NXT UK Review: 11-28-19


Piper Nevin is opening up this week’s episode of NXT UK, she is set to take on Jinny!

Here we go, the bell rings and with some distraction by Gabbert, Jinny hits Piper from the back.

She starts to strike her down and lands a huge senton for a two count.

The fashionista starts to stomp down on Nevin, but she quickly counters with some strikes of her own.

Jinny counters and locks in the octopus submission hold! Nevin tries to get out.

Jinny distracts the ref, and Jazzy is about to attack Nevin, but the ref turns around and throws her out!

This allows Nevin to power up, she is going for the Michinoku Driver, but Jinny goes on a strike rampage!

Both competitors start exchanging rights, and they knock each other out!

Back on their feet and they keep exchanging strikes, but a counter by Nevin and an exploder suplex!

Nevin charges at Jinny, but she hits a huge kick and is going to the top rope!

Cross-body but is caught by Piper and electric chair! 1, 2, nooo!

Michinoku Driver attempt, but a huge knee counter by Jinny, 1, 2, noo!

Jinny then chargers at Piper, but is met with a dropkick, cannonball and a Michinoku Driver,

This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

I was not expecting this match to be that good!

Both women got about ten minutes to put on what turned out to be a fun match.

Piper keeps getting pushed, and I am guessing with Rhea on NXT, it will be her facing Kay Lee Ray next.

Nevin grabs the mic: “Kay Lee Ray, I am not asking you, I am telling you, I am coming for the NXT Title”

I wrote my paragraph before Piper mentioned it!

Kay Lee Ray now hits the ring and slaps Piper!

This angers Nevin, who hits an exploder suplex on Lee Ray, and it looks like they-

Oh my! Tony Storm is here!

She is attacking Kay Lee Ray, and Piper is just looking on.

For a moment there, it felt like Tony would attack Nevin.

That would have been interesting!

We will see what the return of Storm brings to this feud.

Eddie Dennis is Back on NXT UK

After an eight-month hiatus, Eddie makes his return to NXT UK, he will face Dereiss Gordon.

The match starts and we get an arm-bar exchange, and some back and forth action.

However, after some high flying moves, Dennis catches Gordon and throws him to the outside!

Eddie heads to the outside and lands a huge right hand on Gordon and sends him back inside.

Dennis connects with a huge kick and follows up with the seven-star lariat!

Bridge and the next stop driver, and this one is over!

Post Match & Comments

It was mentioned throughout the match, that Dennis is a Tyler Bate pupil.

Dennis kept mocking him and Bate, a very interesting strategy.

It looks like Eddie is targeting Tyler Bate, and that is a match that I’d like to see.

Two huge returns to NXT UK this week, this is turning into a hot show!

Ashton Smith vs Noam Dar

The match starts with a very aggressive Ashton, he then turns a slam into a stalling suplex.

20-second vertical stalling suplex that leads to a two count! Noam rolls to the outside and Smith,

Goes after him! This allows Dar to connect with a huge 360 lariat and stomps Smith’s head on the apron!

Back in the ring, the Super Nova is in full control, and locks in a submission hold!

Smith is able to use his arms to get out of the hold and takes Dar down with a huge kick.

Death Valley Driver by Ashton, 1, 2, nooo!

Ashton chargers in the corner but misses, Noam with a huge kick and he goes for the Nova roller but,

A thunderbolt bomb counter that leads to a two count by Smith.

However, Dar quickly counters with a slap to the head and hits the Nova roller, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Noam Dar is such a great wrestler and very fun to watch.

This was a good short match, with some impressive offense by Smith that I did not expect.

Ashton has a lot of talent, but he seems to always come up short.

I am wondering who Dar’s next real opponent is going to be.

NXT UK Main Event: 8 man tag match

Imperium will take on Gallus and Ilja Dragunov for this week’s main event, and that match is next!

There are about 17 minutes left of show, this should be a good one.

Wolfe and Wolfgang start off in the ring, both talking about who the real wolf is.

Alexander locks in an arm-bar and tags in Aichner. who keeps focusing on the arm.

Tag to Barthel, and he stays with the arm, and Wolfe is back in, but Wolfgang counters and tags in Mark.

After some strikes, Joe tags in, and he connects with a backbreaker and a face-first slam on Wolfe.

Ilja is now in, and he is striking Wolfe down with everything he’s got! Out of nowhere a huge right hand by Alexander,

He tags in Aichner, but Ilja counters and lands a huge chop and then he,

Goes to the corner and chops Walter, this angers the NXT UK champ, and he steps into the ring.

Joe Coffey is entering the ring and now,

We have chaos, as everyone is in the ring!!! Yes! Let them fight!

However, the ref stands in the middle and bring order to the ring, this allows Imperium to attack Ilja on the outside.

Aichner is now in control, and he tags in Walter! The NXT UK champ is overpowering Ilja.

Huge chop by Walter and he tags in Marcel, who starts chopping Ilja in the corner without remorse!

He tags in Aichner who hits two consecutive back-breakers for a two count!

Powerslam by Fabian and he tags Marcel back in, who locks in a submission hold.

Dragunov gets out and counters with a huge clothesline and a suplex and tags in Mark!

Mark starts to take out Aichner, and everyone else on Imperium, he is cleaning house!

He tags in Wolfgang and they both launch Aichner across the ring! Mark with some kicks.

Aichner counters and Marcel is in, but a huge spear from Wolfgang!

Alexander is getting back in the ring, but Ilja comes out of nowhere and connects with torpedo Moscow!

Everyone is down, and only Walter and Joe Coffey are standing and…

Yes! The tag is made!

Coffey is firing off with strikes and connects with a belly to belly suplex on Walter!

He is fired up, but Walter hits a dropkick out of nowhere, and is now going for the powerbomb!

Counter by Coffey into an Alabama Slam, but Walter gets out and falls to the outside!

Mark is in the ring, he goes off the ropes and Wolfgang throws him to the outside onto Imperium!

Ilja is going at it with Wolfe on the outside, Walter and Coffey, there is chaos everywhere!

The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Post Match & Comments

Nobody cares about the referee calling for the bell, everyone is still going at it!

Absolute chaos! Things have broken down and Gallus and Imperium are dismantling each other.

The referee’s come out to try and stop this, and we are shown Joe Coffey jump onto Walter, as NXT UK goes off the air.


What a fun match, so much chaos! Everyone has their own battles to fight:

Joe and Walter, Ilja and Wolfe and the NXT UK tag champs vs Aichner and Barthel.

The match itself was good, lots of back and forth, and a lot of chaos.

The ending was incredible and was expected to happen. Could we get another War Games match?

A Takeover War Games between Gallus and Imperium would be perfect!

This week’s show was very exciting and fun, and it is getting me excited for Takeover.

Next week we have a triple threat between Ligero, Banks, and Connors, plus A-Kid against the Irish Ace. Sounds very promising!

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