NWA Powerr Review: 11/26/19


Joe Galli welcomes us today to a new episode of NWA, and gives us some Breaking News:

The main event of Into the Fire will be a two out of three falls match!

Eli Drake Opens up NWA

“Let me talk to you!”

“People say I remind them of people, a guy, who does an eyebrow, and drops an elbow.”

“Of a guy, who drinks beer and gives fingers!”

“I remind them of a guy who has a sparkling robe, has blonde hair and goes wooo.”

“I don’t mind comparison to those successful people, but I got compared to someone who says mate.”

“Of all those comparisons, compared to Nick Aldis does not make any sense at all.”

“Nick saying there is nobody who is stepping up? Well, you are looking at me!”

“Well, here it’s how it goes, I pick my battles, and Ken Anderson, you and I,”

“We’ve been to the same places, but the bottom line is, the difference between us is that,”

“I can’t stop the deniable, the great train, and being E-Li-Drake, and that, is just a fact of life”.

Breaking News Regarding the NWA World Tag Team Championship

The Rock N Roll Express will be challenging the Wild Cards next week!

Will they become nine-time NWA World Tag Team champs?

NWA Into the Cage with Thunder Rosa

We are shown how Rosa prepared to go into the Cage 24 hours before her fight.

Training with face paint at all times, with Richard Smith.

They talk about her meal plan and resting hours, just staying up and eating!

Rosa has been training for six months and is trying to go pro-MMA.

Combate Americas promotes a lot of Latino women, so she was very excited for her match.

Sixteen hours before the fight, Rose de Los Santos is working on her hair.

” I worked at Thunder Row, a rehab facility for teenagers, as a counselor.”

“One of the kids got killed by the police, his name was Oscar.”

“Wrestling helped me to take all of that pain and abuse, it was really bad depression.”

“It is still very hard for me, the whole amount of abuse all of those kids take when growing up.”

To be continued…

NWA Fan Favorite is Next: The Question Mark

Breaking News:

If the Question Mark loses, he will have to unmask!, but if he wins, the Dawsons will have to recite Shakespeare.

Bell rings with some awesome karate chops from the Mark! Total domination!

He follows up with a killer choke move and a missile dropkick.

The QM is calling for it! The Mongrovian Spike and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

What total domination by The Question Mark, incredible!

The Dawsons will now have to recite some Shakespeare.

While they are reciting, Aaron Stevens starts to puke in a garbage can.

“Shall I compare thee to a Summers day?” Though art more lovely and more temperate,”

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of Maie, And sommers leave hath all too short a date,”

“Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines, and often is his gold complexion dimm’d.”

Zane struggled throughout, as his throat was still in pain from receiving the spike.

Interview with Melina About her Return to NWA

  • Why do you love pro wrestling?

“I’ve loved wrestling since I was a kid, the stories, how people fought for something.”

“Back in the day, people fought for their family, their name, for heart ships.”

” I want to be that person, and sure enough, one day I did.”

  • Why did you come to the NWA and why now?

“I don’t do just any place, it has to be worthy of my name, and when it comes to innovation,”

“I like to be a part of something that is like no other, and that’s why I am here.”

  • Your work revolutionized women’s wrestling, did you play a pivotal role?

“Before me, people didn’t care about their entrances, doing certain moves, and then I started doing it.”

“People thought it wasn’t great, but they started to do it, and I see it.”

  • What are your plans with Allysin Kay?

“She carries that title as it is an accessory, but I make it known that the title means something.”

“When I see champions like that, I know they don’t deserve it, they’ve never fought like I did.”

“That title deserves a lot more, and I am the person to make her appreciate it.”

Thunder Rosa: Into the Cage Pt. 2

Six hours away from her match! She is shown getting in a vehicle and driven into the arena.

She gets inside the Combate Americas cage and warms up for her match.

Three hours left until the fight, and she is getting taped up, while she listens to music.

Praying with her team, all smiles, and we are three minutes away from her debut.

Unfortunately, Nadine Mandiau defeated Rosa via unanimous decision.

“She wanted to finish me in the first round, but I didn’t let her!”

“I did what you guys told me, and she couldn’t hit me up high at all!”


That was a very cool video and documentary, I am glad the NWA let us witness the behind the scenes.

Rosa has a huge heart and I am glad she was able to make one of her dreams come true.

Incredible fight, full of passion, and I know she will succeed the next time she steps in the cage.

Congrats Rosa! Way to represent!

Breaking News:

Before we get the news, we are shown a preview of the NWA Into the Fire Card:

  • Trevor Murdoch vs The Question Mark
  • Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs Melinda, Thunder Rosa and/or Marti Belle
  • Eli Drake vs Ken Anderson
  • Breaking News: James Storm vs Nick Aldis in a two out of three falls

We are a couple of weeks away from the Into the Fire PPV and the card is finally taking shape.

It is looking like a must see, and I cannot wait for Dec 14 to get here

I am going to cut it short, and if you celebrate Thanksgiving, hope you have an amazing weekend.

If you don’t, have a great Black Friday!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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