NFL Power Rankings: The 49ers Can’t Be Stopped

December 24, 2017; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) celebrates after a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Levi's Stadium. The 49ers defeated the Jaguars 44-33. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers continue to dominate the NFL Power Rankings as the number one team with a whipping of the Packers. The Ravens powered by their flashy quarterback has leapfrogged up to the second spot. The rest follow on the week 12 NFL power rankings.

Power Ten

1. San Francisco 49ers(10-1) – The 49ers continue to roll over opponents. A team that was 4-12 last year is now the “deepest” team in the NFL. Funny how winning changes things.

2. Baltimore Ravens(9-2) – Lamar Jackson continues his run to the MVP award. John Harbaugh continues to be overlooked for the insane coaching job he has done with his offense. Does anyone want to call Jackson a wide receiver or running back now?

3. New England Patriots(10-1) – Beautiful, ugly, or anywhere in between the Patriots just win.

4. Seattle Seahawks(9-2) -Russell Wilson just can’t win(the MVP trophy anyway). He is having an incredible season, and some young hotshot in Baltimore is going to take his hardware. 

5. New Orleans Saints(9-2) – Drew Brees throws for 300 Saints win a game. Moving on.

6. Minnesota Vikings(8-3) – Vikings on a bye get to move up a bit.

7. Buffalo Bills (8-3) – They won but the big deal was the 950-year-old Frank Gore moving to number three on the all-time rushing list. There have to be robotic parts by now.

8. Green Bay Packers(8-4) – The Packers felt the rath of the 49er defense. I would say something smart about Aaron Rodgers, but the 49ers shut down every quarterback they face.

9. Kansas City Chiefs(7-4) – Chiefs on a bye.

10. Houston Texans(7-4) – The Texans took control of the AFC South by downing the Colts. Just think about what they could do with better coaching. (See Baltimore)

Trying to Crash the Party

11. Oakland Raiders(6-5) – This team has played better than most expected. The draft class is better than most expected. All of that is true and Jon Gruden is still at a mediocre record once again.

12. Tennessee Titans(6-5) – Ryan FREAKING Tannehill?!? So apparently the answer to the question was Tannehill…so far.

13. Indianapolis Colts(6-5) – The Colts are what they should have been a year ago. This is still a good football team. Could they run the table to the playoffs again?

Middle of the Pack

14. Dallas Cowboys(6-5) – Jerry PLEASE!!!! Fire Jason Garrett before Dak and the rest of this team are in complete ruin. This will be on here until they fire Garrett or he wins a Super…sorry started laughing too hard. (It’s probably too late but I said it would stay)

15. Los Angeles Rams(6-5) – The Rams paid an injured back and a below-average quarterback. No “genius” can continue to hide this forever.

16. Cleveland Browns(5-6) – Here come the media darlings of the NFL offseason. Just in time to fall short and be made fun of the next offseason.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers(6-5) – The Steelers turned to ‘Duck’ Hodges to beat the winless Bengals. Next, come the Browns and no one knows what to expect.

18. Chicago Bears(5-6) – The Bears won a game with the defense and just enough offense. It sounds like something they did better last year.

19. Philadelphia Eagles(5-6) – The Eagles struggles center around getting healthy. They also need to find out if Carson Wentz is really that good.

20. Carolina Panthers(5-6) – Kyle Allen is looking more like a backup and Cam Newton may be gone. This thing is looking more and more like it is ready to be blown up.

On Life Support

21. Jacksonville Jaguars(4-7) – Can the Nick Foles magic get save the season? Probably not but it would be fun to see.

22. Los Angeles Chargers(4-7) – Philip Rivers has thrown more interceptions this year than he has kids, that’s a lot for those that don’t know. Some media think he is done. I just wonder if last year or this year is/was the illusion.

23. New York Jets(4-7) – Sam Darnold is the hottest thing since sliced bread…again. The Jet’s could make a run…again. We all know this will end with a top ten pick.

Playing out the String

24. Arizona Cardinals(3-7-1) – Kyler Murray is the building block the Cardinals needed. Now, can they get the rest and can Kliff Kingsbury win?

25. Denver Broncos(3-8) – John Elway has a quarterback he drafted this year waiting. Will he draft another or find another old guy and roll the dice?

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(4-7) – Winston is not the answer. Bruce Arians may just choose to retire again. Tampa may be 4-7, but they are going nowhere fast.

27. Atlanta Falcons(3-8) – The Falcons had something for a couple of games. Then they lost whatever it was and went back to being the 2019 Falcons

28. Detroit Lions(3-7-1) –

NFL Power Rankings Race for Number One

NFL Power Rankings

29. NY Giants(2-9) – Pat Shurmur must be fired. Dave Gettleman must be fired. Yet both may likely survive another year. They deserve to be in the bottom four of the power rankings.

30. Miami Dolphins(2-9) – Brian Flores is a good coach in a no-win situation. The Dolphins are supposed to suck and they do. I hope he gets the chance with a good roster.

31. Washington Redskins(2-9) – The Redskins got a win and Dwayne Haskins celebrated it like any millennial.

32. Cincinnati Bengals(0-11) – The Bengals keep getting close to a win but fall short. Now they go back to Andy Dalton at quarterback. Will they screw this number one pick thing up? Nah…

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