Deontay Wilder Retains the WBC Title Knocks out Ortiz


Deontay Wilder frequently says “my opponent has to be perfect for 12 rounds, and I only have to be perfect for one second”. This proved true again Saturday night.

Coming into the fight, many believed Ortiz would have to fight the perfect fight to beat Wilder. In the first fight, Ortiz used body punches and consistently crowded Wilder to negate his punching power. This fight followed a similar script. Ortiz was actually the aggressor for the first six rounds as he tried to cut off the ring. Ortiz landed a big shot early and was in control of the fight.

Ortiz did a good job of not giving Wilder any openings early. Wilder isn’t the most technical boxer, but as everyone knows, he has the ability to end it with one punch. Through six rounds, Ortiz leads the fight 59-55 on most people scorecards.

The seventh started like the first six with Ortiz doing enough to keep Wilder off balance. Ortiz landed a couple of body shots back Wilder to the corner. Wilder made his way back to the center of the ring and blocked an overhand left from Ortiz. Wilder with a couple of short jabs which Ortiz blocked, but that was just used to set up this.

Wilder landed a huge right hand to Ortiz’s head, and the fight was over before he hit the ground. Ortiz did get to his knees at the count of ten, but it was too late. Wilder was actually more patient than normal in this fight, waiting for his opening, and he got it in the seventh round with that punishing right hand. After the fight, Wilder gave Ortiz his due.

“You can see why no other heavyweight wants to fight Ortiz,” Wilder said. “He’s very crafty in the ring and he moves strategically. I had to play around with him and measure him in certain places. I had to go back and go forward. My intellect is very high although I don’t get credit for it. I finally found my measurement and I took the shot and I hurt him.”

Next up for Wilder

With the win, Wilder tied Muhammed Ali with his 10th title defense. Deontay Wilder went to 42-0-1 with the victory. Wilder, after the fight, set up the next fight with Tyson Fury.

The schedule is set to be done in February so we will see how that goes. After that, I’m looking for a unification bout. I want one champion, one face and one name and he goes by the name of Deontay Wilder.

Wilder reiterated again why he has never lost a fight.

“They have to be perfect for 12 rounds, I only have to be perfect for two seconds”

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