let’s dive in and see.

10 through 7: Need Help

10. Minnesota- The Cinderella ride hit a speed bump in Kinnick. The loss to Iowa doesn’t automatically eliminate the Gophers. Win out and get to the Big 10 title game and slay the Mighty Buckeyes is their only path left.

9. Penn State- Speaking of the mighty Buckeyes, the Lions travel into Columbus for their elimination game Saturday. Win and they vault themselves right back into the talk, and possibly the talk turns to two Big Ten teams getting in? 

8. Oklahoma- I’ll admit I struggled where to slot them this week. On the one hand, they came back from the dead without their number one playmaker, but how real is Baylor? But on the other hand, if Baylor would have won, it would have vaulted them up the rankings, so why not Oklahoma? I decided on eight cause the Big 12 has done them no favors as far as strength of schedule, so I still think they need help to get in. 

7. Utah- The Utes are still on the outside looking in, the only path I see for them is a one-loss matchup win against Oregon in the PAC 12 title game and then hope for some chaos.

Last Two Out:

6. Oregon- Same story for the Ducks as the Utes. I have been beating the drum for them cause they scheduled Auburn, but they lost, and that schedule is very weak, maybe the best win is Washington? Not a good resume, but a Top 10 showdown win and a conference championship may change the equation.

5. Alabama- I debated dropping the Tide, but it’s not right just to judge them based on an injury. I think they stay right here till they meet up with Auburn, which will be their test in the committee’s eyes. 

The Final Four:

4. Georgia- The Dawgs took care of Auburn and are on a collision course with LSU in the SEC title game. All of the contenders need LSU to win that game, or they are locked out. 

3. Clemson- The defending national champs might be peaking at the right time. They absolutely dismantled Wake Forest last week, and I don’t see anyone in the ACC holding them out of the playoffs.

2. Ohio State- The Buckeyes have demolished any and all comers so far this year. The Nittany Lions come calling this week in the biggest matchup of the week. The Buckeyes have been installed as almost three-touchdown favorites, but Penn State always seems to play them tough, can’t wait to watch this one!

1. LSU- The Tigers have the most impressive resume, they play in arguably the best conference, and are lead by a Heisman Trophy candidate at QB. They check all the boxes for a number one team. 

So there are my thoughts on this week’s College Football Playoff Preview.

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