James Wiseman Suspended 12 Games by NCAA


Big news coming out of the college basketball world this afternoon. Memphis’ star freshman, and possible #1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, James Wiseman, has been suspended 12 games. Consequently. he will be eligible to return January 12. According to the NCAA, the freshman will also have to donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice within one year.

To conclude all of this news, Memphis will be appealing his suspension. Wiseman has a year to make his donation.

The NCAA is getting backlash

NO ONE is a fan of this ruling, and everyone is bashing on the NCAA for this ruling. I am one of those people. This was just crazy from the start, and the whole situation had nothing to do with James Wiseman. Giving him this suspension is bad, but making him pay $11,500 just baffles me. The NCAA is making a fool out of themselves with this whole situation, and I am not surprised Memphis will be appealing this suspension. The NCAA is probably the most disliked organization right now.

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