NWA Powerr Review: 12/03/19


Welcome back to another episode of NWA Powerr, this is the final episode of the season!

NWA National Champ Colt Cabana vs Ricky Starks

This match will be a non-title match!

Before the match can begin, Aron Stevens comes down to the podium and argues that he deserves a title shot.

Cabana comes down to the ring and says that Stevens can wrestle Stark tonight!

If he wins, he will get a title match, and Aaron accepts!

This match has now become an Aaron Stevens vs Ricky Starks exhibition.

The match starts with a super aggressive Stevens, even using his scarf to attack Starks.

However, Starks counters with a huge Sling Blade and a spear! He gets a two count.

Aaron starts to trip and fall and is saying that he has blown his knee!

While the referee is checking on him,

The Question Mark comes down to the ring!

He comes in to check on his friend, and with the referee distracted, starts to attack Ricky.

Oh! The Mongrovian spike! Stevens gets up, pins Ricky and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

We have witnessed the most devastating move in all of wrestling, the Mongrovian Spike!

Aaron Stevens will now get his championship match against Colt Cabana.

The crowd really loves the Question Mark, and I am just glad we got to see him tonight!


James Storm announces that the special referee for his title match against Nick Aldis is…

Brian Hebner!

Another interview with Melina


“My gift is that I bring out the best in people!” I will show everybody that they have so much to learn!”

“That’s what a champion does, she brings out the best of people!”

Here comes the NWA Women’s champion!


“You have no idea, what you are starting!”

“However, I have a better idea, why don’t we do this right now?”

Kay gets in the ring, and Melina is on the apron, it looks like we might have a title match.

Out of nowhere, Rosa and Belle appear! They have taken out the champ!

Belle hits a pedigree, to finish things off!


Nick Aldis announces his referee for the match will be Tim Storm!

He also announces that he has given Kamille the night off!

This is shaping up to be a huge two out of three falls match!

With a lot of shenanigans!

NWA Tag Team Title Match

The Rock N Roll Express will try to become nine-time NWA Tag Team champions.

Wild Cards vs Rock N Roll Express, next!

The NWA crowd is chanting Rock N Roll, can this be their moment?

The match starts with Gibson locking in a full nelson on Isaacs! Can this be it? Is it over?

Royce is able to get out, and a charging Robert goes headfirst into the turnbuckle!

This allows Isaacs to take control of the match and he is focusing on Gibson’s arm.

He tags in Latimer, who is also focusing on the arm! Thomas tries to splash Gibson in the corner, but misses!

Gibson tags in Morton! He is on fire! Double dropkick!

1, 2, nooo, Isaacs makes the save! We almost had new tag team champions!

From behind, Morton rolls up Isaacs, 1, 2, YES!! We have our new NWA Tag Team Champions!

Can you believe it? Nine-time champions!

The crowd is going wild! What a moment!

Post Match & Comments

Jim Cornette has joined his Rock N Roll Express friends in the ring to celebrate.

The crowd is now chanting “nine times”!

I get why this happened, and it was a great moment.

However, I am not a big fan of veterans taking championship gold away from younger stars.

Breaking News

It has just been announced that Wild Card will get a re-match at Into the Fire for the Tag Team titles.

Ok, never mind, as long as Wild Card gets the titles back at the PPV, this makes sense.

I won’t spoil the moment then, and let’s allow the celebration to go on!

Congratulations to the Rock N Roll Express!

More Breaking News!

Nick Aldis is announcing that there will be a special guest commentator for his match:

Bad News Barrett!

Wow, that is huge! I was a big fan of him, and have also seen some of his movies!

Hope he is making a return to the ring soon, I would love to see him in an NWA Powerr match!

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