The Fallout From the Myles Garrett Decision

The sage between Myles and Mason.

The decision as to Myles Garrett’s suspension finally came down after his appeal hearing on Tuesday in New York. I will examine all the details that have come to light once the appeal was denied. What does this mean for the players going forward? How does the Collective Bargaining Agreement protect its players? What does this say about the NFL’s stance on domestic violence and child abuse?

the fight
The combatants from last Thursday night

Myles Garret’s appeal hearing

The appeal hearing on the Myles Garrett suspension happened around 2:30 pm in New York on Tuesday. This appeal hearing happened on the same day that Larry Ogunjobi and Maurkice Pouncey had theirs. The appeals were being heard by two former NFL players, James Thrash and Derrick Brooks. Thrash was a wide receiver in the league and most notably played with the Eagles during the Donovan McNabb era. Brooks is a Hall of Fame linebacker who played for the Buccaneers. After a little bit over 24 hours, the decision to uphold the suspension came down the news cycle.

Myles Garrett has been indefinitely suspended from the league. How long will this last? The is an unprecedented ruling by the NFL for an incident that happened on the football field. The one incident that was similar to this happened last year between the Texans and Dolphins. The player from the Texans ripped off the Dolphins player’s helmet and almost hit him in the face. That player received a three-game suspension in total. Was this different from Myles?

Garrett on Twitter Wed night

Some facts come to light after ruling

If anyone had watched the interview that Myles Garrett gave during his postgame availability, there was mention of facts that will come out later. Most of us didn’t really think of this sentence that much, but it has come to light after the ruling. Myles has claimed that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur at some point during the fight. Rudolph has denied this claim, but he has also denied much responsibility in this fight. He has only recently released a statement taking some responsibility for his role in the fight. So what does this mean?

We all know the NFL has mics going on players for every primetime game. The NFL currently denies Myles’s claim that a slur was used, saying there were no mics on. Is the NFL trying to cover something up or protecting someone? Why not release the audio that supports the NFL’s claim that no slurs were heard? For now, we may not know, but this may eventually come out, and we will have closure to this claim by Myles. Rudolph was only fined, Ogunjobi had his appeal denied for his suspension, and Pouncey had his suspension reduced to two games.

myles and gohan
Myles and his dog Gohan

Myles Garrett from this point

This incident is undoubtedly a scar that Myles is going to be stuck with for the rest of his NFL career. Up until that game, Myles Garrett has been known for his kindness in the Cleveland community. And also what he has done to connect with fans. In the spring, Myles got himself a puppy, and he named him Gohan. Myles is a big fan of anime and his well-known love of dinosaurs. During the summer, Myles went to Twitter and set up dog park play dates with other Browns fans. These were huge turnouts. Myles wanted to have Gohan interact with other dogs, but Myles also would become personal with fans. The turnout was always huge.

He joined up with The Waterboys, which has been very active in getting clean drinking water to towns in Africa. Former NFL player Chris Long started this charity. Usually, when something terrible happens to a player on the field, he loses sponsorships rather quickly. Chris has decided to keep Myles on due to the fact it was out of character for Myles and knows where his heart is. All Myles Garrett can do at this point is to continue his charity work and support his Browns teammates the best that he can from afar.

myles 2

Does the CBA work?

This ruling was unprecedented. An indefinite suspension with no signs of the end. Why is the player’s union not fighting harder for a defined number of games? There is part of the CBA that says no suspensions can be indefinite. How come the NFL is changing the CBA at this moment in time? There should be more answers coming out soon, we hope. Myles was also not very happy that his statements in the appeal hearing were leaked. See the comment above from Twitter.

The NFL has had a lot of problems this year that stem from officiating to how players are dealt suspensions and fines. The Dolphins just had a player dismissed for domestic violence. Tyreek Hill got off with no suspension when he was somehow cleared of child abuse with his son. Haynesworth stomped on a player’s head and only got five games. How was this any different? This is the hypocrisy that frustrates the fan bases as the NFL is inconsistent with how it deals with domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault.

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