2020 White Sox: Adding Yasmani Grandal’s Future

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The 2020 White Sox are adding Yasmani Grandal. On Thursday, November 21, Yasmani Grandal signed a four-year contract worth $73 million dollars with the Chicago White Sox. Officially the biggest contract in White Sox history, he will earn $18.25 million per season thru 2023. It equals the same amount earned in a one-year contract this past offseason with the Milwaukee Brewers.

2020 White Sox: Rough Offseason Turns into Success

What is expected for Grandal to have done so well after turning down a contract with LA in 2018? After the 2018 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers offered Grandal the qualifying offer, worth over $17 million over one season. Yet, the backstop rejected the offer and the potential chance to win a World Series ring. After making the finals the past two seasons, the Dodgers appeared ready to take another National League pennant. Instead, he waited out the market and agreed to a one-year deal worth over $18 million with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Looking into Grandal’s 2019 all-star season with Milwaukee, he played in a career-high 153 games. On the offensive side, Grandal ended the season with a .246 batting average in 513 at-bats, scored 79 runs, hit 28 hom runs, and drove-in 77 base-runners. Needless to say, 2019 was one of his best seasons. Meanwhile, the Brewers snagged the National League Wild Card but were unable to defeat the Washington Nationals.

A Looming Decision

Even though the Brewers were not able to push through the wild card round, Yasmani Grandal played a major part in the successful season. Now at age 31, the catcher comes with a unique skill set of advanced pitch framing and defensive abilities matched with one of the best bats of any catcher in the league.

Grandal had the season of a lifetime with the Brewers, but news swirled that he would test the free-agent market a second time. Sure enough, he declined his side of the mutual option and entered the open market. Last year’s free agency period wasn’t as strong, but Grandal was rightfully expecting a better turn out the second time. This is mostly due to the lack of the draft pick compensation added to him, as teams had to lose a pick to sign him after he rejected the Dodgers’ qualifying offer. 

Fresh New Start

As expected, many teams were interested in the former Milwaukee catcher this time around – most publicly the Toronto Blue Jays and the Cincinnati Reds. In the end, the White Sox won over the 31-year old with their future vision and young core.

Yasmani Grandal will be the new veteran face guiding the White Sox into hopeful playoff contention in the near future. For the next four seasons, the backstop can manage a young and impressive pitching staff. Not only that, but Grandal could also see time at first base as well as designated hitter. Will Grandal help lead the White Sox into the postseason for the first time since 2008? Only time will tell.

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