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Waiver Wire Fantasy Hockey Week 8 Preview

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It’s a big week in hockey this week with half of the league playing 4 games. Here are some players on the waiver wire that you could use as streamers this week. (I use ESPN for my ownership percentage and stats.)

4 Game Waiver Wire Options

Boston Bruins 

  • @ Montreal Canadians 11-26
  • @ Ottawa Senators 11-27
  • Vs New York Rangers 11-29 
  • Vs Montreal Canadians 12-1

If you don’t have Pasternak, Marchand, Bergeron, or Krug on your team then you’re pretty much out of luck when it comes to the waiver wire because anybody else on this squad could outshine when you least expect it or underperform when you really need it. Guys like: McAvoy, Krejci, DeBrusk, Chara, or Coyle are all solid pickups for the week.

Buffalo Sabres

  • @ Tampa Bay Lightning 11-25
  • Vs Calgary Flames 11-27 
  • Vs Toronto Maple Leafs 11-29
  • @ Toronto Maple Leafs 11-30

Victor Olofsson 67% rostered, avg 2.2 FPPG, 6 points in the last 7 games

If Marcus Johansson was healthy then I would recommend picking him up, but since he IS out, the only guy I recommend grabbing off the waiver wire is Victor Olofsson. He has been on fire as of late with 6 points in his last 7 games. And with Vesey not doing too hot, Olofsson should see the second line this week 

Columbus Blue Jackets

  • Vs Ottawa Senators 11-25
  • versus Philidelphia Flyers 11-27
  • Vs Pittsburgh Penguins 11-29
  • @ New York Islanders 11-30

Gustav Nyquist F 36% rostered, avg 1.6 FPPG

Gustav Nyquist is starting a hot streak with a point in each of his last three games.

Dallas Stars

  • Vs Las Vegas Knights 11-25
  • @ Chicago Black Hawks 11-26
  • Vs St Louis Blues 11-29
  • @ Minnesota Wild 12-1

Radek Faksa F 2% rostered, 1.3 avg FPPG 

Dallas is a hot team right now, and Faksa is on a hot streak right now with at least a point in 8 of his last 9 games. Some of this may be because of Jamie Benn’s underperformance as of late, but all I know is, with him being on almost nobody’s roster you almost certainly can pick him up in your league  

Los Angeles Kings

  • Vs San Jose Sharks 11-25
  • Vs New York Islanders 11-27 
  • @ San Jose Sharks 11-29 
  • Vs Winnipeg Jets 11-30

The LA Kings have played so poorly lately that I don’t see anybody on this team as a good waiver wire pickup. The two players that HAVE done well are superstars Doughty and Kopitar. 

Minnesota Wild

  • @ New York Rangers 11-25 
  • @ New Jersey Devils 11-26 
  • Vs Ottawa Senators 11-29 
  • Vs Dallas Stars 12-1

Mikko Koivu F 29% rostered avg 1.3 FPPG

Mikko Koivu has been consistently been getting assists the entire month of November so if you need somebody to get shots on net and an assist or two. 

Montreal Canadians

  • Vs Boston Bruins 11-26 
  • New Jersey Devils 11-28 (American Thanksgiving) 
  • Vs Philidelphia Flyers 11-30
  • @ Boston Bruins 12-1

Phillip Danault F 25% rostered avg 1.8 FPPG

Danault has been hot in November with 8 points in his last 8 games and with only a quarter of teams having him, Danault is a solid pick up this week with three games at home 

Nashville Predators 

  • Vs St Louis Blues 11-25 
  • Vs Las Vegas Knights 11-27
  • @ Carolina Hurricanes 11-29
  • @ Florida Panthers 11-30 

With Nashville it’s tough, because, If you don’t have a Josi or Forsberg on your team then there really isn’t another sleeper on the Preds you could pick up this week.

New York Rangers 

  • Vs Minnesota Wild 11-25
  • Vs Carolina Hurricanes 11-27
  • @ Boston Bruins 11-29 
  • @ New Jersey Devils 11-30

Ryan Strome F 60% rostered avg 2.6 FPPG

I said this in my last article but if you don’t have Ryan Strome in you’re lineup then you really need to get Ryan Strome in your lineup. Averaging 2.5 points per game, he looks to be a star this week with Mika Zibanejad still hurt. 

Ottowa Senators

  • @ Columbus Blue Jackets 11-25
  • Vs Boston Bruins 11-27 
  • @ Minnesota Wild 11-29
  • at Calgary Flames 11-30

Jean-Gabriel Pageau F 54% rostered avg 2.5 FPPG 

Jean Gabriel Pageau is starting a hot streak with 4 points in his last 3 games, Giving Ottawa what it needs to start winning games. 

Philidelphia Flyers

  • Vs Vancouver Canucks 11-25
  • @ Columbus Blue Jackets 11-27 
  • Vs Detroit Red Wings 11-29
  • @ Montreal Canadians 11-30

Kevin Hayes F 25% rostered avg 1.3 FPPG 

Kevin Hayes is starting a hot streak with a point in his last three games but has been consistent all year. In my opinion, I see hayes as a long term guy but because of his hot streak I highly recommend picking him up. 

Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Vs Calgary Flames 11-25 
  • Vs Vancouver Canucks 11-27
  • at Columbus Blue Jackets 11-29
  • @ St Louis Blues 11-30

Bryan Rust F 30% rostered, avg 3.1 FPPG

With Crosby out until January, Guentzel and Malkin have been picking up the slack, however, Bryan Rust has taken Crosby’s place as the third superstar on the penguins, behind Malkin and Guentzel with a point in his last 4 games

San Jose Sharks

  • @ LA Kings 11-25 
  • Vs Winnipeg Jets 11-27
  • Vs LA Kings 11-29
  • @ Arizona Coyotes 11-30

Nobody on San Jose has been consistent as of late, because Thomas Hertl is Day-To-Day and Kevin Labanc is on a cold streak.  

St Louis Blues

  • @ Nashville Predators 11-25
  • at Tampa Bay Lightning 11-27
  • @ Dallas Stars 11-29 
  • Vs Pittsburgh Penguins 11-30

Oskar Sundqvist F >1% rostered avg 1 FPPG 

Oskar Sundqvist had two goals against Calgary and a goal against Tampa so picking him up would not be a bad idea this week.

Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Vs Buffalo Sabres 11-25 
  • @ St Louis Blues 11-27
  • at Washington Capitals 11-29
  • Vs Carolina Hurricanes 11-30

Alex Killorn F 27% rostered, 2.2 avg FPPG 

Killorn has been very good lately with at least a point in his last 6 games

Vancouver Canucks

  • @ Philidelphia Flyers 11-25 
  • at Pittsburgh Penguins 11-27
  • @ Edmonton Oilers 11-30
  • Vs Edmonton Oilers 12-1

Vancouver has not been very good streaming wise, superstars Petterson, Boeser, Miller, and Horvat have been taking all of the glory 

2 Game Waiver Wire Options

Florida Panthers

  • @ Washington Capitals 11-27
  • Vs Nashville Predators 

All of their big guns are well over the threshold for the week-long streamers. 

Other Options

Anybody from the New York Islanders. 

Brock Nelson: F 57% rostered, avg 2.4 FPPG

Derick Brassard: F 10% rostered nine points in his last six games  

Anthony Beauvillier: F 11% rostered avg 2.2 FPPG, six goals, and two assists in his last five games.

Like I said, lots of hockey this week, thus giving you lots of options on the waiver wire, hopefully this article provided you with some viable options to give yourself the dub this week.

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