Michigan Wolverines: Week 13 Recap


The Michigan Wolverines will take on their arch-rivals in the Ohio State Buckeyes in Ann Arbor.

First Quarter:

Ohio State

Seven plays 75 yards touchdown for the Michigan Wolverines. Their offense looked unstoppable, and the Ohio State defense was non-existent. Michigan wide receiver Jackson scored on a long end around for the score. Michigan did, however, miss the extra point 6-0.

Ohio State will also go downfield quick with very little push back and score on a Dobbins run. 7-6

Ohio State would add another touchdown on a 51-yard hail-mary to make the game 14-6.

Michigan would respond with a touchdown of their own Patterson to Donovan Peoples-Jones. 14-13.

Second Quarter:

Ohio State scored on another Dobbins run, Michigan has no answer for him 21-13.

Shea Patterson throws Michigan downfield. However, on third down, he fumbles the snap in the red zone, and the Buckeyes recover. 

Michigan’s defense stops the Buckeyes offense and forces them to punt. However, on the punt itself, undisciplined Michigan defenders jumped offside and gave Ohio State a free possession.

Right on queue Ohio State scores two plays later to add another seven points to their score. 28-13

Michigan’s offense seemed to come to play today besides the one mistake. However, this Michigan defense can’t get out of their own way. Between stupid penalties like offside, bush-league moves like untying an Ohio State player’s shoes. They are not playing like a team worthy of winning THE GAME.

Michigan’s wide receiver People-Jones drops a touchdown on third down. Michigan is forced to settle for a field goal 28-16

Third Quarter:

Ohio State

Ohio State starts with the ball to begin the second half and waste no time shredding the Michigan defense. Michigan LB MaGrone, with a very late hit of Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, while he was standing out of bounds, is just another example of undisciplined football by Michigan.

Ohio State would score a play or two later to take a 35-16 lead. Michigan would respond with a weak drive failing to move the chains even to change the field position and punt away.

The Buckeyes would be missing their star quarterback after he gets his knee rolled on by an offensive lineman. However, after a few snaps for their backup, Fields was able to come back and throw another touchdown pass. 42-16 Ohio State.

Patterson is having a great game, but his wide receivers have dropped five straight passes. Michigan is forced to attempt another field goal by Nordin. He hits it and makes the score 42-19.

Fourth Quarter:

Michigan finally wakes up on offense and scores a touchdown on a Haskins run. Being down 17 even after the score goes for two and converts add a total of eight points to the Wolverines and the score is now 42-27

After forcing a Buckeye punt, the Wolverines need a score to get back into this game.

After Michigan was only able to gain nine on third and ten, Michigan will go for it on fourth down and not make it. It is a turnover on downs deep in Michigan territory. Buckeye ball on the Wolverine 30.

Fields will throw a touchdown pass to add to their lead 49-27 with 10 minutes to go in the game.

On the Buckeyes’ next drive, they ran the ball to keep the clock moving. Michigan could not stop Dobbins, who ran it in from 33-yards out. 56-27.

Player of the Game:

Hassan Haskins, he had 78 yards on only 12 attempts for six and a half yards per carrying. Add in a touchdown, and he was my player of the game.

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