College Football Playoff Rankings


Welcome back to the College Football Playoff Rankings! Things are coming into shape, Alabama losing to Auburn has swung the door wide open for the contenders. Let’s see how the committee will react and who is in the driver seat for that fourth spot.

On life support:

10. Alabama- The Tide watched their playoff hopes go up in flames on the Plains of Auburn. Uncharacteristic penalties, costly turnovers, and some questionable officiating was the perfect storm for the upset. In all honesty, ten is generous for a team that can say their best win is over a five loss team. 

9. Penn St.- All paths are blocked for the Lions. It was a good season, and maybe a New Years’ Six bowl bid is nothing to hang your head about. Is it enough to keep James Franklin in Happy Valley? We will see.

8. Wisconsin- If the Badgers could pull the upset off against Ohio St., they may have a slim chance of getting in, but they would need chaos to ensue. Even with a win, I could still see Ohio St getting in over them. 

The Contenders:

7. Baylor- The Bears path is clear, beat Oklahoma, hope LSU handles business against Georgia, and for Oregon to beat Utah. Wonder if it all happens? These playoffs are made for TV, and Baylor doesn’t move the needle, so I could definitely see them being left out in the cold.

6. Oklahoma- The Sooner’s path is the same as Baylor. Beat Baylor, hope LSU handles Georgia, and Oregon beats Utah. What’s the difference, you say? Well, Oklahoma is college football royalty and will put butts in seats and eyes on TVs. I could see a scenario where they hop Utah with a win over #7 Baylor. 

5. Utah- The Utes benefited the most from Alabama going down. Win against Oregon and have Georgia go down to LSU, and the glass slipper may just fit this Cinderella story. I could also see the committee compare resume to resume and say Oklahoma has a better one. Utah doesn’t have a national following and may not be “sexy” enough for them. We shall see. 

Final Four:

4. Georgia- The Dawgs hold all the cards. A win versus LSU, they are in, and LSU will stay in. A loss swings the playoff door wide open for Utah, Oklahoma, Baylor. 

3. Clemson- Win the ACC championship and coast into the playoff. The Tigers are peaking at the right time, and I don’t think anyone particularly wants to see them in round one. 

2. LSU- I think the committee wants Ohio St and Clemson separated. A win over the #4 team should vault them back to number one, but Ohio St will have a win over #8 Wisconsin, and the committees’ plan will look logical to the public, even though they have had it in the works for weeks. 

College football Playoff Rankings

1. Ohio St.– Don’t mistake my last statement as Ohio St. doesn’t deserve to be #1. They are the most complete team in the country and have absolutely destroyed all comers. We have seen this Ohio St. versus Wisconsin title game enough times to know what’s going to happen! 

There are this week’s college football playoff rankings. Let’s head into championship week and hope for some chaos! Why? Cause that’s what college football is all about!

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