Heat Fans Have Plenty To Be Excited About

All Is Good in South Beach
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Heat players are playing some beautiful and technically sound basketball right now. This past week the Miami Heat were as impressive as they have been all season. They continue to dominate both ends of the floor and get production from multiple guys. I was so confident last week I even finished my article by stating the following.

Miami will go 3-0 this week and will be sitting at 9-3. Book it.

– Kenneth Cotterill, November 13th 2019

Now while some may claim to be the “King of *insert team name here* Twitter” I continue to prove it. Now I am only half joking, as I know being the King of a teams Twitter is completely debatable. But is there any arguing that my team assessments have been on par for the Heat? The team continues to perform, making me look like the Heat Oracle, and are rolling through the Eastern Conference. So what went right for the Heat last week? And what are my expectations for this week? Let’s take a look.

Beating Teams They Should Early & Often

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Even the elite teams lose to teams that they should not sometimes (Look at the Celtics versus the Kings). Miami on the other hand is showing up against inferior opponents every time. With losses to only the Timberwolves, Lakers and Nuggets this team is competing every game. It started with beating the Pistons with ease (the led by 20 entering the fourth quarter). They followed it up with a road victory in Cleveland, where they led by 20 entering the fourth once again. Lastly, they held home court against New Orleans, who trailed by 17 points entering the fourth. In all these games Miami got out to a hot start, leading by at least seven points in each game after one quarter. Tough to comeback against a team that has the fourth best defensive rating still.

Miami’s Bench Players Have Been Lights Out

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Plenty of the elite teams in the league have a great starting lineup. What has truly separated the Heat has been their bench scoring. They currently are eighth in the league in bench scoring, averaging 42 points per game from the pine-riders. Against Detroit, they got 18 points from Goran Dragic and 13 points from Kelly Olynyk. Heck they even got 2 points from old Udonis Haslem (I know I was shocked too). In Cleveland, Dragic and Tyler Herro combined for 25 off the pine in the victory. Finally, in New Orleans they got 25 from Olynyk and Herro, as six players overall hit double-digit scoring. If Miami continues to get the bench scoring they have look for them to cross fifty wins with ease.

How Will This Week Go?

I am two for two thus far in my week predictions and am going for the trifecta. Miami sits second in the Eastern conference, but I do think this week will be a humbling one for them. They should without a doubt get out to a hot start, defeating Cleveland at home after three days off. This should be followed up by a road victory in Chicago versus the lowly Bulls. What worries me is the weekly finale against Philadelphia in their building. Two of the Heat’s three losses came on the second game of back-to-backs. Facing Philadelphia is already a tough enough task. Throw in fatigue and Miami will likely be taking that L to finish this week.

Miami will go 2-1 this week, bringing their record to 11-4 at weeks end. Book it.

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