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Another NFL Sunday has come and gone, and it is time for another segment of OTH NFL Fans, Patriots edition.

This week we meet an NFL fan from Mexico City, Mexico: Dany Limon, a current football analyst, and commentator for Fox Sports Mexico.

Her fandom started while she was studying abroad in Boston in 1998, and she got the opportunity to attend a game at Foxboro. It was a divisional game between the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback at that time, and even though he did not have a great game, she was hooked.

“It was a very bad and boring game, but what I saw there, I loved. I became a super fan that day! I also believe that the first team that you see live, that’s the team that you have to cheer for.”

Her Passion for the Patriots

Dany Limon really loves football, and she claims it is the only sport that can get her off her feet, even if her team is not playing. Her favorite player is Julian Edelman.

“You know, life has been good to me, as this team has given me more ups than downs. I guess that the only thing that upsets me from time to time is that we are not used to losing. As a Patriots fan, I have gotten so used to winning, that when we lose, I struggle with handling my emotions.”

She also claims to have a very close relationship with the 49ers, because of her dad.

” I remember that when I was growing up if the Niners lost, we would have to leave the house! We had to avoid my dad at all costs, as he would scream and yell at everyone! It was ‘safer’ to not be around him.”

She now laughs at those memories, as she does the exact same thing when the Patriots lose a game.

“This year, if we get a Niners vs Patriots Superbowl, it could be trouble at my parents’ house!”

NFL in her DNA

Dany shares with us about how her fandom towards the NFL led her to create a very popular social media site.

“A couple of years ago, I was working at Disney, and at that time, I thought I was missing something.”

That’s when she decided to open a social media account called NFL in my DNA. A space for NFL fans to approach football in the easiest way possible, and to help women learn about the sport.

“It was like setting up a coffee date with your girlfriends, a place to talk and discuss and learn football.”

Since then, a lot of women have become more passionate about the NFL:

“Some might even be more knowledgeable than their boyfriends, husbands, or guy friends!”

She has over 35 thousand facebook followers and over 15 thousand on twitter! It was thanks to this social media account, that Fox Sports took notice of her. She aced the interviews and has been working there since 2014; the rest is history!

The NFL in Mexico

Since 2015, the NFL has grown exponentially in Mexico! Data says that from 2015 to 2016, the % of growth for NFL fans has risen at about 57%.

“I believe that because soccer, has lost a lot of its prestige, a lot of people are trying to find an alternative to it. This has led to more people adopting the NFL as their sport of choice here in Mexico. Before we keep moving forward, and for the record, I am not a soccer fan!”

The Mexican football league has also grown, better developmental programs, more talent.

“A lot of NCAA scouts are now coming to Mexico, and the future of NFL fandom looks great.”

NFL games in Mexico have become a way to promote younger generations to try a new sport.

“Last year when the game was canceled because of the game conditions, it also had to do a lot with political influence, just like for the F1.”

However, she believes that the problem with traveling to Mexico is that you lose a home game.

“I don’t think teams like to lose a game away from home. It is the biggest obstacle for teams to come to play over here.”

But the fandom is still there: 10k NFL races, Play 60’s all over Mexico, several stores:

“The NFL is Taking Over Mexico!”

Dany also mentions that football is also a great link between Hispanics who have families in the U.S.

“Football is a great way to keep in touch, as sports is always a great conversational topic.”

In the 80s-90s in Mexico, you would have to watch whatever the big T.V. networks wanted you to see: Steelers, Dolphins, and Niners.

Sometimes you had to wait for the radio or newspaper to give you the results until the next day.

“My dad would have to call his friends in the U.S. to find out what the score was for the Niners games.”

Access to games has become easier with technology, and it has provided the opportunity to follow newer teams.

“A lot of Mexican fans have become Patriots fans because they have been the team to win most of the last championships”.

She also finds it funny how a lot of people say they have been fans for life:

“I guess if you are a 20-year-old fan in Mexico, you will end up cheering for the Patriots, Chiefs or Seahawks, as those are the teams that have been winning the most recently!”

“Therefore, you could say, that they have been a fan for life of the team they root for!”

And with things like fantasy and survivor pools, it has created bigger fandom in Mexico, since they really love to gamble and compete.

Favorite Patriots memory

Dany shares with us her favorite memories, and she has three specific ones:

  1. The first game she ever went to, November 23rd, 1998. Pats vs Dolphins, 26-23 final score.

She remembers a lot of field goals by Vinatieri, and a decent performance by Bledsoe.

“I didn’t understand a lot about the game, so it was very boring to me, but I did enjoy it.”

2. The Super Bowl game against the Seahawks

” I was there, in the stadium, and you will not believe what I am going to tell you, but:

I did not see the final interception!

“I had my head between my legs, my eyes closed, and I was just praying for a miracle! Then I heard everyone scream! I didn’t know if it was a good play for Seattle or for the Patriots. So I slowly got up, looked over at the Patriots bench, and saw them celebrating. It was a sigh of relief and of my best memories.”

3. She went to a Patriots game with her current husband, she can’t remember which one it was though.

“We brought some cool signs with us, one read “Brady, my wife loves you, want to switch?”

Mine said” “I’m his wife, say yes”.

Suddenly, we were both shown in the Jumbotron, and you could see Brady looking up and laughing, that was incredible.”

Her Worst Patriots Memory

For a moment, she thinks she has found her worst memory:

“I think it was probably when Brady got hurt, the year he blew his knee, it was a horrible moment.”

However, she then remembers that time she flew to Orlando over Super Bowl weekend:

“I was taking my kid to go to Disney for the first time ever, and I totally forgot that the Super Bowl winner always celebrates in Disney.”

“We got to Magic Kingdom, and everyone was wearing green, Eagles fan all over the place, and the Super Bowl parade. It was horrible for me! I mean I was in Disney and I had a good time, but it could have been catastrophic for me! Special thank you, to Mickey for helping me stay chill.”

Patriots Memorabilia and Fun Stories

Dany tells us that she does not own any autographs, as she does not want to buy any of them.

“Maybe when Brady retires I will buy something, but I’d rather have something signed in person!”

She does admit to buying a lot of memorabilia, but for her husband:

“He is a huge Blue Jays fan, so I did give him a Roy Holliday no-hitter, autographed ball.”

But, as far as collectibles, there is one among her collection that stands above the rest: Her lucky hat!

“Just to let you know, every time I’ve been to a game, including every Super Bowl, and I’ve brought that hat:”

“The Patriots Have Never Lost a Game!”

Dany Limon says she does not remember where and when she bought the hat, but:

“I don’t remember where I got it, and I have never seen it at a store, but everyone wants it! I’ve been offered money for it too! So it even more valuable to me, just for that.”

She also mentions that she has several jerseys, but only wears a specific one each winning period.

“Currently I am rocking my jersey from last year’s Super Bowl, however, when I wear those jerseys we have lost. Those go to the back of the closet! If they don’t bring me luck, I never use them again!”

She tells us her next purchase will be a retro blue and red, Edelman: “I love it, and I want and need it.”

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