NFL Power Rankings: The Ravens Take the Top Spot by Stopping 49ers

Justin Tucker celebrating his wining kick for the Ravens over the 49ers.
Justin Tucker celebrating his 49-yard winning kick for the Ravens against the 49ers. Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images.

The Ravens claim the top spot in the NFL Power Rankings by taking down the 49ers 20-17. The top five has some massive movement while the rest of the Power Ten seems settled for another week. As we near playoff time, who will be left standing.

Power Ten

1. Baltimore Ravens(10-2) – Lamar Jackson continues his run to the MVP award. John Harbaugh is the coach of the year in the AFC. The Ravens are the best team in the NFL right now.

2. San Francisco 49ers(10-2) – The 49ers threw everything they had at Baltimore and lost by a field goal. Does anyone think they aren’t legit now? Good luck against that defense, NFC.

3. Seattle Seahawks(10-2) – The Seahawks keep winning. They don’t have the best of anything, but they have Russell Wilson. When you have Russell Wilson, you have a chance to beat anyone.

4. New Orleans Saints(10-2) – Drew Brees and his robotic arm combined with Sean Payton make the Saints a threat against anyone. I don’t know how the old dog keeps doing it, but he is doing it. It helps to have a wideout on a record pace

5. New England Patriots(10-2) -The offense looks awful. The defense is doing its best to keep things in check. They can’t find a kicker. Is this the beginning of the….oh forget it somehow they will win the Superbowl again. 

6. Green Bay Packers(9-3) – Green Bay won Sunday against the Giants. Most teams do. Aaron Rodgers was much better this week.

7. Buffalo Bills (9-3) – The Bills get no respect. They are a good football team. The BillsMafia will make sure that you know that. They also LOVE them some Josh Allen.

8. Minnesota Vikings(8-4) – Kirk Cousins seems to have found something. It still wasn’t good enough to take down the Seahawks.

9. Kansas City Chiefs(8-4) – Pat Mahomes and the KC offense looked like themselves again versus Oakland. Is the human cheat code back?

10. Houston Texans(8-4) – The Texans finally slay the Patriots. With Bill O’Brien still at the helm will it matter come playoff time?

Trying to Crash the Party

11. Tennessee Titans(7-5) – Who da thunk it? Ryan Tannehill has turned the Tenessee Titans into a team you don’t want to play right now. Come back player of the year anyone?

12. Los Angeles Rams(7-5) – This has not been the way the Rams expected this year to go but they are still in the thick of things. Hard to keep being a genius when the teams in your division are really good.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers(7-5) – How in the absolute hell are the Steelers 7-5 with Mason Rudolph and Devlin “Duck” Hodges at quarterback? Oh yeah, Mike Tomlin is a really good coach and they play DEFENSE.

Middle of the Pack

14. Indianapolis Colts(6-6) – The Colts are taking the step backward that a team finding itself would take. Stick with them Colts fans they will be just fine.

15. Oakland Raiders(6-6)Hello reality. The Raiders get put in place by Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs. They are still in the playoff hunt but this is a fine growth year by this team. They are another good draft away.

16. Dallas Cowboys(6-6) – Jerry PLEASE!!!! Fire Jason Garrett before Dak and the rest of this team are in complete ruin. This will be on here until they fire Garrett or he wins a Super…sorry started laughing too hard. (It’s probably too late but I said it would stay)

17. Chicago Bears(6-6) – Mitch Trubisky somehow finds 300 yards passing and the Bears take down the Lions. Will Matt Nagy hang on to his job? Will Ryan Pace?

On Life Support

18. Cleveland Browns(5-7) – If you are a Browns fan, you saw this coming. If you are a Browns fan, you hoped it wouldn’t. Two third-string quarterbacks beat the team of the year, wow. Will Freddie be back?

19. Philadelphia Eagles(5-7) – The Eagles lost to the Redskins. I thought Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate? Time to find another quarterback?

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5-7) – Jamies Winston was pick free which is something new lately. Will Bruce Arians stay another year? Will the Bucs finally walk away from Winston? It seems like more questions than answers in Tampa.

21. Carolina Panthers(5-7) – A loss to the Redskins will likely mean Ron Rivera is gone as head coach, but he ‘s not worried. CMC is still doing CMC things but you have to give him the BALL.

Playing out the String

22. Denver Broncos(4-8) – Did Drew Lock’s debut change anything? If one NFL start changes a front office’s entire look at the offseason you shouldn’t have a job. If you have confidence in who you drafted then build it up around him.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars(4-8) – We have a Gardner Minshew sighting. The man, the myth, the legend is back. For at least last week anyway.

24. Los Angeles Chargers(4-8) – The Chargers have fallen from the mountain top this year. Is Rivers the issue? Is Anthony Lynn the issue? Maybe they just weren’t really that good.

25. New York Jets(4-8) – The problem with the Jets is not Adam Gase. It is the fact ownership doesn’t see that the problem is Adam Gase. The fact he is getting another year is something. His team was not prepared to beat the 0-11 Bengals.

26. Arizona Cardinals(3-8-1) – This has been the essential Kliff Kingsbury season. Lot’s of exciting offense combined with very little wins. This is exactly what the Cardinals ran out to hire.

27. Detroit Lions(3-8-1) – Matt Patricia will get a mulligan because of Stafford’s injury, should he? Look what Mike Tomlin has done.

NFL Power Rankings Race for Number One

NFL Power Rankings

28. Atlanta Falcons(3-9) – The Falcons Thanksgiving was not so great as they lost to the Saints 26-18. They did recover two onside kicks but are probably just thankful this season is almost over.

29. Miami Dolphins(3-9) – The Dolphins drop 37 points on the Eagles and pick up their third win of the year. They have become just another bad team. Good for them.

30. Washington Redskins(3-9) – Dwayne Haskins has his best PFF performance and the Redskins win. No Selfie this time though, kinda disappointed.

31. NY Giants(2-10) – The Giants have found their way to the bottom of the NFL Power Rankings and the top of the Draft again. They need to fire Shurmur and Gettleman now. This team should be better than 2-10.

32. Cincinnati Bengals(1-11) – The Bengals bring the ‘Red Rifle’ off the bench and put up a W. Now sit him back down before you blow the chance at the #1 pick.

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