Urban Meyer’s Coaching Future


Would Urban Meyer Return to Coaching?

Urban Meyer is currently an analyst for the Fox pregame show following his retirement from coaching. However, this is not the first time he has been down this road. Meyer won two BCS National Championships with Florida before his one-year retirement. During Meyers year away from coaching he joined ESPN as a color analyst in 2011. The same pattern is happening again and Urban will have jobs available if he wants to coach again. So, where might that be?

Urban Meyer Back in College

For a while, it seemed likely that Urban might take over at USC. However, that has changed recently because USC announced that they are going to stick with Clay Helton. So now that USC is out of the picture where else could Meyer coach? There is most likely only one other job Meyer would take. That would be Notre Dame. It is unlikely that this job is available because under Brian Kelly they consistently have nine plus win seasons and make it to more impressive bowl games. Meyer has stated that Notre Dame was one of his two dream schools, that and Ohio State. Notre Dame under Kelly has not won many big games. They got embarrassed by Alabama in the National Championship and were humiliated by Clemson in the Playoffs. Meyer has won the big games, Notre Dame should seriously consider offering him a job.

Urban Tries the NFL

In the NFL there are rumors everywhere about coaches. Right now the Dallas Cowboys are amidst a possible coaching change because their current coach, Jason Garret is failing all expectations. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had mentioned Meyer as a top candidate. If Meyer wanted to coach in the NFL this is his best-case scenario. He inherits one of the most storied programs in all of football, has an immensely talented roster, and would get to coach Ezekiel Elliott again. Other teams that could look at Meyer are the Panthers and the Browns. Both teams have bad coaching situations and Meyer seems like a good fit for both.

Meyers’ Move

Urban Meyer on the Fox college football show
Urban Meyer on the Fox college football show along with Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.

Meyer has put himself in a great situation. He has three very different possible job offers. Coaching in college, the NFL, or remaining an analyst. He has set himself up perfectly for a bidding war between the three job types. Meyer is going to get to choose what he wants to do and has probably increased his paycheck for any of the jobs. Whoever gets Meyer whether it’s a team or if he stays at Fox, they got a brilliant mind, hard worker, and devoted team member.

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