Efficiency Is the Problem With the New England Patriots Offense


There’s one word that can describe the New England Patriots offense in 2019, inefficient, and it will cost them in the playoffs if it’s not fixed.

Tom Brady has always worn his emotions on his sleeve. None more than against the Houston Texans. You could see the New England Patriots quarterback yelling at his teammates on the sideline about not getting open. The lack of separation has led to inconsistent and inefficient offense.

With Josh McDaniels and Brady together, you wouldn’t think efficiency would be an issue. However, it has been, and the game against the Texans was a microcosm of the season.

With 322 points and 26.8 points per game (including the game against the Texans) that looks good on paper. However, when you look deeper at the stats, it’s not.

Heading into the game against Houston, New England was tied for 16th in scoring rate (35.3%), 16th in points per drive (1.91), 18th in average time per drive (2:38), and 23rd in yards per play (5.1). You can’t blame the defense or special teams for not doing their part, though. The Patriots led the league in average starting field position (34.2).

So, basically, the Patriots are doing less with more. That’s the perfect definition of inefficient.

Whether it was consistent break downs in pass protection or receivers just not creating enough separation, they have trouble moving the football. When the playoffs come around, that’s going to be a problem. Even more, they have fallen behind the Ravens in the standings and are only one game ahead of the Bills for the division lead.

If this continues, even against the Bengals and Dolphins, it may not only cost them home-field advantage but may mean having to play two or three road games to get to the Super Bowl. They need to get back to the drawing board and figure things out. If they don’t, they definitely won’t be raising the Lombardi Trophy in February.

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