NXT Review 11/27/19


After a huge weekend filled with NXT matches and victories, we are live at Full Sail University.

“After war, we went to Survivor Series and beat Raw and Smackdown, and now,”

“It’s time to celebrate, because we are NXT!”

All of the NXT roster comes down to the ring to celebrate!

Shock the system!

Cole: “Wait, stop, for the love of God what do you guys think you are doing?”

“You guys are celebrating, like you did something? The only reason that NXT was successful, was because of us.”

“Each and everyone of you surrounding that ring, did nothing!”

“We are YOUR champions, you should be thanking us!”

“Newsflash, none of you are NXT, only the Undisputed Era is!”

“We dominated War Games, Survivor Series, and we are only getting started!”


“Boys, for losing at War Games, you do seem confident!”

“War Games, was only the beginning of the end for Undisputed Era!”

“Today, the collapse continues! Dijakovic and Keith Lee, will take those tag team titles from you!”

“Roderick Strong, your days are also numbered!, but Goldie, War is over, and Daddy wants you back!”

Finn Balor’s music hits!


“It looks like I am standing in your way!”


“Finn, what is it you say, you don’t watch the business, it watches you?”

“Well that’s good, because Prince, you have just met your King! Ball is in your court!”


“Let’s go!!”

Ladies and Gentleman, it is official, Finn Balor vs Ciampa, Tonight!

NXT Tag Team Title Match!

Keith Lee and Dijakovic take on the Undisputed Era, next!

Before the bell rings, Kyle and Bobby jump on Lee and Dijakovic!

However, the challengers fight back, and Lee throws Fish to the outside!

Breaking news:

During the commercial break, it was confirmed that Bobby Fish sustained an injury and Roderick Strong has taken his place.

O Riley, is in the ring with Dijakovic, he tries to suplex him, but it is reversed!

Tag to Lee, who hits O’Riley with the pounce! Strong comes in, and he gets slammed onto Kyle!

Dijakovic comes in the ring, and we have chaos! However, after a huge chop from Lee,

Dominik picks up O’ Riley and slams him onto Strong, and then he suplexes Lee onto them!

NXT Chants!

Dijakovic is now tagged in, and he starts kicking Kyle, but Strong chops him from behind.

Roderick keeps working on the leg, and locks in a submission hold, and we go to break.

Commercial Break

That’s the second commercial break, and I feel like it’s taking a lot away from the match.

Back from break, and O’Riley has a one leg Boston crab locked in on Dijakovic.

He tries to counter, but Strong comes in to stop him from making the tag. However, he still makes it.

Lee is in with the hot tag, and he starts cleaning house! Slam to both members of UE in the corner and,

He throws Kyle onto Strong! Keith is fired up! He is going for a sprinting bomb, but the champs,

Try to counter, but they both get thrown to the outside and Lee is about to jump to the outside, but,

The Undisputed Era moves, and they take Lee out with a huge knee. Strong is now in the top rope but,

He misses a splash, however Kyle is now in the top rope, but he gets a headbutt from Lee and he,

Tags in Dijakovic! He throws Strong in the corner and starts striking away and follows up,

With a huge clothesline, but Roderick tags in Kyle, who is about to get a choke slam but he,

Counters into a triangle lock, but with pure strength, Dijakovic picks him up, and Roderick tries to interfere,

But he is also picked up with Dijakovic’s other arm, and double slam!!

Could we have new champions? 1, 2, noooo!

Dijakovic is now going for the feast your eyes, but Strong interferes again, but still gets a huge kick for his trouble.

Another feast your eyes attempt, but Kyle rolls him up from behind, 1, 2, noo!

Undisputed Era rolls to the outside to re-group, and Dijakovic jumps out onto them!

NXT Chants!

However, it looks like Dijakovic landed on his knee, and Strong quickly goes after it but,

Dominik, connects with a double choke slam!

And here comes Adam Cole, but out of nowhere, POUNCE by Lee!!

Cole goes flying into the crowd!

This distracts Dijakovic, who can’t believe what Lee did, and the UE hit the high and low and this match is over.

Post Match & Comments

Like I mentioned during the match, the commercial breaks took a lot away from it.

However, that ending was incredible, lots of high impact moves, and close covers.

That pounce by Lee on Cole was crazy!

I really thought Lee and Dijakovic would walk away with the gold, great opening match.

Looks like the prophecy is still valid!

I hope the injury to Bobby Fish was nothing serious and that he is ok.

Shane Thorne vs Mansoor

Mansoor starts off fast, and he starts chopping away, goes off the ropes and a,

Standing moonsault, and a dropkick that sends Thorne to the outside and a tope!

But he is caught and suplexed on the outside, back in the ring, 1, 2, noo.

Thorne with another suplex, but can only get a two count. Dropkick counter by Mansoor!

He knocks Thorne to the outside, and he jumps out onto of him, off the ropes and a huge neckbreaker!

1, 2, 3, what an upset! Huge victory by Mansoor!

Post Match & Comments

Wow, now that was something unexpected. Did not see Mansoor pulling out the win.

He looks very impressive, and I hope we get to see more of him on NXT.

Thorne is slowly building a losing streak, hope he can stop that soon.

Candice LeRae vs Dakota Kai on NXT

Dakota Kai is looking super evil, and she is bringing Nox’s knee brace to the ring.

Bell rings and Candice starts to say something to Kai, who tries to blindside her with a right.

However, Candice is ready, and takes Kai down, and quickly hits a kick to the face.

Knees to the face by Candice, and she is trying to finish this with the moonsault but Kai rolls,

To the outside, however, Candice goes off the ropes and tope to the outside!

LeRae is fighting for her sister and she hits a huge senton for a two count.

Dakota has had enough, and she trips Candice, and slams her face first onto the post!

She then ties Candice up on the ropes, and follows up with a huge kick, as we go to break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Kai is going for the running around the ring kick, but she misses!

Candice is now going after the left leg of Kai, she tries a hurricarana, but it gets reversed into a power bomb!

Out of nowhere, Candice counters and she hits a huge german suplex on the mat and both,

Women are down!

Back on their feet, and Candice has snapped, and is striking Kai down!

Candice tries to follow up, but her knee slows her down, which allows Kai to land a headbutt and,

The running around the ring kick! She is going for another, but Candice counters with a kick of her own.

She is now going for the moonsault, but Kai moves, and hits her finisher, 1, 2, noo!

Out of nowhere, Kai locks in the Gargano lock! Kai is trying to roll out, and is able to.

However, this angers Candice, who goes off the ropes, but Kai gets the knee brace and hits her with it.


Post Match & Comments

Dakota Kai is snapping, and is slamming Candice around on the steel stops and post.

She now grabs a chair, but Rhea Ripley comes in to make the save!


Once again the commercial breaks took a toll on the match, but overall I enjoyed it.

Both women told their story in this match, and it also had some good spots.

Heel Dakota is perfect for her character, and the post-match attack was the cherry on top.

Rhea coming in to make the save, creates an opening for Kai to join Shayna, maybe?

The NXT Cruiserweight title is on the line

Akira Tozawa will take on current NXT Champion, Lio Rush.

Match starts and both competitors start with a lot of back and forth, grappling moves, holds,

Counters, strikes, kicks and takedowns that eventually lead to a stalemate.

Commercial Break

Back from break, and Lio is in control with a submission hold, but Akira powers out,

Sets him up on a fireman’s carry, hits and and follows up with a dropkick that takes Lio to the outside.

Tozawa then flips himself onto the outside from the apron onto Lio!

Back in the ring, Akira is on the top rope, missile drop kick! 1, 2, nooo.

Lio starts to counters, but this leads to a lot of back and forth, flips, and ends with a double kick!

Both men are down! Tozawa is trying to go for a german suplex but Rush throws himself and Akira to the apron.

Pump kick to the face by Akira, and he is setting up for the suplex, Lio is trying to avoid it, but

An enziguri from Tozawa, and he hits the german suplex to the outside!!!

Holy Mother of…

Both opponents make it back to the ring at the count of nine, and Akira is fired up!

He is going for another german suplex, but Lio reverses it into a roll-up 1, 2, nooo.

But Lio is fired up, he is going for the second rope stunner, but Tozawa is not there, and he misses.

The NXT Champ is firing up with kicks, he once again goes for the second rope stunner but,

Akira reverses it into a german suplex! and he follows up with a second one, 1, 2, noo.

Tozawa is now going to the top rope! Senton! But Lio counters with his knees, and he is going up high.

Final Hour!! but Lio is not done, he goes back to the top, and another one!

1, 2, 3! And Rush retains.

Post Match & Comments

What a match!

That suplex spot to the outside was incredible.

This is what cruiserweight matches should look like, NXT is killing it.

High speed, reversals, flying moves, it was awesome.

Lio retains and this will lead to another meetup with Garza.

Vanessa Borne is back on NXT

After Xia Li, broke her best friends nose, Vanessa Borne makes her return to the ring.

Vanessa comes in super aggressively, with strikes and kicks, she is out for revenge.

She goes for a spear in the corner, but misses and goes shoulder first into the post.

This allows Xia, to power bomb her into the mat, and she is fired up.

However, Shayna Baszler is coming down to the ring!

Xia is not surprised and is able to connect with a kick to the back of Borne and gets the win.

Post Match & Comments

Duke and Shafir come in, but Xia knocks them down. However, the numbers add up and,

Shayna takes her down, she takes off her jacket, but Xia counters with some karate moves to take,

Her down, however, the numbers catch up to her, and Shayna connects with a huge knee.

Baszler grabs the mic:

“Everybody is trying to take credit for what happened this past weekend, but, the truth is,”

“Nobody had a weekend like me, I beat Bayley and Becky at the same time!”

“Without me, there would be nothing to celebrate”

This is my brutality!!

Here comes Rhea Ripley! However, before she can get into the ring, Shayna, Shafir and Duke step out.


“Hey, where do you think you are running to? I came out to tell you something face to face.”

This gets Shayna to get back into the ring.

Rhea: “Shayna, congratulations, you did beat Bayley and Becky.”

“But when you went face to face with me, I beat you! and next time, it will be for the NXT title.”

Shayna: “I have heard this song and danced before, Rhea, you might be the nightmare, but I am the reality.”

“The reality is that you will be napping or tapping, just like the rest of them.”

Rhea: “Then why don’t you do it now?”

Main Event: Ciampa vs Balor

Match starts and both competitors lock up, and Balor locks in a headlock, Ciampa tries to counter but,

Gets thrown to the outside, Balor tries a kick, but Ciampa sets up a catapult face first into the post.

Commercial Break

Back from break and once again, Ciampa is in a headlock, however, he is able to counter and he,

Lands a huge knee to the face that gets him a two count. Ciampa starts to chop away in the corner.

He now takes off his knee pad, goes off the ropes, but a swing blade from Balor!

Finn follows up with a clothesline that send Ciampa to the outside! Balor tries to set up for a suplex on the ramp,

But Ciampa counters into a samoan drop! Back in the ring, Ciampa connects with a huge knee and,

Follows up with project Ciampa, 1, 2, noooo.

Fairy tale ending attempt, but Balor counters, double stomp and a missile drop kick and,

He is now headed to the top, but Ciampa is now back up, and he is going for that move that he,

Did to Adam Cole and connects with it! 1, 2, nooo.

Ciampa is going for the Fairy Tale attempt, but

Here comes Adam Cole!!

With the distraction, Balor rolls up Ciampa from behind, 1, 2, noo.

Balor grabs the belt, tries to hit Ciampa with it, but he gets rolled up, 1, 2, noo.

Ciampa goes for a right hand, but a counter by Balor and a reverse DDT, 1, 2, noo.

The ref picks up the belt and throws it to the outside, which allows Cole to hit an enziguri, and Balor,

Connects with the 1960, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Cole gets in the ring and he is doing the Undisputed Era pose, Balor does the Bullet club pose and,

Out of nowhere, Balor attacks Cole!!

What is going on?


Wow, what a way to end this weeks show, Balor turning on Cole, that is huge.

It would have been fun for Balor to join the Undisputed Era, but this is bigger than that.

I cannot wait to see what’s next!

Ciampa vs Balor was fun, it could have been better, but I enjoyed it.

Overall, NXT was a solid show, nothing special, but it was fun.

It did take us closer to Rhea vs Shayna, which is a match I am really looking forward to.

And I am really impressed with the new Dakota Kai, so much potential.

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