NXT Review: 11/20/19


NXT is back for another week of live action from Full Sail University, and we have William Regal with security guards.

We look at a door, and Becky Lynch walks through it, and she is now coming to the ring!

The Man on NXT

NXT Chants from the crowd to welcome back Becky.


“It’s been a while, since I’ve walked down that ramp”

“Since I sat in that corner defeated, why you all sang my song”

“A while since you’ve watched me kick someones @rse”

“You don’t have to wait much longer!!”

“Shayna, I am in your ring, in your show, what are you going to do?”

This is my brutality! Here comes Rhea Ripley!


“So, you are The Man, let’s see if you have a set of balls”

The referee is here and it looks like we have a match! Yes!

Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley

The match starts and Becky takes Rhea out and sends her to the outside. Ripley comes in with an electric chair and slams Becky on the apron, as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Rhea is in control, slapping Becky around, which causes the man to counter with a series of kicks and is now headed to the top rope, but Rhea powerslams her down!

She goes for another powerslam, but Becky counters into a reverse DDT, and both competitors are down!

NXT Chants!

From the ground up, both women are exchanging strikes. Rhea has had enough and slams Becky to the ground for a two-count! Out of nowhere, Becky goes for an enziguri!

She is back on the top rope, leg drop, 1, 2, noo!

The Raw champion is now measuring for the disarmer, but counter by Ripley and she rolls her up for a two-count, but Becky counters into the disarmer.

Rhea powers up, picks up Lynch and powerbombs her down, but Becky rolls up and counters.

She is now back on the top rope, but Rhea takes her down and Superplex!

NXT Chants

And here comes Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir. This match ends in a DQ.

Post-match & Comments

Shayna is in the ring and tries to take out Becky, but the Man counters with a right hand.

They are now going at it in the ring, exploder suplex by Rhea and Becky, as they stand tall in the ring.

Breaking News: The Revival are here, on NXT


The commercial break really took a lot away from this match, and I really hope we can get a re-match soon.

With Survivor Series around the corner, it made sense for Shayna to attack Becky.

With the Revival in town, it looks like we are in for an interesting show.

Ricochet is back on NXT

Kona Reeves is walking down to the ring, but Ricochet dropkicks him out of nowhere.

Here comes Matt Riddle, who was scheduled to face Kona.

Are we really getting Ricochet vs Riddle? This is amazing!

The bell rings and we get Ricochet on the offensive with some high flying moves and a somersault over the top rope!

Standing shooting star press, but Riddle locks in the triangle lock! Ricochet escapes!

Riddle hits a senton, and starts to land several elbows in the corner and an exploder suplex!

The original Bro goes for a big kick, but counter and a northern suplex, a spinning neck breaker!

A standing moonsault combo by Ricochet, for a two-count! He is now going to the top rope!

Phoenix splash, but Riddle moves, Final Flash! An enziguri counter by Ricochet!

German Suplex by Riddle and both men are down!!

Cesaro and Nakamura are now here!! With the distraction, Riddle rolls up Ricochet and gets the win.

Post Match & Comments

Cesaro and Nakamura enter the ring and start taking out Riddle and Ricochet.

However, Riddle lands a final flash and takes Cesaro out of the ring and Ricochet dives onto the outside! Mamma mia!

In the ring, Nakamura connects with a 360 kick and is going for the Kinshasa on Riddle!

Out of nowhere, Roderick Strong takes Nakamura out with a huge kick!

Riddle takes out Strong and here comes Finn Balor!! So much chaos!

Balor and Riddle are going at it! This is insane! Double stomp by Finn but final flash counter by Matt!


The ending of this match was incredible! So much chaos and surprises, it was awesome.

Overall, the match was also great, could have been better, but a lot of counters and reversals, it was fun.

This show is definitely warming up everyone for War Games and Survivor Series.

This could be one of the greatest weekends in WWE in a long time!

Breaking News

We might not be getting the match at Survivor Series, but they are letting us witness it tonight!

Undisputed Era vs The Revival! Yes!! and it looks like it is next!

The Revival vs Undisputed Era

What a way to start the match, lots of counters and back and forth, and both teams showing how great they are!

Over the top suplex by Wilder! and we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Fish has Wilder in the corner and is striking him down.

Several knees, strikes and an atomic senton by Fish and he tags in Kyle, who spears Wilder and

Takes him out with an MMA type take-down! Wilder tries to counter but gets two knees to the face.

Tag to Fish, who locks in a submission hold! Dash gets to the ropes to break the lock, tag to Kyle.

O’Riley with a couple of knees to the abdomen region and he tags in Bobby, however

Counter by Dash, with a belly-to-belly back suplex, and both men are down!

Before he can make the tag, O’Riley takes out Dawson! Back in the ring, tandem offense by UE.

They can only get a two-count, and we go to break.

Commercial Break

Off the ropes, and a counter by Wilder, who catches O’Riley mid-air and powerslams him down.

The tag has been made to Dawson! He is taking out the Undisputed Era. Lefts, Rights and a dropkick!

Running spinning neck breaker by Dawson and he is now going to the top rope!

Diving Headbutt!!! 1,2, nooo!

Dawson follows up with a Brainbuster, and once again only gets a two-count!

What a tag team match!

Everyone is now in the ring, and Wilder and Dawson are measuring Fish for a DIY type knee.

O’Riley cuts in, and they hit him with it. This allows Fish to throw Wilder to the outside and knock Dawson down.

Fish is headed to the top rope, but counter by Dawson, who is trying a superplex.

O’Riley secures the leg, but Wilder gets up and plants him with a DDT!

All of this distraction allows Dawson to connect with a superplex! Wilder tags in, and makes a splash from the top rope!

1, 2, noooo!

NXT Chants!

Wilder lifts Fish into an electric chair, tags in Dawson, but Bobby counters and takes out Wilder.

He gets a kick in the face from Dawson! A Samoan Drop counter by Fish and he is fired up!

He calls in for O’Riley, they are going for their finisher, but out of nowhere, Wilder is in.

Shatter Machine!! 1, 2, but O’Riley makes the save! He lands a huge double knee on Wilder!

Kyle tags in, and he goes to the top rope, high knee to the back on Dawson, 1, 2, nooo!

Fight forever chants! Yes indeed!

Tag to Fish, but a DDT counter by Dawson, and a small package for another two-count.

Fish tags in Kyle and they are measuring Dawson, double team combo finisher, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

What a match, what a battle, just an amazing tag team match.

Still upset about the New Day replacing The Revival at Survivor Series.

This match showed why it was the wrong decision.

That was a solid twenty-minute match, thank you NXT, you always give us what we want!

Just amazing! We need more of this!

We are shown that the Viking Raiders are here, they are being held back by security! Let them in!!

The NXT UK Champion is here!

Kay Lee Ray will take on Dakota Kai!

Bell rings and both competitors start super-aggressive, Dakota goes for the running kick.

It gets countered by Kay Lee who is going for the gory bomb, but it is reversed into a Canadian Destroyer! 1, 2, noo.

Kai stays aggressive and lands a kick to the face of the NXT UK champion that gets another two-count.

GTK attempt, but counter by Kay Lee and she takes control of the match.

Front face slam by Ray, that gets her a two-count. Out of nowhere, Kai counters with a double knee stomp!

Both women are down! Back on their feet and a lariat by Kai, she follows up with multiple kicks!

Dakota is trying to pick up the NXT UK champ, but she rolls her up for a two-count.

GTK attempt, but a superkick counter by the champ, Gory Bomb and this one is over!

Post Match & Comments

Carmella and the smackdown women superstars are here! They are taking out Kai and Lee Ray!

Here comes Bianca, and Nox, and the NXT Superstars!

Here are the RAW women wrestlers! We have chaos in the ring!

Kairi Sane with a huge elbow, and we have Io and Sane looking at each other! Sarah Logan takes Shirai out!

Nikki Cross is now here!

She has a trash can lid and is striking everyone down! Nikki is left standing by herself.


I am super pumped for the weekend, it just can’t get here fast enough.

War Games and Survivor Series are going to be incredible!

What a tease up with Io and Sane, can you imagine if they let them have a match? Sign me up!

Dakota keeps looking more impressive and aggressive to me each week!

She should definitely turn heel!

I’ve said it before, but I am a big Kay Lee Ray fan, but for some reason after Toni, her matches have looked a bit off.

Maybe it’s just me, I hope I am wrong.

Viking Raiders: Welcome Back to NXT

The Forgotten Sons will take on the Raw Tag Team Champions, the Viking Raiders, next!

Bell rings and Eric starts fast and connects with a dropkick, he then tags in Ivar and powerslams him onto the Forgotten Sons.

Powerbomb by Eric, and a splash from the top rope from Ivar! 1,2, nooo.

Suplex attempt by Eric, but Blake escapes and tags in Cutler! Double team by the Forgotten Sons for a two-count.

Cutler with a suplex, kicks, strikes to try and control the match, but counter by Eric.

He cartwheels over Cutler and tags in Ivar!

Right hands by Ivar, but Rayker takes him out while the ref is distracted and we go to break.

Commercial Break

Eric tags in Ivar, who takes out Cutler, slams Blake and is taking both of them out in the corner!

Double-team by the Viking Raiders and they go for a high power move, 1, 2, but Rayker makes the save once again!

This distraction allows Cutler to connect with a Back Breaker!

The Forgotten Sons are going for a tag team combo, powerbomb into a double knee! 1, 2, nooo.

Off the ropes, but Ivar rolls over and tags in Eric! Exploder suplex on Blake and he tries to fly to the outside,

He gets taken out by Rayker, and now Cutler connects with a Death Valley Driver on the apron!!!

Rayker gets on the apron, but the referee has kicked him out! Ivar dives onto him on the outside!

With the distractions, Cutler rolls up Eric, 1, 2, nooo! Out of nowhere, knee strike by Eric!

He tags in Ivar, who is going to the top rope, but Blake gets on the top rope and a frankensteiner, onto his partner and everyone is down!

Stalemate and they are looking at each other. We have a strike exchange, clotheslines, kicks, cartwheels! More clotheslines, and a double spring back elbow!

Tag to Eric and Viking Experience! and this match is over.

Post Match & Comments

I was not expecting this match to be that fun, but man was I wrong.

Great match, very fast-paced, lots of great tag team moves, reversals, back and forth.


This is definitely turning into a great NXT episode!

No interference by the New Day or Undisputed Era on this match.

Breaking News

The Winner of Damien Priest vs Killian Dane vs Pete Dunne at War Games will take on Adam Cole for the NXT Championship at Survivor Series!

NXT War Games Advantage Ladder Match!

Dijakovic will take on NXT World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole in a ladder match!

Cole comes out very aggressively and starts stomping on Dominik, but Dijakovic counters.

He goes on a striking rampage as well, and is now going for a ladder. He kicks it onto Cole!

Dijakovic starts climbing the ladder, but Cole with a superkick to knock him down.

He then starts to focus on the surgically repaired knee of Dominik as we go to break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and there are three ladders inside the ring! Dijakovic tries a suplex but counter by Cole!

Standing ushigoroshi! And Adam is now climbing the ladder, but a chokeslam counter by Dijakovic onto the ladder! Mamma mia!

Dijakovic is now going for the Feast your eyes but Cole gets out and starts climbing the ladder but he turns it into the Panama Sunrise!

NXT Chants!

Cole is now climbing the ladder, he is about to reach the briefcase but Dijakovic stops him.

Feast your eyes!! Dominik seems to have injured his knee, but is climbing the ladder with one foot!

The NXT Champ is up on the ladder as well, he grabs the briefcase and slams it onto Dijakovic’s face.

He falls onto the ladder! and Adam Cole secures the briefcase and wins the match

Post Match & Comments

Adam Cole celebrates with Undisputed Era, but Smackdown and Raw are here!

Chaos! Everyone is going at it! Raw vs Smackdown vs NXT!

Out of nowhere, Drew McIntyre is in the ring and he hits a claymore on Dijakovic!

Keith Lee comes from behind and powerbombs Drew, and now Ivar is in the ring.

Lee looks at Ivar, they smile and they both jump onto the outside onto everyone!


Adam Cole is left alone in the ring, he is celebrating but from behind its Seth Rollins!

Superkick and he takes Cole out! He is now calling for the curb stomp, but Ciampa’s music hits!

Before Ciampa enters the ring, he takes Cole out with a knee!

Now Rollins and Ciampa are going at each other as NXT goes off the air!


If it was up to me, this would be the last show before Survivor Series, what an ending!

Once again NXT delivered, awesome matches and a terrific show!

I am super hyped for the weekend and cannot wait for both shows!

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