Depleted Hawks look to string together some victories

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The short handed Hawks have struggled tremendously in the month of November. During the this month, they’ve gone a disappointing 2-9. Although, the Hawks have had one of the toughest schedules in the league thus far, some of their problems are due to their players availability, or lack thereof. Over this stretch, Kevin Huerter, Cam Reddish, Vince Carter, and Evan Turner have all missed at least two games. Not to mention, John Collins is still serving his suspension for performance enhancing drugs. As a result, the Hawks haven’t be able to put together a consistent rotation and that does everything except help winning.

What’s on Deck

The good news for the Hawks is that this terrible month of November is almost over. The bad news is, this last week won’t be any easier. The Hawks have games against the T-Wolves(home),and the Bucks, Pacers, and Rockets all on the road. First things first, the Hawks will need Cam to get back on the court and pick up where he left off in their previous showdown with the Bucks. Also, the Hawks will need De’Andre Hunter to continue his solid production. Furthermore, look for Trae and Jabari to continue being the go to guys for the offense. Trae is coming off of his first triple double of the season, so expect for him to build off of that. Lastly and most importantly, the Hawks desperately need to find their defensive identity. Teams have been scoring at will and thats predominately due to the lack of rebounding on the team. Luckily for the Hawks, the problem is visible so they know what needs to be fixed. However, I’m not sure if the Hawks have the personnel to fix it. All I will say is, there is a guy out in Oklahoma City that would fit the Hawks exact needs. GO GET HIM.

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