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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re close to the 2020 NBA Draft! I know current NBA and NCAA season exhausting enough, but dude, we’re talking draft madness! And now, LaMelo Ball.


Effective finishing ability around the basket.

LaMelo Ball has the wingspan that has expanded about 6.5 cm in the past two years. Combining this physical development with his basketball IQ, Ball is an effective finisher around the basket.

When he meets the ball on the top or wings, he takes soft steps after the screen and goes to the basket. In recent years, especially the upper part of his body has gained novelties.

LaMelo Ball also uses this physical advantage to go to the basket by getting contact with the drive, and by putting his body together he increases the likelihood that the position will end in number. On the rolls he makes from the baseline, he passes from the top and finds score with a reverse layup. It’s one of his most offensive weapons.

Incredible field vision.

One of the things that was most talked about when Lonzo Ball came into the league was his quirky shooting style but there was another, more important, talent that was overlooked here: passing.

We saw how effective a passer Lonzo was in both transitions and the established offense, especially in his second year. We’ve seen how hard the Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to build offense (yes, LeBron James was injured, too, but we also have to consider Lonzo’s impact during the season) after he got injured in January and closed the season.

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Just like Lonzo, LaMelo Ball has good passing ability, even better. He is able to throw long-range passes at the right time with wide court vision, is successful on coast-to-coast, is able to change direction quickly when set attacks are stuck, is able to pass a fine pass to the opponent’s weak flank, and has a tremendous sense of play in pick and roll and pick and pop games. In short, he is a complete passer.

His basketball intelligence good.

When talking about the finishing features around the pass and the basket, I mentioned LaMelo’s intelligence, if you need to expand a little bit, the moment he starts penetrating the top a court into the right channel, but instead of going through the right channel, he drives to the left, causing confusion in the opponent’s forwards in the defensive rotation.

As the opponent’s order begins to deteriorate, Ball, which cuts the speed of the drive, pulls on the dual defense, and then sends a pass to the painted area or right baseline to end the position in favor of the team.

Sometimes the drive impresses without slowing down, and after a hard first step he puts body together and curls the ball back to the top, allowing the position to end in favor of the team. And my firend, he can do it in just six seconds.

A valuable rebounding player.

Ball is a good rebounding player far beyond the stats. He has attracted attention in Nike’s camps, in his first year in Australia and in some national camps, with his ability to produce scores, as well as his success in rebounds. LaMelo, who takes rebounds from too high to ricochet from the front of the circle and immediately starts the offense, shortens the team’s transition process and increases chances of scores.

Ideal defensive performance.

He has a consistently active engine on offense as well as defense. So his energy is always high during the minutes he plays, concentrated and focused on winning. In addition to these features, fast hands, correct foot coordination, body contact and the ability to read position are elements that elevate his defensive strength. LaMelo’ one-on-one defense is much more effective, but post-switch defense is also good compared to other players in position because his height, wingspan and upper body novelties are better than the others.

Oh, NO!Cons

The shooting mechanism.

Like Lonzo, one of LaMelo’s most noticeable weaknesses is the shooting mechanism. He has the NBA’s elite short defensemen who are physical and smart, long after the switch, and a shooting mechanism that can cause him trouble in the overall game flow. He doesn’t have a side angle like Lonzo, but got a shot that’s almost right through his chest. That’s a big problem for NBA’s cataclysmic high tempo.

Decision-making mechanism.

LaMelo is an intelligent player, but that doesn’t mean he has good decision-making. In fact, he shoots over the hand in positions with a very simple pass angle, he sometimes acts selfish in transitions, pushes shots too hard and makes unreasonable early decisions.

I think we’re at the most complicated place, engine.

We said LaMelo has a good engine, focus, and energy in defense. He also attacks when talking about his strengths but the problem here is stability. It’s hard to see him playing two matches in a row with a good engine and energy. Therefor, he has a performance that varies from match to match. For a star candidate despite the NBA’s long season, this will be one of the most glaring cons.


He has slam dunk and block abilities, but his athleticism is based solely on speed. So it’s hard to see him producing impressive numbers with the vertical jump or making great blocks from behind.


LaMelo plays in Australia, far from America. So his father’s” crazy statements ” didn’t put the pressure on him for now. And besides all him abilities, this is a very important thing.

I think he will be selected from the top ten (eight, in my opinion) in the draft. His future in the NBA… Well, later.

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