NWA Powerr review: 11/19/19


Welcome to NWA Powerr! This week it’s going to be a fun show, and we begin with the Champ.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion interview


“I’ve got to ask you a question that you might not like. What is up with Kamilla?”


“If the internet is talking about it, it has to go to the top of my priorities”

“If she is not by my side, it is her decision, not my own”

“Tonight, I get us back on track by stepping into the ring and proving why I am the champion”

“However, this will only be an exhibition match”

Trevor Murdoch vs Nick Aldis

Match starts and both competitors are exchanging submission arm holds, however, Murdoch knocks Nick with several right hands, a clothesline and three slams! and has full control of the match

He follows up with another slam, and goes off the top rope and connects with a bulldog. 1, 2, nooo!

Murdoch is back on the top rope, and Aldis tries to counter, but Trevor knocks him down.

He tries a dropkick, but misses and the champ locks in the cloverleaf in the center of the ring!

This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Very short match, with Trevor getting most of the offense.

His dropkick miss was a horrible botch, and I am just glad he did not get hurt.

Easy win for the champ.

NWA’s best: The Rock n Roll Express

Guess who has a shot at the NWA Tag Team Titles? The Rock n Roll Express.

They are gunning to become the 9th time NWA champions!

The current NWA tag team champions are here!

Thom: “We already beat Homicide and Kingston, and there is no way anyone will get their hands on this belts”

Royce: “Nine times? I could care less about this, we are two wrestling machines”

Thom: “Rock n Roll Express can kiss my @$$”

Ricky Starks vs The Question Mark?

The match begins with multiple strikes and chops by The Question Mark, and the NWA crowd loves it!

Sloppy strikes, headbutt, and a chop, and the Mark is still in control! However, he misses a spear and goes crashing onto the outside, and Starks flies onto him! The fight is now on the outside!

Here comes Aaron Stevens, and this match is over!

Post Match & comments

Aaron Stevens, who quit last week, is somehow back and attacking Starks with the Question Mark.

Two double finger thrust to the throat of Starks, and he is going for a third, but,

Colt Cabana is now here to save Ricky, and he does!

What is this new alliance?

Who is the Question mark? and Why is Aaron Stevens back?

So many questions!


Another incredibly fast match, with a lot of sloppiness, however, I believe that’s part of the gimmick, and why the fans are so into the Question Mark character, it is pretty funny.

I am interested to see if we will get an Aaron Stevens and Colt Cabana feud, that could be fun.

It has been announced that Aaron Stevens will team up with the Question Mark and will face Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks, on tonight’s NWA main event.

Eli Drake promo on NWA

Eli: “Let me talk to you!”

“Ken Anderson wanted to come out here and make some noise, but I will give you something to chew on!”

“Here is the deal, you want to find me, I will ship you back to Minnesota!”

“I am starting to wonder if you can face a man with the quality of E-Li-Drake.”

Ken Anderson is now here:

“I have been everywhere in the world, but it is an honor to be here for the re-birth of the NWA!”

“You know what? Let’s do it right now? I am sick of you running your mouth, what do you say?”

Drake takes off his jacket, and before they can get into the ring, he attacks Anderson.

Eli now has a metal turnbuckle and hits Anderson from the back with it!

Anderson comes back out and wants to hit him again, but referees interfere and take him to the back.

NWA Tag team action is next

Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle will take on the NWA Women’s champions Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox.

Marti and Ashley start the match, and they quickly lock up, and a drop toehold by Vox!

She follows up with a senton! And Ashley is going for the pin, but can only get a two count.

However, this angers Marti, who lands a huge kick, and starts to stomp down on Vox, and tags in Rosa!

Monster chop by Thunder, but she can only get a two count! Tag back to Belle.

She sends Vox onto the corner, but counter by Ashley, and a dropkick from the second rope, and Both women are down! Vox tags in the NWA Champ! Rosa and Kay are now exchanging strikes!

Package pile driver attempt, but a counter by Rosa and she is going to the top rope!

However, Kay slaps her in the face, climbs to the top, and Superplex!

What is going on? Melina is here! She just showed up at NWA Powerr!

Kay asks Melina what she is doing here, but she gets rolled up from behind by Rosa!

This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

After the bell, Marti takes out Kay and Vox, and Rosa connects with a double stomp from the top rope on the NWA Champion!

Melina is now in the ring and, she raises Rosa and Marti’s hands!

What is happening? This could be an incredible alliance!

NWA Main Event

Aaron Stevens & NWA fan-favorite The Question Mark will take on Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks.

The Question Mark and Starks start the match, and with several karate chops and a choke, the Mark is in control! Huge chop on Starks! and he tags in Stevens.

Karate chop, but he can’t get a reaction from the crowd, he tags in the Mark, karate chop and the NWA fans go wild!

Both start exchanging chops to see who can get the best crowd reaction, Stevens gets upset and decides to moon the crowd!

Stevens is being very cocky, which allows Starks to hit a sling blade!

He tags in Cabana! Strikes, chops and he tags in Ricky, who lands a flatliner for a two count.

Starks is calling for his finisher, but Stevens pushes him to their corner and the Mark is in Off the ropes, but a sweep from Ricky, and he is trying to take the mask off the Question.

Steven interferes, and The Mark hits Starks with the double finger spike! Aaron tags himself in!

This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

James Storm comes out and says he is sick and tired of seeing Nick Aldis being a fighting champion.

“He doesn’t put his title on the line, he only fights exhibition matches”

“Cabana is also not defending his title, and I want to know…” and here is Kamilla!

She whispers something on Storm’s ear and walks away.


It was a decent show, nothing special. The crowd is so over The Question Mark, it’s some funny stuff.

Aaron Stevens is a great heel, and I am glad he is back.

Melina arriving in NWA is a huge surprise, and I cannot wait to find out more.

Big fan of Thunder Rosa, I love what she brings to the ring!

This episode was very controversial, as Jim Cornette made a comment that did not go well with the fans:

“He’s the only man I’ve ever known that can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia.”

A lot of people might stop watching NWA Powerr after this, but it looks like he has resigned, and Billy Corgan has apologized. We will see what this brings next.


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