NFL Playoffs can’t be reseeded based on record

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Michael Pallas brings you his latest opinions on the NFL in the latest episode of The Michael Pallas Show.

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Reseeding the NFL Playoffs

The runners up of the NFC West and the AFC East will likely have a better record than the division winner they will face a team with a worse regular-season record in the Wild Card Round. The inevitable talk of reseeding the playoffs will begin. Michael Pallas tells you why it makes sense on the surface, but ultimately doesn’t make sense.

Fixing the growing officiating “problem”

Are the officials actually getting worse? No. Michael Pallas tells you why they’re not necessarily worse. He also delves into what he believes is the best way to fix what appears to be the growing number of missed and incorrect calls on the field.

Early Playoff Exit for the New England Patriots?

As the saying goes, defense wins championships, right? Well, the New England Patriots have one of the best defenses in the league by any metric you want to use. So, they’re a lock to join the Bills as the only teams to make it to four consecutive Super Bowls. As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend!”

Michael tells you the major difference with the Patriots in 2019 and why you should expect an early exit from them in the 2019 playoffs.

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