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Welcome to the 2019-20 Top 100 players ranked by yours truly. This list is going to be pretty opinionated and you may not entirely agree with my list. This list will not include rookies due to small sample sizes of their play. And the list will not contain players who are expected to miss most or all of this year with injuries, i.e. Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry. Free agents will also be left off of the list. Keep in mind we are about a month into the season now. With all of that said, let’s get to the list.

Just Missed:

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Jordan Clarkson: The Cavaliers guard is a great scorer off the bench, but just barely misses the cut.

Patrick Beverley: The scrappy guard just isn’t a Top 100 player and is looking in from just outside.

Brook Lopez: This might be the first time in years that Lopez wouldn’t be considered a Top 100 player in the league.

P.J. Tucker: This one might be questionable. Although Tucker is an aging veteran, he still produces in his role at a high level.

Lonzo Ball: The oldest of the Ball brothers has battled injuries for most of his career, and has just been underwhelming for all of the hype he received. He could crack the Top 100 in the near future, though.


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100. Reggie Jackson

The veteran starting guard for the Detroit Pistons has been a solid point guard for years. He has just not made many improvements over that time and has began to flatline. Jackson has only played two games this year, which is mainly why he is so low.

99. Bogdan Bogdanovic

The younger Bogdanovic brother‘s numbers won’t wow you, but you just need to watch his game to see how good of a player he is. He’s a stellar offensive player who really adds a key role the young Sacramento Kings roster.

98. Jonas Valanciuanas

Valanciuanas might be younger than you think. The 27 year old is producing at a good level for the Grizzlies. He’s an established veteran who is going to be key to development of young players in Memphis.

97. T.J. Warren

Warren is a very underrated forward who is averaging 16.5 PPG in this young season. He produces well as a scorer, but his FG3% has dropped to 28.6% this year.

96. Jeff Teague

Don’t forget about Jeff Teague. The 31 year old is averaging 13.2 PPG and 7.7 APG as the starting point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

95. Enes Kanter

Kanter is still a solid big man in this league. He’s replacing Al Horford as the Boston Celtics starting big man, and he could be an X factor for his team this year.

94. Jonathan Isaac

Isaac is only 22 years old and makes a huge impact on the Orlando Magic. He averages a solid 13.4 PPG and 7.2 RPG. His game is still on the come up and has a ton of room to grow.

93. Wendell Carter Jr.

The second year center for the Chicago Bulls comes in at 93 in his second year. Carter has played well next to the main guys in Chicago and should continue to grow well.

92. JaVale McGee

In his second year with the Lakers, McGee has had a lesser role, but still a big impact on his team. McGee combination of rebounding and rim protection is stellar, and he plays a key role for a championship contender.

91. Mitchell Robinson

If we’re being honest, the Knicks are bad. But, there are a few bright spots on that roster and Robinson is one of them. The former second rounder has proven many teams wrong in not drafting him and seems to be a real solid player for a struggling Knicks team.

90. Julius Randle

Two New York Knicks in a row? Yes, the Knicks have a few decent players, and Randle is one of them. The Knicks brought Randle in and probably hoped to pair him with a star. But, with Julius Randle as probably your best player, you may not be set up to win many games.


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89. Goran Dragic

The Dragon has been one of the better point guards in the league for a while now, a steady contributor. He’s been a leader on a very good Miami Heat team this year and is still scoring well at 16 PPG.

88. Collin Sexton

The Young Bull has not missed a game in his young career. Averaging almost 18 points a game this year, Sexton has been a great leader for a very young Cleveland team. Sexton might be the face of the franchise very soon.

87. Serge Ibaka

A very under-looked big man and rim protector, Serge Ibaka is still a dominant player in this league. He’s a great piece to have on a playoff contending team.

86. Tristan Thompson

The second Cleveland Cavalier on this list, Thompson is having himself an uncharacteristically good season this year. He has taken on a whole new role and is scoring the ball almost six points higher than his career average. The 6’10” big is a fraction of a rebound away from averaging a double double so far this season.

85. Lauri Markkanen

So far, Markkanen is having somewhat of a down year compared to his previous years. The promising stretch four is shooting the ball at an all time low and is scoring less than normal. This is honestly the only reason he is so low on this list.

84. Harrison Barnes

Barnes is a very solid small forward who plays a lead role on the Sacramento Kings. I love his fit with the other young players on the team, where he is seen as an established veteran at only 27 years old.

83. Jarrett Allen

Now, playing alongside an established big man like DeAndre Jordan, you’d think Allen‘s numbers would get worse, but he’s actually improving on most of his career averages. Allen is a prototypical shot-blocking big who is a great fit on the Nets.

82. Dwight Howard

Howard might be getting a chance to revitalize his career in the league with the Lakers. 1.6 BPG and 75% shooting are great numbers for a guy who was starting to be written out of the league.

81. Devonte’ Graham

On a team as bad as the Charlotte Hornets, someone has got to show out. Graham has been that guy. He’s actually been stellar for a team that is slipping out of relevancy. Graham is averaging 18.2 PPG in his second season after being drafted by the Hawks in the second round.

80. Fred VanVleet

2018 NBA Finals breakout star, Fred VanVleet is exciting to watch. Coming in at the 80 spot this year when early last year he probably wouldn’t even be in the top 150 players. Averaging 18.1 PPG and 7.7 APG, he may be giving Kyle Lowry a run for his money to be the sole starting point guard of the defending champion Raptors.

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