Week 13 Recap: Changes Coming Soon to Carolina?

Dec 1, 2019; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen (7) walks off the field after fumbling the ball on fourth down during the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers went into Week 13 with some sort of hope and positivity going into a less intimidating matchup. The hope didn’t last long as soon the Panthers found them losing to yet another team and adding Washington to the list of teams that they failed to beat this season. Now questions are rising about whether or not it is time for the Panthers to move on from their head coach and offensive coordinator. In this recap, let’s take a look at what is going on in Carolina.

Rivera needs to go

ron rivera loser
Courtesy: Bleacher Report

The defensive side of the ball is kryptonite for the whole team. The offense has been able to put up points in recent weeks. They just can’t seem to keep the other team from scoring. The Panthers were up 14-0 in the first quarter against the Redskins this past Sunday. They then would blow that lead, causing the Panthers to have to play from behind. That has been the storyline all season.

Either the Panthers have a lead and lose it, or they start off bad and have to play from behind. The finger of blame has to go to one specific person, and that is head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera took over the defensive responsibilities at the start of this year. The defensive play call has been atrocious since the start of the season.

McCaffrey is being wasted in Carolina

mccaffrey foot in the face
Courtesy: FOX8 News

This past Sunday was one of the worst games that McCaffrey has had this season. McCaffrey was held to just 14 touches and 44 yards rushing. He did not reach the end zone, and he had several drops. It seems that offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, gave up on the best player on the offense. It makes no sense to give your best player touches to let him try and get the team going.

The season McCaffrey has had has been wasted by poor performance on both sides of the ball by the Panthers. I hope not just for the sake of the Panthers but for the sake of McCaffrey that the team can put something together in the near future because they are wasting a great talent.

Outlook for Carolina

Courtesy: NBCWashington

The Panthers have not won a game since the first week in November. Not to mention, they have lost their last two games at home. There are four games left in the season, and the Panthers will take on the Falcons next week in Atlanta. This needs to be a revenge game for Carolina, considering the 29-6 loss during the last head to head meeting.

The most interesting aspect of this season for Carolina will be at the end of the season. David Tepper, the owner of the Panthers, has stated repeatedly that mediocrity will not be accepted for long. After the pathetic showing this past Sunday, Rivera’s seat is getting hotter by the day. I can easily see Rivera, Norv Turner, and GM Marty Hurney out of a job. Brace yourselves, Panthers’ fans. A rebuild is in the future.

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