NXT UK Review: 11/21/19


We are live for another episode of NXT UK!

Trent Seven vs Kona Reeves on NXT UK

Kona Reeves is here at NXT UK, it looks like we have a mini invasion.

He got attacked by Ricochet last night, maybe something happens tonight as well.

The bell rings and Seven slams down Reeves, avoids some strikes from Kona and chops him down.

Trent then strikes Reeves and sends him to the outside, but Kona counters with a knee to the face and traps Seven under the ring apron. He starts striking away, even connecting with a leg drop!

They’re back in the ring and Kona starts to mock Trent and misses a superkick, this allows Seven to hit an exploder suplex!

Off the ropes, and Seven sends Reeves to the outside and then dives onto him!

He is now going to the top rope, and a moonsault attempt, but Reeves avoids it and tries to slap Seven!

He counters with the seven-star lariat, 1, 2, noo!

Out of nowhere, Kona hits a headbutt and is going for his finisher, but counter by Seven!

Burning hammer, and this one is over!

Post Match & Comments

Seven is celebrating with the NXT UK universe on the outside, shaking hands, but Eddie Dennis is in the crowd, and they stare at each other for a bit.

Trent Seven is a fan favorite, and you can tell during his matches.

The NXT UK crowd is always cheering throughout, which makes it even more fun.

I am not a big Kona Reeves fan, but if he stays on NXT UK, it could be an opportunity for him.

A fast fun match to start this week’s episode.

Jack Starz vs A-Kid

Match starts and A-Kid with a submission hold/takedown combo, but counter by Starz.

He locks in a submission hold of his own, but that is reversed into a rear chin lock.

Starz grabs the ropes, but counter by A-Kid who locks in a triangle chokehold!

Jack is able to power out with a huge powerbomb, for a two count.

Out of nowhere, A-Kid locks in an arm bar and Starz has no choice but to tap out!

Post Match & Comments

It seems that A-Kid is a very tactical and technical wrestler.

This is his second match on NXT UK and both have been filled with submissions.

It is interesting to see a young wrestler that has that kind of style.

Very fast match, that showed that A-Kid has a bright future in the company.

Jack Starz seems to be having a big losing streak!

The Grizzled Young Veterans are here on NXT


“The only reason we are not NXT UK Tag Team champions is because a bad stipulation was added to our match”

“A stipulation that cost us our titles. Now we are a great tag-team, more capable to bounce back”

“What I want to know is, what are the consequences for the actions made by Imperium and Gallus?”

“We had Andrews and Morgan beat, they interfered, they cost us our match, our number one contendership”

Boring Chants

“Takeover Blackpool is right around the corner, and we deserve to get that title opportunity”

“Make the people happy and the world will be talking about us”

Ridge Holland Debuts on NXT UK

Oliver Carter will face off against the NXT UK debuting Ridge Holland.

The bell rings and Ridge connects a huge uppercut and follows up with a take-down.

However, Carter counters with an enziguri, goes to the top rope but gets caught mid-air!

Exploder Suplex! Holland starts to stomp away at Carter. Several European uppercuts and an Overhead Belly to Belly by Ridge, he locks in a straight jacket submission

This match looks to be over! Maybe not, Carter gets out of the move, and hits a kick to the face!

Spinning heel kick and Carter is fired up, but a pounce by Ridge and he follows up with a giant headbutt! Northern Grit, and now, this match is over!

Post Match & comments

Holland has the look of a monster, and it’s understandable as he is a former rugby player.

This was a squash match, and he did go at it with power moves.

I was not that impressed, but we know WWE loves their big guys.

Let’s see what else he can do in the ring.

Super fast match that leaves about 20 minutes for our main event!

Let’s go!

NXT UK Main Event

Ilja Dragunov vs Alexander Wolfe is this week’s main event and it looks like it’s going to be a good one.

Bell rings and both superstars go after each other, multiple counters, reversals, pin attempts, lockups, chops, strikes, and take-downs to start the match!

With the ref distracted, Wolfe kicks the rope and gives Dragunov a low blow.

He follows up with a spinning neck breaker from the middle rope, and the Imperium member is in control.

Wolfe with a huge knee strike and dropkick to get a two count. Alexander throws Ilja to the outside.

He grabs a steel chair, but changes his mind and decides to not use it, instead landing a huge boot to the face.

Kickout by Dragunov, and Wolfe locks in a submission hold. Ilja is able to get out of the move!

He lands a huge knee to the face, however uppercut counter by Wolfe, but that is reversed into a suplex by Ilja and both men are down.

NXT UK Chants!

Lefts and rights between both competitors and they are really going at it.

Dragunov stops it with multiple chops to the neck, but a huge right hand by Wolfe, and an enziguri counter by Ilja!

Off the ropes and a huge lariat by Dragunov, he is fired up! He is going to the top rope!

Out of nowhere, Wolfe gets back up, connects an uppercut and is going for a superplex,!

Dragunov counters and a knee to the chest, he is now going for the Cesaro finisher, 1, 2, noo!

Ilja follows up with a huge knee to the face, and connects with a German suplex for a two count!

Back on the top rope is Dragunov and he goes coast to coast! 1, 2, noo. He is going back to the top, Senton!

Wolfe got his knee’s up! He goes for a German suplex, but his knee won’t allow him to.

He still connects a huge kick and then goes for the suplex, and gets it! 1, 2, noo.

Wolfe is trying to end it with the powerbomb, but a counter by Dragunov who picks him up on his shoulders!

Counter by Wolfe, who drops Ilja on the top turnbuckle, and Superplex!

NXT UK Chants!

Alexander is now starting to talk trash and asks Dragunov to slap him!

Slap exchange! Yes! and it turns into strikes! Ilja hits a back elbow and he charges at Wolfe. He counters with an enziguri, he throws Ilja to the outside.

He grabs the ropes, does a 619 and hits a huge lariat on Wolfe! Dragunov is calling for his finisher!

Torpedo Moscow! Imperium is now here!

The distraction allows Wolfe to hit a huge DDT, 1, 2, nooo.

He follows up with the powerbomb, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

All of Imperium is in the ring and they are taking Dragunov out!

Gallus is running into the ring, they are taking out every member of Imperium!

Walter tries to get his belt back, but Joe Coffey grabs it as well, and they stare at each other.

As NXT UK goes off the air!


NXT UK has been cutting most of their show’s matches short, so they can put on a 15-20 min main event.

I do like that strategy, as the main event usually turns into a good quality match.

This week was no different, as Ilja and Wolfe put on a show! What an awesome match.

Imperium and Gallus facing each other to end the match, just makes this more exciting.

Can this lead us to a War Games match at Takeover Blackpool?

If you didn’t watch the show, go check out this match, it’s worth it!

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