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MMA and Boxing Crossover Fights that Could Happen

As the fight nation is coming to a halt for 2019, fans are already wishing for fights next year. Crossover fights peak the interest of fans around the world. With that being said, there are still some out there that should happen. Of course some are more realistic than others, but hey, we can only hope.

The news has been swirling around Floyd Mayweather and Dana White about working together. As a result, Mayweather has made public his plans of coming out of retirement for 2020. As Floyd is one of the biggest names in all of the sports world, some of the crossover fights definitely include his name.

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Mayweather v. McGregor II

In 2017, the UFC boosted Conor McGregor in to a cross promotion bout with Mayweather. McGregor found success early, but as the fight wore on Floyd was able to defeat a tired Conor. Before the bout, these two men went on a promotion tour with a week of press conferences. Fans were dying for this matchup the first time around, and the second should be the same.

Floyd and Conor continued their rivalry after the bout with jabs over the media. Also, McGregor has mentioned he is interested in a rematch with the undefeated champ. He believes a second time around he could get redemption and pick Floyd apart. I as a fan, would love for these two to fight again.

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Stipe Miocic and Tyson Fury

Being champions on their respective platforms, Fury and Miocic pose as an interesting bout. Stipe is in talks to fight Daniel Cormier for a third time in 2020. While Fury is looking to just keep fighting with his latest statement in a MMA fight. Whether these talks for the two heavyweights will come true is up in the air. 

These two men have shown interest in fighting each other in the recent media. Stipe appeared on the Helwani MMA show and stated he would love to fight Fury in a boxing match. Tyson responded and said he wouldn’t mind the idea of the two in combat. They both have appealing attitudes and can bring with them a boatload of attention. The numbers would certainly show that attribute if it ever come about.

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Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib just may be the baddest man ever in MMA. He holds an undefeated record and is 12-0 in the UFC. Soon after his win over McGregor at UFC 229, talks heated up about the potential bout with a crossover with Mayweather. Only fitting that the baddest in each sport matchup together, right?

Floyd has shown interest with Khabib in a boxing match. Why wouldn’t Khabib want another big payday, and a chance to box with a great showman as Mayweather. This fight seems rather unlikely however, as Nurmagomedov has a busy schedule coming. He is currently in preparation for a lightweight meeting with Tony Ferguson, and possibly a super fight with George St. Pierre. 

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Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao

The talks for these two has simmered down a great deal following the Mayweather v. McGregor event. This matchup could still generate a massive audience and be a great stylistic bout. The slim chances of this fight can disappear for a moment as us fans can only hope. 

Pacquiao would love to have a rematch with a shared rival of McGregor’s, Floyd Mayweather. As with McGregor, he is in talks with the UFC with a comeback fight early next year, making his boxing career questionable. But nonetheless, two of the greatest in both sports meeting up would for sure be an amazing sight to see as a crossover fight.

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