Thunderous Thoughts. Top performances of the week


Thunderous thoughts top performances

The Thunder had a fantastic week. There are a ton of Thunder thoughts top performances of the week nominations. They the offense looked like they had a flow again. The third quarter is a thorn in the Thunders side. But the Thunder won three out of the last five games this week. Winning three games in a five-game stretch is fantastic. This Thunder team plays hard, so it’s a hard task to come up with the Thunderous thoughts top performances of the week.

Steven Adams struggles early in the season

At the beginning of the season, Steven Adams seemed broken. His stats were significantly lower than what we are used to. Last year he averaged 13 points per game on six made field goals out of ten attempts. In addition to a higher point per game, his rebounds were also higher per game. This year Steven Adams is averaging nine rebounds per game. The Thunder are ranked 25th in rebounding. So his rebounding dip is significant. Adams is also scoring three fewer points per game. Furthermore, it was often concluded by people in the Thunder community that Adams shoulder was still not right. Something must have clicked in these last six games

Thunderous thoughts top performances Steven Adams

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Steven Adams has been more involved in the offense lately. When the offense runs through him is when the offense is the most effective. Adams works the inside out game and the pick and roll to perfection. The Thunder are 3-0 when Adams puts up a double-double. Which shows how effective he is when he gets going.

Shai Gilgious Alexander performance

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Shai Gilgious Alexander has been a wonderful addition to this roster. He has really put together a great sophomore season. Alexander at has elevated his game to the next level. His pace is outstanding. I love this kids vision on the court. The way this kid can use a hesitation dribble is outstanding.

His scoring average is going up too. Last year he scored 12 points per game. This year he is all the way up to 18 points per game. with a true shooting percentage of 52 percent. Which is slightly down from his rookie year. On the plus side his field goal percentage has jumped from 38 percent to 44 percent in two years

Here’s where í have seen tons of grown from Shai. Earlier in the season teams figured him out and have thrown different Defenses at him. For awhile this really affected him. Alexander has figured out how to adapt.

Dennis Shroder

The last person that I would like to give props to is Dennis Shroder. Shroder has been a solid guard coming off the bench. The last five games he has averaged 18.4 points per game. Which is higher than his seasonal average of 15.1 points per game. He definitely has been a source of the Thunders success.

In conclusion The Thunder had a fantastic week. There are a ton of Thunder thoughts top performances of the week nominations. My top performances of the week go to Steven Adams, Shai Gilgious Alexander, and Dennis Shroder. All three of these players have played really well this week.

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