Breaking: Bill Peters Canned in Calgary Over Racist Remarks


A lot has happened in Calgary within the last several days and it has finally come to a head. Bill Peters has been fired by the Calgary Flames after racist comments he made ten years ago. Akim Aliu was a Nigerian born player who played for the Chicago Blackhawks’ minor league affiliate from 2008-2010. At that time Peters was coaching for the minor league team. Several teammates of Aliu have backed his story saying the racist comments did indeed happen.

It Goes Deeper than the Racist Comments

rod brindamour
Courtesy: The News and Observer

On the heels of the racist comments, accusations came from the time Peters spent in Carolina coaching the Hurricanes. Peters was accused of punching and kicking players for the Canes. Current coach and former player for the Canes, Rod Brind’Amour, said that the abuse to players definitely did happen. However, he said that the issue was brought before team officials and in his eyes they handled it the proper way. 

Peters has apologized for the incident that happened nearly ten years ago but the damage has been done. He says that the comments that he made were done out of frustration and anger, and they were in no way an accurate representation of his views. 

Moving Forward for the Flames

bill peters
Courtesy: CNN International

The Calgary Flames will have to move forward this season without the coach that has brought the team to place they haven’t been since the late 80’s. Last season Peters went 50-25-7, and their 107 points were the second best in Franchise history. It still remains unclear what the Flames will do to replace the head coaching position. Calgary is currently fifth in the Pacific division and are still in the hunt for the playoffs. Regardless of what happens this season this incident has definitely put a damper on the year for the Flames.

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